Pakistani AK Maintenance Fail

Here is a video I found on Facebook. According to the post translation, “Father almost kills son while performing maintenance on his AK”

Another example of poor firearm ownership. It looks like he attempts to empty the gun but as he releases the bolt, it slam fires. Meanwhile he was pointing it at the kid against the wall. What boggles my mind is the complete lack of reaction from the father.  Sure he flinches from the shot being fired, looks up and sees his kid and then nothing. Goes back to messing with the firearm.

Nicholas C

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  • Steven Ling

    Wow. I don’t think I’d ever pick up a weapon again if I almost killed my own son in that way.

    • Realist

      Life’s cheap over on that side of the Planet…

  • ScoreDude

    It’s Pakistan……par.

    • wzrd1

      Within my lifetime, India split into several nations, Pakistan being one of them.

  • adiboo

    It’s like the kid knew that was going to happen!!

  • Bill

    I don’t think there’s a shortage of kids in Pakistan, they can always make more.

    I’m ashamed I wrote that, but not ashamed enough to not post it. If dad doesn’t kill him, an IED will.

    • wzrd1

      There are the occasional IED, but more commonly there are Taliban attacks to gain more control of the region since they’ve been evicted from Afghanistan.

  • Throat-Punch Tommy

    If I was that kid I would throat-punch my Dad.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    On the bright side with a dumb ass dad like that the kid probably wont have to deal with being alive in Pakistan for much longer.

  • Alex Nicolin

    Natural selection is natural after all.

  • Lance

    With idiot dads like that who need enemy’s.

  • DAN V.

    Not so sure if that was an accidental discharge. Some real scumbags in this world.

  • Jay

    Oh man…
    What a brain dead creature. Clears his AK pointing it at his two kids.

  • Glock Guy

    Even animals have more respect for their young. These people are just scum of the earth. No wonder the Middle East is a hell-hole!

    • Simcha M.

      Pakistan is in Asia, but we get your sentiments about Muslims…………..

      • wzrd1

        As I said above, a similar behavior was present in Christians until not very long ago, as in a century or so. If something bad happened, no blame for the idiot, it’s God’s will.
        It’s like stepping into a time machine to bizarro world, where the the natives are a century or more socially in the past, but with selective fire firearms and high explosives.
        Worse, every blacksmith can make AK’s in a low tech blacksmith’s shop.

        • Ben

          Deus vult!

    • Kivaari

      Most of the middle east is in Asia. Pakistan is in SW Asia.

    • angrymike

      And as I write this our dear leader is importing thousands of these ppl……

  • USMC03Vet

    Father of the year.

    You know that has happened before because those kids are moving away when he’s doing it.

    • jcitizen

      At least his kids are smarter! HA!

    • wzrd1

      It’s a cultural thing, if something bad happens, it’s God’s will.
      The crazy part is, such a belief and risk acceptance isn’t that long ago in Christian faiths, especially Roman Catholic derived faiths.
      It’s like stepping into a time machine, save with RPG’s and AK’s.


    He will just have another kid if he shoots and kill this one.

    • wzrd1

      He’ll have another kid anyway. Humanity has survived due to its poorest living people having large litters that disease and mishaps kill off.

  • WFDT

    I imagine people in that part of the world don’t react much to single gunshots.

    • MrApple

      The one guy did say “whoa, whoa, whoa”.

  • John

    Uh, yes. This was “bad parenting”. It was a “negligent discharge”. A “tragic accident”.

    He was “teaching” his “son” how to “clean a gun”. When he saw that he “narrowly missed” the kid, he looked away “in shock”.

  • uisconfruzed

    That camel jockey doesn’t give a rip about his sons!
    Those kids just suffered hearing loss, that thin looks like it’s @ a 7″ barrel pointed directly at them!

    • phil

      Kids will never grow old enough for hearing loss to be a problem.

    • wzrd1

      Not too many camels in Pakistan. That’s more a bit east of them or on the Arabian subcontinent or even Africa.
      It’s a cultural thing, if something bad goes down, God obviously caused it, not stupidity or carelessness.
      Stranger still, sons are worth a lot more in that culture than daughters, so they’re protected more.

