TacRack for One-Handed Slide Racking

The TacRack replaces the rear slide end cap of either a Glock or M&P pistol. It is CNC machined out of 6061 aluminum. The TacRack has ears that allow the user to rack the pistol on a hard surface such as a kydex holster or pistol belt.

Here is a review by Trop Guns.

The TacRack seems handy for those who do not want to rack their pistols against their optic. Some pistols have sights that allow the user to rack the slide one handed. My Sig Sauer P938 rear sight sits tall enough that I can rack it off my belt. However with the TacRack you do not have to get special sights to rack the slide one handed. Or perhaps you have a set of sights that you prefer but they do not have the proper shape to rack off a belt, then the TacRack will allow the shooter to manipulate his or her pistol one handed.




The TacRack retails for $29.99 and they even have custom laser engraving available for just a few dollars more.


Nicholas C

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  • anon

    ribbed for her pleasure

  • stephen

    I don’t about this – I mean the RMRs and other high quality dots put up with the abuse of racking so why trade a large surface area for a much smaller one?

    I’m on the fence with this.

    • JSmath

      Because not everyone runs dots on their pistols. In fact, an outstanding majority of people do not run dot sights on their pistols.

      Obtrusive volume – dot sights add a significant amount of height to a pistol, which constrains where and how it can be holstered.
      Compatibility with concealment. Slightly same as above, only explicitly something that separates the product from an RMR in consideration.

  • Dracon1201

    I wonder how this would work on an M&P Shield.

    • Nicholas Chen

      I dont think it will fit.

      • Dracon1201

        Actually looked on their website yesterday. They make one for the Shield.

  • Jack Morris

    Seems practical enough. My buddies laughed at me when I sprung for sights specifically tailored for this method of slide racking. Even I though it was kinda tacticool. Then I had to have my left thumb reattached after a nasty hydraulic paper cutter accident. Suddenly, I was really grateful for my “tacticool” sights.

  • Jared A. Faber

    Seems like a nice little tool for people with who have lost the use of one of their hands, (either through accidents like Tim Farmer, people who have suffered strokes, or even individuals who have lower body injuries and need to use a cane to stand.) But for everyone else, what is the point? I could see for LE/MI there might be a use if they have acquire an injury or have a hand occupied, but adding another little device to get snagged on everything- heck, the thing is made by design to be snagged on stuff, seems a bit iffy.

    But hey, knowing the way my predictions go, this’ll become the best thing since sliced bread.

    • JSmath

      If you can understand why LE/MIL would need it, in case they acquire an injury, why wouldn’t someone at home or dropping into a gas station not need in under the same conditions?

      “Oh, hey, you shot or stabbed me in the arm. I’m not law enforcement or military, so you’re obligated to stop attacking me now.”

  • Ben

    I bet that it will get caught on every object that you don’t want it caught on, and not catch on anything when you want to actually use it.

    • Random Disabled Person

      Wouldn’t that fall more under Murphy’s law and rules of combat?

      • Ben

        Well yes. But Murphy can’t mess with an accessory that you don’t have. I am simply not a fan of adding more points of failure to my firearms.

  • Cymond

    I bought an inexpensive (blem) slide racker a while back. I leave it on the Glock because my wife says it’s easier, and that’s one of a few home defense guns around the house.

    I experienced significant muscle atrophy during a recent extended hospital stay. I can no longer rack my bedside XDM, but I can still work the Glock. The slide racker really help and the Glock’s standard recoil spring is slightly lighter than the XDM (2 pounds?).

  • john huscio

    The vp9 comes with these integral. Just seems like another aftermarket “me too!” For other makers (looks like glock and Smith & Wesson) and oh yay, punisher skull too!