Hatsan HTGL 0003 Six-Round Multiple Grenade Launcher

The Turkish firm Hatsan, who are best known for the shotguns they manufacture, have branched out and introduced their first multiple grenade launcher, the Hatsan HTGL 0003. My good friend Lionel saw the gun at IDEF 2015. He wrote …

The weapon is equipped with a retractable stock with adjustable cheek piece height (depending on the job of a mechanical or optical sight). This handle can be removed when used in confined spaces. The HTGL 0003 has a pistol grip and a front handle for a better grip.


The sighting system comprises a fold-up rear sight and fixed post fiber optic front sight. The barrel has a picatinny rail which allows the installation of red dot sights. The loading and unloading of the cylinder are performed by pressing the lock placed behind the cylinder. The barrel then tilts forward and gives access to ammunition and housing. This type of weapon (barrel) can quickly deliver a very large number of rounds reduced charge or the lethal variety.

I also noticed that Hatsan has repurposed their shotgun stock for this grenade launcher. The chambers are extra long to accommodate a wide variety of 40mm rounds such as less-lethal rounds. All in all it looks like a ergonomic and decent looking MGL, as far as MGLs go.

Steve Johnson

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  • AR

    Then need to make a 37mm version WITHOUT a rifled barrel. Def-Tec refuses to sell to “Civilians” (Of course the police are not civilians) or even provide them with parts.

  • Panfried

    While most definitely interesting, this isn’t really anything new. It looks to be an upchambered derivative of the Def-Tec/Penn Arms 37mm launchers with an m1014 stock and upgraded irons.