Strike Industries EMP for Glock 42


Strike Industries announced the company is now shipping the Enhanced Magazine Plate (EMP) for the Glock 42 pistol. The EMP slides onto the bottom of a standard G42 magazine and gives the shooter a larger grip area. Additionally, the EMP allows the shooter to load an additional two rounds into the mag.

Although Strike Industries does not say, the EMP appears to use the factory magazine spring with this extension. Presumably, the company has extensively tested the design and is satisfied with its reliability.

The MSRP for the EMP is $11.95. It comes in black and has a texture similar to that of the G42.

Richard Johnson

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  • Jack

    Need one for my G43!! Very ergonomic design! Good job!

  • Not_a_Federal_Agent

    Extended magazines like that always sound like a good idea until you actually get to use them.

    There are a couple ways to do magazine extensions, but that isn’t it— or at least it would appear so. Who knows maybe it works fine but my initial impression says otherwise.

    An example that people may be more familiar with is the Beretta Nano magazines that are also part of your grip. When you go to reload it, the magazine does not drop out as it is pressed against your palm. The Walther PPS extended magazine is much more pleasant to use, as the frame of the gun extendeds further down the palm and the only thing to loosen up on a reload is your pinky. Same for Pearce grip extensions that are just a place to put your little finger rather than an extension of the backstrap.

    • Bob

      Glock does a factory two round extension for their 9mm double stacks with the factory spring and they work.