Man Stuffs AR-15 In His Pants

Is that an AR-15 in your pants or are you an idiot? The answer to that question is a resounding yes for this criminal. Alvarez went into a pawnshop. Allegedly stuffed an AK-47 down his pants. Changed his mind and put it back. Just so he could stuff an AR-15 down his pants.

First of all, any store that sells firearms should have their inventory locked down so it is not so easy to just grab them and stuff down one’s pants. All the gun stores I have been to, you have one on one time with a store employee so they are watching you and what you do with the firearm while you are looking at it.

Secondly near the end of the video, the judge mentions that the perp has an injunction in New York that does not allow him to possess firearms. I am not sure if that means he has a felony in NY but what a surprise. A criminal is stealing something he is not supposed to have.

Nicholas C

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  • flyingburgers

    >All the gun stores I have been to, you have one on one time with a store employee…

    You haven’t been to Cabela’s then

    • Grindstone50k

      Cabelas usually doesn’t have guns laying out in the open, either.

      • Southpaw89

        They do in Oregon with their used and surplus rifles, all handguns and new firearms remain behind a counter and the more valuable used guns behind glass but there is still a large number of firearms out in the open. I expect that some states have laws requiring all firearms to be kept behind a counter though.

      • Patrick R.

        They do in Texas.

      • Dan

        Both cabelas stores in south dakota do as does both Scheels

        • Dan

          And the majority of independently owned gun stores I’ve been to.

        • Mustascheo

          I miss Scheels…..

      • Mustascheo

        The Gander Mountain in my area has the long guns accessible. They are all cabled to the wall though. All of the firearm retailers in the location where I grew up had their long guns accessible too. No cables either. I think they trusted people though.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Truly a pioneer for concealed carry.

    • Menger40

      He really took “comforting, not comfortable” to next level.

      • StoictheVast

        His draw might be a little slow.

        • Paul Joly

          Well, it’s hard with a bipod, you know.

    • standordie

      might be an NFA violation though, everything is…

  • Don Ward

    Should have chosen a lever action like the Winchester 94. Flat and trim, they are the perfect weapon for sticking down your pant leg.

  • MR

    Sounds like he “redesigned” those firearms into unregistered AOWs, as per some of the Sig Brace letters.

  • M

    IIRC the beltway shooters shoplifted the AR they used

  • Agitator

    Florida Man strikes again.

    • superflex

      There’s something in the water down there.
      Makes people crazy stupid.

      • billyoblivion

        I am convinced that you see more crazy in places where you don’t *have* to make your electric and gas bills on time in order to survive.

        It’s a low bar to get over, but people in, for example, Chicago, HAVE To make their gas payments through at least the end of October or it gets cut off, and you freeze to death.

        In Florida, and in most of the populous parts of California you can live quite comfortably most of the year, and with a sweater and a blanket make it through all but the COLDEST of winters.

        Which means the extremes of crazy gravitate there where the livin is easy.

        • chicagowelfarefan

          well, chicago housing clients also get utility assistance.

          • billyoblivion

            Yes, and there’s a s*t ton of crazy there, in part because of that.

            Google “Marginal Utility”

        • Ken

          They don’t gravitate to FL, they’re born there. I know, I’ve lived in several cities in FL before getting the heck out to Kalirado.

          • billyoblivion

            I will admit to having limited experience in Florida–my father lived there for only a short while before dying, but the limited cray-cray I saw there was from non-natives.

            This doesn’t say you’re wrong–after all, sometimes the cray-cray keep it together long enough to breed, usually with other cray-cray, and the nuts, as it were, don’t fall far from the trees.

            However I lived in California for about 8 years, and while there was *some* native nuck-futtery, a lot of it was imported from places where if you behaved like that you died from exposure.

        • FourString

          If person eez stupid, person freeze to death, da?

          • billyoblivion

            In Chicago it is possible. In Wyoming it is likely. In LA? No.

      • Kdawg

        Although, he was smart enough to get out of NY.

  • Capt. Obvious

    Ouch, didn’t even remove the mag.

  • Rock or Something

    If only that AR had a folding stock, he would have truly gotten away with it.

  • randomswede

    It seams to me the question should be: Is that an AR-15 in your pants you idiot?
    That’s just me being a bit of a stickler for logic though.

  • Anomanom

    I dont know Nicholas, I’ve been in a number of stores that had weapons “on the floor” in displays. My local Cabelas being one of them. The guns on display on the floor are rifles and shotguns, generally unsuited to stuffing in one’s trousers, except for enterprising individuals like this gentleman.

  • ostiariusalpha

    Woo! Got a hot date tonight! When you want her to say, “Is that an AR in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?” Accept no substitute. He did go for ergonomics over reliability, must have felt pretty confident about not having any performance issues.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Only criminals will carry guns….in their pants.

  • Ripley

    The only solution is to legislate that no pants may be worn where firearms are present.

    • smartacus

      hahaha!!! good one!
      “Baby i don’t dance, not that i can’t, it’s the rifle in my pants”

    • Southpaw89

      Can’t conceal a firearm anymore, but everyone will see your “gun” 🙂

      • Ripley

        Remember it’s non-nfa under 16″ 😉

  • Andy T

    That’s why background check is important so that criminal like him has to steal it instead of just buying it easily and legally!

  • smartacus

    $25,000 bail???? That’s it??? Why Because he’s a New Yorker moved to Florida to spread the blue-state infection?

    Over a hundred guys in Waco right now facing $1Million bond each for the crime of being a biker till proven guilty of exercising their Freedom Of Assembly.

    -Thank God they found some related reason to deny him bond otherwise he would run like he did in the parking lot and never show up for sentencing.

    • iksnilol

      Considering it is Waco they got off easy. They could have been burnt to death if I know my geography correctly.

      • smartacus

        yep, they would’ve loved to.

  • An injunction in this case likely means he has a temporary or permanent injunction for protection related to a domestic violence allegation(s).

  • Anonymoose

    Looks like the sales associate just left it on the counter. Did he really not expect someone to grab a gun that he’s just left sitting there?

  • Dan

    Doesn’t this idiot realize the ATF has a program that gives guns to people who shouldn’t have them?

    • Keith Melton

      Also give Holder a call, he started the program, I’m sure he can hook you up.

  • Rooftop Voter

    The ultimate in “Mexican Carry.”

  • Jamie Clemons

    Everyone knows you don’t stuff it down your pants. You wear a long trench coat. Duh!

  • Guest

    Those are the new Travis Haley tactical pants.

  • J-

    You’d think it would be easier to break it down and conceal the upper and lower separately?

    • iksnilol

      Or just steal the upper and make a lower.

  • J-

    Because nobody else has posted it yet:

  • sako204

    After seeing the parking lot foot chase in this video, I’m wondering if maybe gun store owners should consider keeping a set of handcuffs on them as well. Get him cuffed first, then try to remove the firearm from his britches.

  • walter12

    Come on, this must be a joke. No one is that stupid, not even an illegal Mexican, or are they? The store must be wacko also.