16 Hits in 25 Seconds… at 300 Meters… With a Bolt Action

In a feat of marksmanship that I could not hope to repeat without a lifetime of practice comes from Scandinavia. The poised shooter hits 16 shots at 2-300 meters. Its interesting to watch, as the shooter uses his thumb to rack the action and what looks like his middle finger to pull the trigger.

For those looking to join the shooter or replicate his feat, the “Stangskyting” is a popular shooting sport in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Its common to use 6.5 x 55 rounds or the military issue rifles and ammunition as a challenge to current service members.


To see how truly popular the sport it, just see the crowd at this professional event!


Nathan S

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  • Will P.

    His shooting style is similar to the British’s “mad minute” with the Enfield .303s. Really amazing, especially with peep sights!

    • gunsandrockets

      I’ve heard of another variation of this technique, which requires support for the forend other than a hand, such as a bipod or sandbag support. One hand works the bolt while the other hand stays on the wrist of the stock and works the trigger. With standard bolt-actions this usually means shooting left-handed, as in shooting the rifle from the left-shoulder and left-hand on the trigger. Ironically this technique should work very well for right-handed shooters using left-handed bolt-actions!

  • Nimrod

    Impressive, Is it me of was the butt of his rifle sitting on the ground?

    • iksnilol

      It was. That’s the position before shooting. You can’t start with the rifle shouldered in most comps.

  • G0rdon_Fr33man

    Legal guns for use in this competition is Krag, Mauser, Sauer STR, AG3 (G3A3) and HK416. The last two being for servicemen.

  • DrewN

    Do they have a lefty division? Because my scores at this would be absolutely pathetic.

    • Sarig

      There’s no lefty division. You just get a lefty rifle and shoot with everyone else.

      Nor are there gender-classes in the Norwegian championship, though there is a price for highest scoring female in the normal shooting competition should a woman not win (which frequently happens anyway).

      I should add that shooting is the second largest organised sport in Norway (after footie), and the yearly national championship that this footage is from draws some 10000 competitors, though stangskying (as seen here), is a smaller specialised competition.

    • iksnilol

      Why do you need a lefty division? Just get a left handed rifle (not hard to get).

    • Kanger

      The second video has a lefty shooting in the first match.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    “Don’t you make a move, Hans! I was eighteen months in the bush and I can snap your neck in a heartbeat!”

  • Heretical Politik

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone actually submitted for the Lee-Enfield Mad Minute challenge? I would, but getting to the rifle range is a little tough right now.

  • Darhar M.

    Reminds of the the old British “Mad Minute” using .303 Enfield rifle.

    • JWLacy

      The Mad Minute of the pre-WWI British army was 15 rounds into a 12 inch target at 300 yards. Many could do 20 – 25 rounds. The record was 36 rounds by a sergeant major at the musketry school. The Lee Enfield has a 10 round magazine using 5 round stripper clips. It also has a fast action, cocking on the down stroke rather than the up stroke. When the German army first met the British army in WWI they thought they were facing massed machine guns.

  • Rock or Something

    Some great marksmanship I see in some of these videos, impressive that some of the shooters using bolt action rifles can keep a similar rate to some of their semi-automatic competitors.

    I noticed in one of the (related) videos where a shooter was using a krag rifles, instead of feeding the rounds in individually, he used what looked like a speed loader or clip to load them into the feeder quickly. That was neat.

    • iksnilol

      Those speedloaders are really handy. They consist of a box with a spring pushing a follower, then there is a bent piece of metal preventing the rounds from popping out. It is sorta like a magazine. I will draw up a picture, just give me a moment.

  • Budogunner

    Anybody know official target size?

  • Budogunner

    Anybody know official target size?

  • Budogunner

    Anybody know official target size?

  • toms

    Can non military use AG3 in competition? I’m surprised to see the bolt rifles run better than semi auto at 200-300 distance. One would think that all things being equal ect capacity, the semis would would smoke the bolt guns. G3’s are fairly accurate if not a little harsh on recoil. Any one who shoots these on here to comment?

    • Sarig

      You can’t own them unless you’re military, so that alone bars them. The reason they’re allowed at all was that the shooting organisation (DFS), was founded to keep civilians trained in firearms use, and had close cooperation with the military.

      The whole thing is, with a lot of practice, you can reload during recoil. AG3s shoot 7.62, and the civil shooters almost all use 6.5×55. Since you can’t hold your target during recoil with either, if you’re able to reload in less time than it takes you to get your sights back on target, the advantage of semi-auto in this specific situation is nil. It takes a lot of training though.

      The first time someone wins with an HK416 in 5.56 there will probably be an outrage…

      • iksnilol

        Pfft, HK416s aren’t accurate enough to win + they don’t have good sights compared to target sights.

        • toms

          416s are plenty accurate. They are .75 moa or better with match ammo. The sight radius is short though.

          • iksnilol

            Short sight radius, bad trigger (compared to Sauer STR), bad sights (again compared to Sauer STR).

            Though they are good rifles for other stuff.

  • Coctomus Prime

    Wow that is the smoothest bolt manipulation I ever done saw.

    • Marc

      Sauer 200 STR. The same bolt is in the SSG 3000. You should try it, makes you want to never touch a Remington or other budget rifle again.

      • Hyok Kim

        What’s the difference?

        • Blaser270

          Sauer had traditionally built some of the slickest and fastest bolt action rifles. Their new hunting rifle, the 404 is shown with the CEO jerking the rifle from one side to the other and in the process slams the bolt shut and locks it down. The old Colt Sauer may well have been the slickest and smoothest action ever made. I haven’t had the chance to compare the 404 to the Colt Sauer which was also sold as the Sauer 80 and then later the Sauer 90. I can’t describe what they do other than you have to feel it for yourself.

  • Tassiebush

    Definitely one of the awesomest shooting sports ever devised.

  • John Bear Ross

    We need this type of competition is the US. That looks awesome.

    • Harry

      We have something “similar” to that in the US, it’s called the National Trophy Infantry Team Match at Camp Perry.

  • DaveDerrick


  • This would be such an awesome compettion which could be done at the Bisley national shooting centre (UK) but I am sure our UK NRA would have a fit!

  • jcitizen

    If there ever was a good argument that semi-auto is no big deal, this is it!!!! Actually high cap magazines too, because I’ve seen many an expert that can reload faster than most shooters can change mags.

    I once put 6 rounds in the “K” zone of an FBI target with my Dan Wesson at 7 yards, in less than a second. The range master was gob smacked!

  • Hank Seiter

    Wow. I truly am impressed. I doubt I could do what he did if given 40 seconds, though I did clear ten bowling pins in 12 seconds with my Number 4 Mark 1 SMLE at 100 meters at my club’s “military shoot” eight years ago.

    I guess I’ll stick to my .308 LAR-8 … 20 hits on an 8-inch plate at 300 meters in 15 seconds. I wonder what Jerry Michulek could do.