Cam wrote ..

Shooting hand thrown clay pigeons with a Mossberg 500 crown grade on BLM land near the Mexican border in San Diego county.

How many folks prefer hand throwing rather thanĀ using a hand launcher? I find using a decent launcher, like the WIng One I reviewed earlier this week, far easier and well worth the small cost of the launcher. They review far less effort and I can throw much further, at a cost of throwing them slower.



  • J.J

    Unless I know you have a quality launcher. I usually prefer to hand launch it’s quicker and less like to break clays. I hate it when the launcher shatters the clay while it fires.

  • If you got someone with you to throw while you shoot a hand thrower is better, if for no other reason than the flight path is more unpredictable than a mechanical thrower, I used to have a thrower for solo practice at home, mounted it on a tire so it was easier to change the path of the clay.

    • iksnilol

      You could rig up something to rotate the tire so that it automatically randomizes the path (just attach the thrower with something that rotates as well so you don’t end up flinging clays everywhere).