Jeff wrote …

After toying with the idea for years, I finally decided to order a gun from an internet store. For years I had wrongfully believed that the process would be complicated, expensive, and take weeks. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I bought this PTR-91 from Atlantic Firearms last week. The process was as easy as ordering something from Amazon. Atlantic Firearms already had my local gun shop’s FFL on file, so I simply selected their name from a list of dealers and notified the shop that I was having a gun shipped to them.

I ordered it on Tuesday evening and it arrived at my local gun Friday morning! I doubt that is the average amount of time for shipping, but I couldn’t believe that I received my gun only 2 full days after I ordered it!

If you’ve never ordered a gun online, give it a try! I’ve been seeing reputable online stores with some amazing deals for years and I feel foolish for just now getting around to actually trying it.

The┬áPTR-91 is a H&K HK91, which was H&K’s civilian version of the H&K G3 battle rifle.



  • Giolli Joker

    I’m drooling in envy.

  • Justin Mullins

    Bought the same rifle from Atlantic last year. Mine made a trip to Bill Springfield for a paddle mag release before coming to me. Great blaster.

    • Jeff Smith

      I was considering sending my trigger pack to him to have work done.

      • Budogunner

        Do some googling. He did a trigger pack for me years ago and it came out great. Lately, customers have been suggesting his work isn’t what it used to be. I don’t know, personally, but research never hurts.

        • El Duderino

          He did my trigger in 2010 and it’s great, almost the equal of my Geissele in my AR. Can’t speak to his more recent work of course.

        • Jeff Smith

          Thanks for the heads up! I appreciate the tip!

      • Justin Mullins

        I’ve had him work over probably four triggers, two on G3/PTR lowers. All have been great.

  • Holdfast_II

    If one can find a local FFL who just deposed transfers without being associated with a store, that’s even better.

    • Jeff Smith

      Agreed! I’ll have to do that next time.

  • SD3

    I love to support my Mom & Pop, brick & mortar as much as the next guy, buy they often don’t have what I want, and when they do it’s 20% more than I can pay online.

    Sad but true.

    • Nashvone

      I love to support my Mom & Pop too. I just hate their expectation of me to pay for a semester of their kid’s college on one gun purchase. That being said, I do enjoy being able to feel the gun in my hands before I buy it.

    • Kelly Jackson

      I agree 100%, the mark up on hand guns at my local mom and pop is an easy $250 – $300 more than what Bass Pro is selling the same gun for in person.

    • John

      We’re all in the same boat . . . Want to support the LGS, but don’t want to pay $200 more than what it would cost online.
      Of course, the LGS has at least three things going against them, compared to online: (1) volume (CTD should get a better price in bulk than LGS), (2) local taxes (most online retailers don’t charge sales tax, and a few offer free shipping), (3) profit margin (CTD may be able to work on a 3% profit margin – LGS has to make a lot more than that).

      I have a good working relationship with a couple LGS. My rule of thumb – I buy local if the price *before taxes* is 10% or less from the online price. I think the relationship is well worth paying an extra 10% (of course, thinking G43 at $500 local vs $450 online – if I was buying a SCAR17s for $2700 online vs $3000 LGS, I would need to go the online route . . . )

      S&H cancels FFL transfer, so that isn’t a factor for me.

    • Menger40

      I know how you feel. Luckily, my LGS has a pistol range and training center. I think they make most of their money on range fees, rentals and classes. It’s a better strategy than just relying on the retail sales because no website is going to cut into their range and training business.

  • StarMerc698

    I’m actually jealous right now. That gun is #1 on my Must Have list. Just waiting until the financials after having a baby line up to buy it.

    • El Duderino

      They are worth every penny. Best battle rifle for the money.

    • Jeff Smith

      Congrats on the baby! It’s been on my list for a long time and it’s nice to finally own one. As a college kid, I didn’t think I would be able to afford one without saving for a long, long time. I just happen to make a few pretty decent trades to get the money up to buy it.

      • Boomboy007

        I know you are talking about the rifle, but it reads like you are talking about a baby! Gave me a chuckle.

        • Jeff Smith


  • Lance

    Only thing I wish PTR would add is the wide style handguard the HK-91 had on there Semi auto G-3s.

    • Jeff Smith

      Atlantic Firearms actually has a exclusive model with the wide handguard.

  • Jeff Smith

    Thanks for posting my picture, Steve! I should add that I took the gun shooting for the first time yesterday and it performed flawlessly. I was extremely surprised by how comfortable it is to shoot! While heavy, the weight really soaks up the recoil. Here is a picture of my friend shooting the gun:

  • tony

    Is the charging handle hard to pull back?
    Mine is a pain in the …

    • Jeff Smith

      It’s slightly hard, but I attributed that to having to overcome the resistance of the rollers in the bolt. What’s more annoying this how hard the cocking lever is to raise from its folded position. Sometimes it’s a little stiff and doesn’t want to raise. That being said, it’s a new gun, so it may get easier.

      • Check your bolt gap.

        • Jeff Smith

          Will do! Thanks for the tip!

      • tony

        Thanks for sharing, now I feel better.

  • Blake

    Send it off to Ghilly Bear from to make it truly great!

    I really want a PTR32…

    • brianparker

      Why Ghilly Bear?