Polish National Police Update Armory

The Polish National Police is in the business of updating their armory with Walter P99s produced under license through Radom, the largest Polish arms company. The pistols even have “Walter” on the parts. Apparently the competition came down to the number of years the companies were willing to guarantee/service their handguns.

The Polish P99 AS made in Poland. Source- Wikipedia

The Polish P99 AS made in Poland. The contract is for the full size pistol. Source- Wikipedia

The information regarding the acquisition of semi-automatic pistols for the Police was published in late March. Offers placed by Fabryka Broni-Łucznik Radom [Łucznik-Radom Small Arms Factory] and Warsaw-based Kaliber company were assessed.

The proposal made by the Radom-based company was considered to be more beneficial, both within the scope of the price (weight of which constituted 80% of the assessment), as well as within the scope of the provided guarantee – this factor constituted 20% of the assessment. The Radomian facility offer price was shaped at the level of PLN 4.502 million, while the Kaliber company’s offer was valued at the level of PLN 5.535 million.  The Radom based company provides a guarantee period of 9 years regarding the pistols and the magazines, while the Warsaw Kaliber’s company offer provided 5 year-guarantee period.

In addition the Police forces are looking to acquire some two hundred MP5 family submachine guns including the MP5A5, MP5 K PDW, and some SD series.

The tender deadline is set as 15th December 2015, but the potential bidders have little more than a month for preparation of the required documentation, since the final submission deadline expires on Jul. 7 2015.

The MP-5 machine pistols are utilized mainly by the counter-terrorist units, Executive Department [Wydział Realizacyjny] of the Warsaw Main Police HQ and  the Police’s Central Investigation Bureau [Centralne Biuro Śledcze Policji].

Some of the Police Forces during the 2012 riots, MP5 in the center.

Some of the Police Forces during the 2012 riots, MP5 in the center. Notice what appear to be 30 round Glock magazines with the guy on the far left, and the uncommon Polish Pallad wz. 1974 40mm grenade launcher.


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  • ryanwazhere

    wierd since Radom has a new pistol out, why would they order Walther?

    • ryanwazhere


      • quintassentially british

        No you’re right it’s Walther.

    • Zachary marrs


      • TheRealKivaari

        Commercially FB Radom P99AS runs at about 2500-2700 PLN ($680-740), I guess the cops have ’em cheaper, but the mass contracts usually include parts and stuff

      • john huscio

        P99as runs $480 – 550 here

    • Chris22lr

      1. There is no new pistol from FB Radom (new PR-15, which is actually a MAG in disguise, is not yet ready; while RAD, evolved P99, was never put on mass production – most of it’s features are found in PPQ).
      2. Polish police uses P99 since 2001 – that’s when FB started producing these guns.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    In order to cut costs the Polish Navy has also installed screen doors on all of their submarines.

  • avconsumer2

    Man. That “Walter” guy must be stoked!!

    • Patrick R.

      Man, you beat me to it. I was gonna ask who this Walter was, he must be pretty cool to have them put his name on a pistol.

  • Sianmink

    So is ‘Walter’ a Polish rip-off of something? 😉
    Also finally someone makes a light module with the laser close to the bore. Good Job!

  • Cal.Bar

    Boy – after the last “rabid attack” when I mentioned that Polish arms didn’t quite win WWII (or any war) for the Polish I’d better not even mention that neither Walther nor HK are Polish manufacturers or Polish designed guns.

    • Krzysztof Mendera

      It’s funny to see all that angst and confusion, dude, when somebody just called on your bullshit. “Rabid attack”, duh. Keep being ridiculous, you’re doing it right.

  • Bill

    If I was holding an AK, and someone was muzzling me up with a MP5, in that position I might have to transition to my Walt.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Didn’t S&W also market some Walther pistols with both S&W and Walther rollmarks?

  • patrickiv

    Contract guns are neat. I want one. I notice that the rear sight is different than what we get in the U.S.

  • Just say’n

    Bet they wish they still had their P-64s

    • Casual Observation

      ……which looked A LOT like a Walther PPK.