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  • DIR911911 .

    “Cowl Induction” . . . really? where exactly is the cowl on a firearm? where would this “induction” or intake occur? and from the video it recoils like any other ar.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      There is a sucker born every minute you know 😛

      • Turner 92

        dimidium-vita III confirmavit

    • Eric

      I think it’s attached to the shoulder thing that goes up.

    • Dan

      I’ll be happy to answer that, through a proprietary method of cross port cowl induction they were able to reduce recoil by 50 percent. If you consider that then the induction of the cowl must allow the operator to stay on target and in conjunction with shooting faster creates the action which led to the design of cowl induction and the need to maximize performance with cross milled ports. You really have to consider everything before you’ll actually see where the cowl induction is. When the shooter is staying on target and shooting faster it is blatantly obvious.

      Hope that cleared it up.
      *edit* pretty sure I just cause myself to stroke

  • MR

    Ya know, if they made the video longer, they could repeat the same claims a few more times. Or- ya know – actually provide some evidence or scientific reasoning behind the claims.

  • PJ

    In my opinion, it needs a bit more material before the first 2 ports otherwise it’ll be a “break”.

  • Vitsaus

    Any day now Bernie Madoff is going to get into the muzzle device business.

  • I hope to get my hands on one for muzzle brake shootout #3…

  • gunsandrockets

    Looks loud.