POTD: Beautiful AR-15 Pistol & 50 Round Magazine

Zachary sent us a photo of his father’s new AR-15 pistol. His father, who runs Easton Firearms Refinishing,  cerakoted it using a sponge technique with a variety of green and brown colors. It looks amazing. I especially like how the  X-Products X-15-S Chevron Magazine looks with the cerakoting, although I do wonder how it handles with a scope and almost-all metal 50 round magazine.



DSC_0377 DSC_0388


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  • Scott Tuttle

    am I missing something? where’s the pistol?

    • Sixshot6

      Its an AR15 pistol, the stock like item on the back is actually the shockwave brace, much cheaper than an SB15 but currently involved in legal trouble. As detailed on this blog, the legal world is crazy at times.

      • MR

        Dunno about “legal trouble”, Sig is suing them on a pretty ridiculous claim. Should be able to get the suit dismissed rather handily, but you never know with this courts system.

        • Sixshot6

          Thats why I called it legal trouble. In a sane world this would not happen a judge and a jury would see that while doing similar things, they are totally different products. I’d consider the fact that one is rubber and the other a harder polymer to be reason enough to dismiss it, but as you said. You never sadly know. If they actually got successfully sued we’d failed as species.

          • Boss / EFR

            The Strap came with the Stabilizing brace from KAK Industies, Essentially it’s a stock with 9 adjustments spots ,you run the allen screw adjuster down against the buffer tube lightly, it is classified as a stabilizing brace with a letter from the ATF.. My intention is to go the SBR route and use it as a stock. Its light even with the 50 round drum, handles easily.

          • USMC2090

            It’s a little more complicate than what you say. There are design patents for a reason and companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect their IP. This seems pretty clear especially when you look at the photos.

          • Sixshot6

            I hear you on that, its just when its clear and shut case that it could be allowed to proceed. Hopefully a good patent lawyer and an expert witness on firearms accessories and technology could show neither product is exactly the same and while serving a similar market for braces for AR pistols or pistols using an AR buffer tube, one is rubber, the other is plastic and can be adjusted. Those differences should be enough to say case closed.

          • USMC2090

            I think you’re spot on right. Unfortunately you are talking about function of the brace and not design…and even here…although there are the differences in function that you state, there are many similarities, and in my opinion, enough similarities that a court and jury could say that Shockwave infringed on the patent. But when it comes to Judges and juries who can ever know what would happen. I guess my point was that this is case of design infringement…and design means looks. When I look at the photo I posted, it doesn’t even look like Shockwave made a an effort to deviate from what the Sig brace looks like.

          • Sixshot6

            To be fair, an SB15 looks almost like a regular stock to a layman, can you really have a patent on that kind of appearance? I know they serve similar purposes but in the end, one straps to the arm, the other rests against your arm and shockwave did not advertise it as being strapped to your arm, just bracing your arm to the pistol. But it all belongs to the legal gods at this stage. I do feel that Sig or whoever holds the patent is just pissed off as they have their sales being cut into with the shockwave being cheaper.

          • USMC2090

            Too funny!!! Agreed again..court judgments can be and often are crazy and unpredictable!!

          • Sixshot6

            True, I think the lady in question was not too amused thought. I wonder if the the uk’s versions of Walter White are liable for paying tax on sales of their crystal meth then? I can just imagine, “Mr Smack Jack the Cracker man, in addition to your charges for selling a class A Substance (Crystal Meth), we feel HMRC (Her Majestey’s Revenue and Customs) is owed VAT (uk sales tax) on the meth you sold to the tweakers robbing little old ladies of their savings and tellies (I know hedgefunds are doing the same, but you know the government won’t go after those sods).
            “But your honor, its an illegal substance, how can you expect me to keep track of what input and output tax I need to pay or claim back?”
            “That’s your problem, not ours Mr Scum of the Earth”

            I don’t think it would quite go like that but you never know. In essence its up to fate whether shockwave can win or not, I hope they win. Otherwise its a dark day for capitalism, innovation and general trying to offer people a product and make money off it.

          • USMC2090

            You’re a trip! Love the British sens of humor. As for who I think should win, I’m not sure. I agree with you that innovation and trying to offer people a new product is what capitalism is all about. And I have to say that I own the SB15 and have a friend that owns a shockwave. I don’t see how using his product without the strap that Kak places with the Shockwave brace would even work, and if you use the strap you’re basically mimicking the Sig Brace because ultimately its the strap that gives retention and not the two flaps. I also went to Shockwaves website and read what the owner said about his product, and he basically admitted to trying to “invent a better moustrap”…slang to me for trying to re-invent the wheel(or the brace in this case)! Either way both products are on the market now and it will be up to a federal jury and judge to decide. But just look at you and me and the conversation we’re having….I’d imagine in a jury, you’d have the same opinions flying back and forth. Will it be Shockwave or Sig who pays the unpaid taxes for prostitution? Who knows! 😉

          • Sixshot6

            Not having fired and AR15 pistol (I’ve got my VZ58 mars which is close to a semi centrefire and have used a lever action AR15 30 carbine, its a weird firearms I’ll tell you about another time) Which feels better as a cheek rest or brace? I know that the ATF said you can’t shoulder it so whats going to happen in a court case when that starts getting mentioned, if it does? I can see the SB15 being nicer to shoulder if the ATF changed their mind back but the shockwave looks good for bracing your arm and thats about it or I may be wrong. But yes I believe one of the best parts about Capitalism is the innovation, its what set the west apart from the communists and other authoritarians.
            But that is a good question, do Shockwave or Sig pay the unpaid prostitute taxes? Don’t forget the Crystal Meth sales tax either. At the end of the day that proved to me beyond doubt that the government is the biggest pimp on the block sadly.