      • uisconfruzed

        Their ‘god’ is weak & hateful. Why else would they strike out at anyone that doesn’t believe that a murderous, thieving pedophile wasn’t from God? Because they know their ‘god’ is to weak to take care of anything.

        • wzrd1

          As was all too frequently said to me, it’s the same god. The god of Abraham.
          You seem to forget Christianity’s forced conversion, where torture was used, summary execution if one did not convert, etc were the norm.
          Where leaving the faith was grounds for execution.
          Mohammad merely took pages from each leading faith in the region, then dovetailed it into the cultural norms of his society.

          • uisconfruzed

            1- It isn’t the same God, they worship muhammed the pedophile, and follow his murderous and twisted writings.
            2- The forced conversions, torture, etc are NOT biblical teaching. A majority of that was done by Roman Catholicism, thus causing the Reformation of the church during the fourteen to fifteen hundreds.

      • Esh325

        There are thousands of irresponsible ND/shooting accidents in the United States where children and adults die or are injured as result, so I don’t buy that.

  • jeffrey melton

    Some people have no respect for human life or human life is simply unimportant to them.

  • morokko

    This “AKesque something” looks like firearm ordered as a present for 6 years old with diminutive PK style stock, nickel plating and Star Wars sighting system. If it was meant that way, then perhaps it would be wise to make it shoot only blanks. It could save live if not good hearing.
    Because, if the gun looks like a toy and has utility factor of a toy, then, inevitably, it will be toyed with.
    In Germany there is a special category of noise making tools – called boellers. Crafty and frugal Teutons fire cork wads into air, thus avoiding casualties and saving on rifle ammunition. Perhaps our Pakistani friends could pick up this idea.

    • wzrd1

      Well, it would be effective as a SMG for home defense from the Taliban.
      Still, I also clearly recall a much better made Hello Kitty AR-15…

  • sometrend

    too funny. those things almost act human

  • MrApple

    Jeff Cooper is in Heaven slowly shaking his head.

    • wzrd1

      I was thinking Jeff Foxworthy could make a good run of this one.

  • Iblis

    Life is cheap. That seems to be the Muslim view of family.

    • wzrd1

      Pity that your devilship ignores Turkey, Indonesia, various and sundry *istans, in favor of your own biases. Hell, even in Iran, this wouldn’t happen.
      But then, I’ve been to many, many Muslim nations, from Afghanistan through the Levant.
      You only have the experience acquired from your Twinkie encrusted sofa to guide you poorly.

      Oh, for those wondering, Satan in the Christian form, is named Iblis in Arabic.
      I’ll use a bit of Arabic I picked up downrange. You are bint haram bin Iblis.

    • Esh325

      There are thousands of kids who are dead or injured due to an adults negligence with firearms in the USA.

      • wzrd1

        Well, there is also the corollary to cultural differences, people are stupid at times, some are stupid all of the time.

  • Doug73

    “It happens.”

  • B. Young

    that’s a custom pistol caliber ak of some sort looks like it has a ppsh43 (7.62x25mm) magazine and a short receiver/stock/barrel much shorter than a krink. I think the kid leaning on the wall is saying “it’s mine, give it back the trigger isn’t working…watch out!” BaBamm. Probably made from scratch by a guy with a old file in a workshop on alley 13.

    • wzrd1

      The literally are built by village blacksmiths.

      • B. Young

        yes they are!

        • wzrd1

          I’d have loved to bring one of those things home, but the importation of even an semi-only would’ve been a nightmare.
          Amazing what one can turn out from a 19th century smithery, with 20th century knowledge.
          Not a tack driver, but for the intended purpose, it does quite well. I know that firsthand, from replacing a half dozen ESAPI plates in rather short order.
          Boy, but it’s nice to retire from that!

  • Tassiebush

    It’s just terrifying old fashioned ignorance probably mixed with complacency. This guy probably didn’t even know a slamfire could occur until that moment. If you don’t get taught gun safety and learn about ways people come to grief you may think it’s as simple as not pulling the trigger when it’s pointed at someone.

  • Guys this post is about guns lets drop the religious discussion. This isn’t the forum for it.

  • guest

    What kind of microscopic AK is this?