Shotgun Competitor sets world record

Dave Miller, a competitive sporting clays shooter for CZ- USA was inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records for the most sporting clays broken in one hour at 3,653 at the Heartland Trap and Wobble Skeet club in Missouri. The previous holder was a shooter named John Cloherty in 1992 with over 4,000 broken. However the rules have changed since then and thus this new record was entered. The other sporting clays world record holder is a Frenchman named Jean-Paul Mordefroid who broke 36 clays in a minute in 2003.

CZ-USA’s Dave Miller has set a new world record for “most sporting clay targets broken in one hour” by shooting 3,653 targets in 60 minutes, or more than one clay every second. In fact, Miller’s split times were even faster — his average time between targets was just 0.82 seconds.

Literally shooting from the hip, Miller, 41, more than set the record, he beat his own goal, originally to break 3,000 targets in an hour. Equipped with 30 modified 16-shot CZ 712 shotguns, 4,000 shells and supported by an army of volunteer reloaders, Miller powered through to set an even higher new world record.
“This is awesome, but I am worn out,” Miller told the Kansas City Star. “Endurance is definitely a factor in something like this. At about the 40-minute mark, I was tired. I was hurting. But I got a shot of adrenaline and I kept going.”

The practice movie, the amount of clays hit are being counted, he misses one every couple of shots. Regardless, that’s like 4,000 shots in an hour, shoulders hurt much?

And a video of the event. It appears to have taken over 10 shotguns with extended magazine tubes being loaded Civil War style in a line of volunteers and handing them over to  Dave Miller. I personally think the practise video is more entertaining than the actual event.


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  • Darhar M.

    Now go back and see how many you can hit when you have to reload yourself.
    That would be a more impressive feat IMO.

    • lol

      This, using 10 shotguns to do it is a bit of a sham. at this point, why not just use an aa12? Build a belt fed shotgun and cause bedlam?

    • MR

      Maybe that’ll be the next change to the rules. World record and high-caliber competition techniques often have little practicality in the real world. This guy would no doubt do great on a pheasant hunt, but many of the skills he’s developed for this game will not be useful for the hunt. Like taking a NASCAR racecar to the groccery store.

  • tony

    Note to myself: need a big sponsor to break his record

  • Old Windways

    Unless I missed something, it looks like he is literally shooting from the hip. I suppose that saves time and saves your shoulder.

  • Brig Adeir

    Want to set a new ‘Worlds Record’?
    Change the rules to fit your edge.
    I’d go against him any day and drop him with a well placed musket ball at 100 yards.