Gold Star Holsters Introduces the Mini Revolution

Gold Star

Gold Star Holsters announced a new concealed carry rig called the Mini Revolution. Designed for the North American Arms mini revolvers, the rig is a pocket holster with what I believe is a unique twist: it clips to the pocket like a folding knife.

To the casual observer, the Mini Revolution is designed to appear like any of hundreds of common folding knives that are carried clipped in a pocket. Not only does this keep the handgun aligned upright, it also brings the gun closer to the top of the pocket.

The holster is made of Kydex and can be had in either a black or red carbon fiber finish. The MSRP is $60.95, but at the time of this writing they are running a sale on them for $54.95.

Richard Johnson

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  • kipy

    Hmm pretty sure I can see the heel of the grip sticking out of the dudes pocket

    • AD

      I’m pretty sure that what you’re seeing is the corner of the holster itself, which looks to be level with the top of the clip; the weapon’s grip seems to be much lower down.

    • David Sharpe

      AD is right, that’s the corner of the holster.

  • M.M.D.C.

    So much for deep concealment.

    In the checkout line: “Mommy, look at the little gun in the man’s pocket!”

    • Bob

      “That’s not a gun son, he’s just glad to see me “.

    • David Sharpe

      It looks more like the top of the knife, not a gun holster.

  • It’s a great idea, but from looking at the pictures I think the kydex around the grip area should be cut out more, so that the grip is fully exposed on both sides for a more secure draw.

  • James

    Having a naa i feel like i can say that the factory holster grip is the best option out there that i know of… i even got a stamp for my wallet but the holster grip is the best.

  • Brian

    I recently purchased this holster and can say that I love it . What you are seeing is the kydex not the heel of the grip. I think that if the kydex were cut out near the grip area it wouldn’t function as well since it is a clam shell. The way that it is designed is a secure draw, I wouldn’t carry it daily it were not. Great job Gold Star Holsters, I will probably be purchasing the red one soon.

  • Vitsaus

    Best carry gun to have if you’re attacked by a three-legged arthritic house cat.

    • David Sharpe

      A .22 mag will kill an attacker.

      • Pike0331

        So will a slingshot, but I’m not taking that chance.

        • David Sharpe

          A slingshot isn’t known as a lethal weapon.

          A little gun is better than no gun. But don’t try and compare it to a slingshot.

    • thetruth

      Best said.

  • kokopelli

    Big price for a very little bit of material. Thats why I make my own!

  • Sarah

    My husband has one of these holsters. He said he loves it because it protects the entire gun while giving it a slim outline. It really does make it look just like a pocket knife. It even has three different colors on top to look like a blade sandwiched by the outside frame. Where as the flip handle that you can get on the gun gives the gun a clip but not the pocket knife look. He says that it may not be the fastest draw holster but he has practiced and can draw it pretty fast and it is totally safe. It may not be for all but its really cool. My husband and I give it a five star.

    By the way I am not just a dumb chick. I am very educated about guns and ccw. My whole family is in the firearms industry and speaking out for the rights.

  • Darrell Allen

    If this is the mini revolution, I’d like to see the revolution and the maxi revolution. I don’t own any mini guns like the one in this picture. That little gun seems like you would just need to drop it in your pocket or purse without a holster. All my guns are regular guns and maxi guns. I’m always interested in new CCW ideas for real guns versus toy guns. I was considering buying one of the Bond Arms snake killers. Still hard to imagine I need a pocket holster for such a little gun. But I won’t disagree if you think YOU need such a holster.