ADK Arms Budget Priced AR Trigger


A smooth light weight trigger can make a big difference, it’s usually what I upgrade first with all my ARs. Check out this budget friendly replacement trigger from ADK Arms. They’re currently running a special on their new trigger at just $59.99. The triggers are melonite QPQ coated and have pretty cool looking cutouts. ADK Arms claims they have a weight as low as 3.8 to 4 lbs with no creep or take-up.

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ADK Arms fire control group features rugged military-type components carefully prepped to give a smoother trigger pull while maintaining the original geometry for maximum reliability. The trigger is melonite QPQ coated for durability and decrease in friction. Matched with our precision ground hammer, this produces a refined custom trigger kit for the AR-15 that will reduce the weight of pull to as low as 3.8 to 4.0 lbs. with no take-up or creep. Each trigger group is matched and tested prior to shipping. All components are manufactured in house at our manufacturing facility in Illinois.

ADK Arms – Fire Control Group, AR-15

MSRP – $69.99
Sale Price – $59.99 +S/H

Trigger set requires installation, but no permanent modification and only simple tools like punches and mallets. The system is compatible with the original hammer unless it has been modified. Recommend Trigger Adjustment Grip Screw for reduction in trigger slack in older AR’s. Fits most AR-15/AR-10 rifles with hammer and sear pin diameters of .154″.

Upgraded custom trigger
Trigger spring
Hammer spring
Trigger hammer pins (.154″ diameter).
Easily installed, with a crisp single stage 3.8-4.0 lb pull.

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  • jeff k

    sweet !! thanks for this link im buying one !

  • Don Miles

    Ive been looking at this for a while. Any reviews out there?

  • Nicks87

    $60 is more in line with what a trigger SHOULD cost. The only reason companies can sell a trigger for $250+ is because people buy into the hype that it will make them a better shooter. A nice trigger is a nice trigger but a $60 trigger works just fine and is all that most people will ever need.

    • nirvana

      one cannot be considered a Tier One Operator when one does not have a $400 trigger- although having a beard is a mitigating factor.

      • Vitsaus


      • Dan

        The bushier the beard the less you have to spend on your trigger.

        • Nicks87

          This is true.

    • iksnilol

      Depends what kind of shooting you do. If you are going sub-moa shooting, or shooting at long range using a sling, then a decent trigger can actually be holding you back.

    • FightFireJay

      Wow. I suppose next you’ll be telling us that National Match competitors use crunchy milspec triggers because it just doesnt matter.

  • Trey

    Who makes that rear fold over takedown pin? I just checked ADK’s site and it is not listed there.

    • whskee

      Is it wrong the pin is more interesting to me than the trigger?

    • Dan

      Demon tactical makes something similar

    • Sledgecrowbar

      I looked up Demon Tactical’s, it’s nice, apparently it tightens up the receiver lug which is important, but I want more info on this one too. Couldn’t find anything from “lever lock takedown pin”.

  • Cymond

    Any idea how they achieve the light pull? Smooth surfaces? Altered geometry? Lighter springs?

    Because my ALG ACT is still 5.5-6 pounds, and uses standard springs.

    • Rick5555

      Get the Wolf Reduced power Springs from Brownell’s or Midway. And your ALG trigger will be a 3.5 to 4.0 pull. The sear and hammer are smoothed out and for lbs pull, reduced power springs are used. There’s too much hype with these super high end triggers. Geissele makes an awesome trigger. But it’s not worth $200+, imo. A good gunsmith can achieve the same results for under a $100.

      • Marcus D.

        Or direct from Wolff.

      • AK™

        Instead of spending so much on a G..I went with a CMC single stage flat on my AR. Loved it. Less than $200 too.

        • RICH

          I’m considering one of the CMC triggers in an AR 10 build I’m doing. How decent are they? Are they ‘close’ to their advertised pull ?

    • Marcus D.

      I suspect your ALG is pretty comparable to this trigger. I have the QMS, which is very crisp break, no creep, but a fairly stiff pull (I would guess around 7-8lbs.). I wonder what Wolff springs would do, whether both or just a trigger spring.

      • All the Raindrops

        I use the jp yellows with a qms, it works great. I actually only installed the trigger spring and not the hammer, not wanting to risk light strikes. It definitely dropped the pull a pound or two. The hammer spring would drop it even more.

  • Larry

    The links in the article do not link to this trigger. The link is connected to Sears and list the WMD FCG.

  • thetruth

    WOW..they took a normal trigger and put a freaking hole in it…WHERE DO I BUY!…

  • Rob in Katy

    I guess they are making them fresh as ordered…still processing after almost 2 weeks.