Streamlight Introduces Lights for Compact Glock Pistols


Streamlight announced the company is now making a combination white light and red laser aiming unit for compact Glock pistols. These new units will fit both the G42 in .380 ACP and the recently introduced G43 in 9mm.

According to Streamlight, the unit can toggle between three different modes: light only, laser only and both light and laser. The unit is powered by a pair of CR 1/3N batteries that offer up to one hour of constant run time for the light and light/laser mode. Up to 11 hours can be obtained by using the laser only mode.

These light/laser units are both water and impact resistant. The suggested retail price is $175.

Richard Johnson

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  • Bob

    I ordered two of them off Dvor for $88 a pop and should be getting them in July.

  • Sianmink

    Why are the lasers always on the bottom of these combo units instead of as close to the bore as possible? I swear I should get into designing these things.

    • mig1nc

      I always wondered that. Laser Devices had that with their BLAST-2 back in the day. And the X5L from Viridian has it above and offset to the side.

      I have a TLR-2G which has the laser coaxial with the light. Pretty neat.

    • Ben

      At the ranges where you will be using these lasers, I don’t think it really matters honestly.

      • Sianmink

        If you’re forced to shoot around a hostage it matters a lot.

  • USMC03Vet

    No strobe?

    • Bodie

      Thankfully not

  • santi

    Worth every penny

  • Lt Donn

    I’ll stick with the Crimson Trace unit…no time to “toggle” in a gunfight…need the instant-on feature CTC offers

  • James Duffy

    Would it fit the Glock 17 ?
    Anyone. Tried and testef this piece of kit.