Heckler & Koch VP40s Have Shipped

Gun forums across the internet were abuzz this past weekend with news that some distributors had in stock examples of the new H&K VP40 handgun. Some of the relevant posts are replicated below:

From HKPro:

Default VP40 released

I realize that I am very ill right now and have been swamped with medical care 24/7 all week, however did I miss the announcement that the VP40 is here and available for purchase right now?

I see that Hkspecialist has them in stock…
HK Specialist – Product Display

If this release info has been posted already and I missed it, please disregard it. I tried the search but only found older threads and the most recent shown post was a prediction for by years end.

If this makes members who have been awaiting the VP40 aware. I’m glad this helped.

I guess I should invest in 100+ mags, especially for the non free states. That kind of investment might pay off the medical bills and buy my dream NFA MP5 if they become the unicorns the 9mm mags have been.

From SIG Forum:


Picture of Prefontaine

posted June 06, 2015 01:47 AM


Pictures of the VP40’s brochure were also shared online:


Image source: glocktalk.com


Availability seems so far to be limited. Already HK Specialist is out of stock of the new .40 caliber striker-fired HK.

Nathaniel F

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  • northafrican


    • Anonymoose


      • Grindstone50k

        hk pls

  • Well! I shall be patiently waiting for the 45 version…

  • ClintTorres

    …not to California…boohoo.

  • Mmmtacos

    I’m sure most will agree we would rather have a FS 45 version, and L and C versions of the VP9. Not many of us are .40 fans.

    But hey, .40 sells, so you can’t blame them. You see a multitude of .40 pistols on the market, and picking up brass at the range there’s enough .40 to rival 9 or .45. Plus for H&K there’s (more than likely) a huge amount of interchangeable parts with the VP9 to the VP40, so no need to retool for new parts, probably most considerably the frame.

    If anything this is a good step in the right direction, I hope it just means more VP9 based models in the near future.

    • Anonymoose

      I just want a VP45L.

    • KestrelBike

      .40 shooters had the last laugh during the last ammo panic. It was some of the only stuff on the shelves (and people actually went out and bought .40 pistols to have a use for said remaining ammo on the shelves)

    • FourString

      VP9L for sure. Too bad it will not come to California most likely. Might make a road trip in search of one from a far off land.

  • Jeff S

    VP9 SK please and thank you.

  • Budogunner

    I put HK on my boycott list and there is really only one thing that could temp me to abandon that policy: return of the P7M8 and P7M13 at reasonable prices.

    • KestrelBike

      MP5’s at non-ridiculous-markup cost?

      • Budogunner

        Got that handled. HK licensed MKE in Turkey to make MP5 clones on actual HK tooling. I bought one of those before Turkey got pissed about “American Imperialism” in the middle east and stopped exporting to the US.

        Best thing short of an sp89 new off the factory line, plus while licensed, HK didn’t get much profit.

        • KestrelBike

          I call $1500 too high a markup, especially when CZ Scorpions are going for almost half of that. Not to mention, there have been many complaints of Turkish MP5 quality being VERY hit or miss.

          • Budogunner

            First, I agree the new scorpions are HOT. If I didn’t already have my MKE and a 9mm AR I’d buy one. I might still buy one… why did you have to bring those up?

            Anyway, as to the MKE, I only paid $1100 for mine. Most people didn’t ask for the $1500 MSRP. Now, they are sometimes going for $2k or more due to scarcity.

            Also, keep in mind that SP89’S went for $1200 new, back in the early 80’s when they could still be imported. Good luck finding one for less than $5k these days.

            Also, do the scorpions use a roller lock? That is the point of the MP5 anyway, so they have less port noise and make great silencer hosts. Other than that, it isn’t a great design, really. Stamped metal receiver? Blech.

          • Ian Thorne

            MKE is back if you didn’t know. Imported by Zenith and cost almost $1,800. At least they are a lot more proper than the old ones with more parts actually interchangeable with HK parts without modification.

            But even at $1,100 it’s too much for an MP5 clone. Post samples that dealers can get without insane markup go for about 700-800 bucks, which is what an MP5 should cost. They were designed to be cheap. Stamped sheet metal and injection molded plastic. Nothing about them is worth 1K plus, especially being 50 years old.

            That said I paid about $1,400 for my POF-5 and freaking love it. But I have to say I cannot tell any noticeable difference in suppression between my POF and my Scorpion with my Octane can. Might be a decibel in there, but nothing worth mentioning. The roller lock makes it a noticeable smoother and less jumpy shooter, but not quieter.

          • KestrelBike

            Thank you, exactly what I’m trying to say regarding overall costs. The clones should be well south of $1,000, but they aren’t, because the clone makers have an oligopoly and are able to keep the price > $1,500.

            And if HK wanted to, it could put a renamed version of the semi-auto mp5 onto the market at $800 and still make profit.

  • Marc

    VP10 when?

  • john huscio

    I see a p30sk in my near future

  • Lt Donn

    Ho Hum…yet another over-priced striker-fired platform…I’ll continue to stick with my Glocks

    • Kelly Jackson

      I thought the ATF had classified all .40 Glocks as Class 3 destructive devices because of their tendancy to explode?

    • FourString

      These are priced in the same neighborhood as Glocks…

      Just replace the cheap plastic sights on the Glock and you’re already there.. Add a tolerable trigger to the Glock alone and you’re already way over. The VP9 is a much better value.

  • Harold

    Isn’t this calibre becoming obsolete with 9mm and 45ACP powder and bullet advances?

  • brianparker

    Hopefully there will be 357Sig barrels before too long. I’m serious.

  • Sean Perry

    Is this the new Hi Point?