          • USMC2090

            The government is assuredly the biggest pimp on the block! That’s why I’m more libertarian than anything else.

            So, the brace feels better to cheek weld but only because it seems to have a wider profile than the Shockwave product (which I dont own and I’ve only used it a few times). In terms of bracing there is no comparison. My buddy and I were laughing at the fact that using the shockwave product as it was intended doesn’t do anything at all…in fact I could do the same thing with any low profile magpul stock. As to if the parties will talk about shouldering in a Patent Infringement trial…who knows? I really dont think the ATF letter is going to be covered because it really doesn’t make a difference to the infringement of the design of the product. If they start talking about the function, then who knows…but from what I understand this lawsuit is only about design and how the shockwave product looks very similar to the Sig product. Lets put it this way. If you invent a phone that looks almost exactly like an iphone from the front, but the lateral view looked different, dont you think that Apple would rightfully sue? I think yes…but then again I’m no attorney.

          • MR

            Their silhouettes look somewhat similar. From any other angle, appearance and function are quite different.

          • USMC2090

            From some other angles the appearances are somewhat different, but ultimately how are these products sold? I’ve only ever seen side profiles of them on the web and even on the boxes they show the side profile…and there really only is one brace that anyone ever knew about beside this shockwave product and thats the sig brace…and as you said…they are “somewhat” similar….although I’d say they were more than somewhat similar….in fact I’d say it looks just like the sig brace but with one flap instead of two! But hey…to each his own! 😉

          • MR

            Ugly as hell looking like a bloated M4 wannabe, vs something I might actually put on my rifle in a non-ironic sense. I’m not a fan of “braces” on pistols, but to each his own.

        • JQPub

          I have seen nothing to indicate that Sig is suing the ATF on their most recent ‘opinion’ regards the SB-15.

          • MR

            Shockwave. Sig is suing Shockwave.

          • CommonSense23

            No they aren’t. SB tactical is sueing shockwave, not sig.

  • Bill

    Nice work-around on the VFG 😉 And every pistol needs an ACOG.

    • MR

      In a previous letter, the ATF said that angled foregrips are allowed on pistols. How long that’ll last?…

      • Bill

        Until somebody rights a letter……
        I kind of like that one, any idea who makes it?

    • Risky

      OAL is probably over 26 inches so this ‘pistol’ likely could have a VFG mounted and not land in AOW territory.

      Also I think that’s not an actual ACOG but one of those Bushnell RDS that resembles one.

      • Bill

        I wondered, having looked at the Lucid sorta-ACOG.

    • 1911a145acp

      Definitely NOT an ACOG, the article never states so. Most assuredly the Bushnell Trophy 1×32 MP. Either of which is very workable from this type platform.

  • smitty

    Where did you get the strap for the shockwave arm brace? I want one as it will make the shockwave less stock like and more like the brace it is.

  • USMC03Vet

    I love these custom painted guns.

  • MR

    I guess Gregory’s comment had to clear moderation due to the link. Could have swore it wasn’t there six hours ago when I made my comment.

  • Jon Hammett

    EFR is in my neck of the woods. I’ll have to check them out once I get some money.

  • RICH


  • Rod

    Folks wake up..

    This Wrist Assist deal is really a trap.. It appears the ATF is trying to control use and handling not equipment.. This is a major move.. Apparently people have been arrested for “Improper use/handling” in this case using the pistol up against their shoulder.. If this is true and allowed to stand it represents a great threat to shooting in general..

    If restrictions of this type on use and handling represent a major Stealth expansion of firearm restrictions. A further infringement on the Second Amendment…

    If they are not challenged and defeated it will only be a matter of time when ATF will be arguing rapid semi – auto fire or tactical training are unlawful uses..

    It is important to understand these agencies are under tremendous pressure by the current faux leadership to attack the Second Amendment.. We all know many ATF people are not all that thrilled to find themselves in the middle between their Management and the people from whom they come themselves.. The best we can do is politically address their Leaderships goals..

    For those of you who think this a misreading of the situation.. When have you seen those who control such federal agencies willingly expand and extend the rights of citizens unless forced by political pressure?

    Without question those who control such agencies are willing to further restrict use anytime and everytime there is insufficient political awarness and will on the part of the people to prevent it..

    Spread the word on this Stealth Attack on the Second Amendment…Get politically involved in this issue now.. and put such restrictions on use/handling to an end before the precedence is set and the never ending expansion and greater infringements begin..

    • 1911a145acp

      Please document -“Apparently people have been arrested for “Improper use/handling” in this case using the pistol up against their shoulder.. ”
      What law is being abridged?

      • USMC2090

        Nobody has been arrested for putting a brace to their shoulder….lets not start spreading gossip.

        • 1911a145acp


          That is precisely my point to “Rod” here. Didn’t happen- hasn’t happened.There is no documentation because no law has been broken.

          • USMC2090

            Ok…I see. On the other hand…Rod does have a point. First they tell you one thing…and that leads them to the slippery slope of telling you something else. If they can redefine the word “redesign” as they did in their january opinion letter then they can redefine anything. Now they’re telling you that shooting from the shoulder is redesigning the gun into an SBR…next thing they can tell you that if you shoot “x” amount of rounds from your pistol or rifle you’ve made it into a Machine Gun. I’ve always thought that they came up with this new Redesign change to be able to go after SlideFire…

          • 1911a145acp

            Gov’t agencies have a history of making it up as they go. Difficult to deal with- still doesn’t make it law.

          • USMC2090

            Couldn’t agree with you more!

  • 1911a145acp

    Owning several of each- they are not remotely identical. Similar in profile and function perhaps- not identical.