Uncle Webkins wrote …

Looks like ET’s back. I caught the little bugger in my ammo bucket.

I like it!

On a side note, ET could have really used a firearm (or two, or three) in that movie. That fragile little extra-terrestrial spent the entire movie on the run from “government scientists” determined to experiment on him. If  Michael Bay had been the director, you could be sure it would have ended with ET calling in some kick-ass space reinforcements armed to the teeth with ray guns and we would have regretted messing with him.



  • d_grey


  • Nergyl

    I’m reminded of a quip I read in a review of the Area 51 game: “Hey E.T–want some 9mm Reese’s Pieces?”

  • MR

    Let me guess- They’re remaking “E.T.”, and this is among the first wave of a “grassroots” ad campaign to stir up interest in the public before anybody makes an official announcement.

  • john

    Oh please, in reality, if E.T. were on the run today, the L.A. Police would be sitting in the path of that kid with a .50 caliber Barrett and they would let fly about 600 grains of armor piercing incendiary right into that little buggers skull. So what if they splattered the innocent kid all over his friends, at least they could have analyzed the goo that used to be E.T.’s face.

    • Tim Pearce

      Psh. The LAPD would dump hundreds of rounds, only a third hitting what they were shooting at, and it’d end up being some innocent bystander that looks nothing like that kid, or ET, on a bicycle that’s the wrong color, delivering newspapers.

    • gb7

      Barret doesn’t sell or service their firearms for California government agencies right?

  • Dan

    I will have to confiscate and quarantine of that ammo in the interest of public health. We don’t know what kind of cooties that little space baboon brought with it so I will lock all of the rounds up in my double stack portable “safe” and test them one by one for contamination. I will test some of them very rapidly. Just send them to Dan in South Dakota they’ll get to me

  • Sulaco

    Leave us not forget that Star Wars was altered also so that Han Solo would not appear to be the bad A*&( bounty hunter he was. Han fired first damn it!!

    • Pike0331

      Han was never a bounty hunter, he was a smuggler

  • Giolli Joker

    Steven Spielberg by the way is a known firearm owner (fine hunting double barrels, at least).

    • Zachary marrs

      Owning a firearm doesn’t mean he supports the 2a

      • Giolli Joker

        True, but you’re more likely to find an ally in a gun collector and hunter…

  • DIR911911 .

    I hate when people change history. . . . HAN SHOT FIRST!!!

    • john

      I never understood why the cops in first release didn’t just practice their skeet shooting skills when E.T. took off flying. “PULL!”

      BTW, of course Han shot first, if he waited to shoot second he would have had a blaster wound through his chest!

  • WFDT

    Alien culture sophisticated enough for interstellar travel; can’t do a simple head count.