ALG Defense AK Trigger Now Shipping

Remember the trigger that ALG Defense showed off last year? Well it’s finally available. ALG Defense has started to ship out preorders for their AKT single-stage trigger kit for the AK47 and AK74 variants that they claim has a pull weight of just 3.5lbs. They’re still taking pre-orders for their AKT-E triggers with no definite release date as of yet. Their AKT trigger retails at a budget friendly price of just $49. Check them out at

The ALG AK Trigger (AKT) is a single stage trigger designed for the AK47 and AK74 variant platforms. The AKT features a smoother and shorter trigger pull than the stock trigger and is ideal for combat and home defense use. It is machined from triple alloy steel and has a corrosion resistant Manganese Phosphate finish.

The AKT features the Lightning Bow, which produces a very comfortable feel to the user over the stock trigger, while enhancing trigger control. For OEMs and builders, the AKT lends three parts towards 922(r) Compliance.


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  • iksnilol

    Ohmigawd! A lightweight AK trigger that is also cheap? TAKE MY MONEY!

    • cutamerc

      Do you own an AK?

      • iksnilol

        Not in Norway, butin Bosnia I have one. Inherited it from family after the war.

        • cutamerc

          Nice! Let us know what you think if you decide to try one out.

  • myndbender

    Love it! A true upgrade for my AK at a really decent price. I think anyone who shoots an AK regularly should give this trigger a try.

    • USMC03Vet

      I won’t have to take a second mortgage out to afford it so I’m not sure if it’s reliable enough for operating at the local range.

  • John Yossarian

    Too bad ALG doesn’t seem to be making a double-hook. A single-hook trigger’s only “advantage” was that it made room for the rate-reducer in Soviet-styled AKMs, allowing more controllable full-auto. I’ll stick with the Texas AK Trigger, which is also cheaper and up-to-snuff with my MAK-90’s original.

    By the way, you can install a double-hook trigger into a single-hook receiver by grinding off the bottom of the second hook. You don’t need to cut a slot into the receiver. And if you do it just right, and slowly, you can get the second hook to hit the receiver just after the hammer is released. This gives you an over-travel stop!

    • iksnilol

      Well, what about the people with Soviet AKMs? Sure, they aren’t common in the US but outside, super common.

      Also, what is the legality of buying a trigger from the US and importing it into another country?

  • hydepark

    So can someone please point out to me where exactly to find one to buy and ship? If it’s just preorders now, then yeah I guess they are technically shipping. But I can’t even find any listed and my google fu is decent.

  • Old Fart

    So nice to see more and more aftermarket industry embracing the AK platform. Waiting on the AKT-E. Also waiting for DDI to get QC on track……