My Hungarian gun-editor friend Gabor sent us a phto of a Steyr AUG chambered in 9mm. He wrote …

A futuristic black beauty: Steyr AUG 9×19 mm semi-auto carbine.

Positives: Practically zero felt recoil, better trigger than on the military 5,56×45 mm AUG.

Negatives: the ejection port is only on the right side (unlike the original), no-go for lefties.

I am not really a Steyr AUG fan, but this carbine is pretty damn sexy in my opinion.




  • wetcorps

    I shot one once, it’s also very unbalanced. But extremely neat indeed.

  • HenryV

    I like how they have put a plastic web to support the mag well and extend the mag release. It is lovely.

    • If I remember correctly, the magazine well insert is designed to use the same magazines as the legacy Steyr MPi69 and MPi81 SMG.

      • HenryV

        That’s interesting. It does look well thought out. 🙂

    • David Sharpe

      It doesn’t extend the mag release, it blocks the original release and moves the 9mm mag release to a paddle type.

      • HenryV

        Thank you. I should have been precise.

  • Cedar_92

    Anyone know Is it true that the ATF stopped importation of the 9mm conversion because they were deemed not sporting guns?

    • toms

      True, I got one of the last kits. The mags are pricey though but its a cool gun for sure and cheap to practice with.I find it well balanced unlike the shooter above but heavy for a sub gun. the bolt catch is nice as well. Accuracy is very good as with all steyr products.

      • Cedar_92

        Ok thanks. There’s a bill right now in the house that will do away with the sporting clause for importing firearms. Let’s hope it passes

        • toms

          I have heard that Steyr may do a run of FN 9mm barrels down the road. The barrel part of the Kit is what was banned by Obami. 9mm barrels were coming in for a while as the the original parts kit ban focused on Rifle caliber barrels. Steyr and IMI sent them as pistol barrels and parts. Obami put the Kibash on that around the same time as the Russian ammo fiasco.