Kade sent us this is a fantastic photo taken at the preciously the right moment to show both shells ejected high into the air. The shotgun in the photo is a Browning Citori over/under double barreled shotgun. He shoots with the top barrel fitted with a modified choke and the lower barrel with an improvised cylinder.  The photo was taken at Wasatch Wing & Clay, Cedar Fort, UT.


  • B T Webb

    Par for the course… only THIS site would refer to a shotgun choke as “improvised cylinder”… the stupid runs deep.

    • KestrelBike

      Damn now your whole weekend is just ruined! And you still haven’t gotten the grass stains out of your dress for the debutant ball, why mother will be simply furious!

      • Nashvone

        Thanks for the laugh. I came to this site to read about guns, not grade English essays. Who cares if spellcheck guessed wrong.

        • Budogunner

          They are supposedly firearms journalists, and they supposedly have an editor.

          People already think American gun owners are ignorant rednecks. I see nothing wrong with holding firearms authors to the same standard as other journalists. If anything, we need to be that much better to overcome the stereotype.

          • Dan

            So do you think those people who think we are all rednecks would know that improvised cylinder is wrong? I’m thinking probably not. People think the southern people are ignorant rednecks maybe they should all move north then?

          • Budogunner

            I know some people think a barrel shroud is a “shoulder thing that goes up.” I fail to see how ignorance on the part of others excuses lack of correctness within our community. That is a strange line of logic you are following.

            It isn’t just about the choke either. Read the first sentence. It doesn’t make sense. There are only 4 sentences in the article. Is hoping 4 sentences could free of errors really so extreme that those who are disappointed by the errors are made out to be jerks? We aren’t asking for much.

          • Dan

            I see your point to an extent i don’t think minor things as this are what foster peoples stereotypes of gun owners. We could all come out sounding like we are members of MENSA and they would then say we are all gun toting elitists who think we are above everyone else. I agree people who post/write articles should have a higher standard, and forgive me if I made you feel like a jerk. I have a habit of jumping on people for their criticism of things i feel are not a big deal. Something I should probably work on.
            I have given up trying to educate those who dislike guns and focus more on those who are curious. If a few sentences turn them away then I feel as though it was probably lost cause anyway. Again that is just my opinion and I may be wrong for thinking that way. So again my apologies for offending.

          • Budogunner

            No worries, the Internet makes it hard to judge tone via text so I may have been making more of things than was going on.

            I also see how it might seem strange to be super picky, particularly on the Internet. I always think back to the Clinton Ban and the AWBsunset forums. Those folks knew that most of America didn’t understand how insane the law was, so they worked hard to not only educate but set a positive, scholarly tone. When our freedoms are ever under attack, we must do our best to lead by example. A stereotype can be shattered by enough counter examples.

            For my part, I will own up to being very picky as of late. This has recently become one of my favorite blogs and it is so, so close to being exceptional. With just a little more effort, it could be a shining example of the law abiding firearms community, all while being free of politics. I suppose it is precisely because I believe it to be so close to something powerful that small misses here and there frustrate me so.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Presumably meant “improved cylinder choke”?

  • Carl Mumpower

    Dealing with so many barrels – I mean variables – mistakes are easy. Just like being a critic is easy. I love your sight – I mean site…

  • Not pictured: 300 shells on the floor from previous attempts to get the photo right.

    • Giolli Joker

      That’s what the white and blue drums are for.