Our old friend SMGLee, who helped me greatly back when I first started TFB, was helping Timothy Yan test the new Wolf Optics PSU 1x/4x variable zoom scope for an upcoming review on TFB. Tim reviewed a pre-production prototype of this scope last year.





  • Squirreltakular

    Awesome rifle, and can’t wait for the review!

  • Plumbiphilious

    Want a nice FAL so much… But DSA really cranked up the prices from what they used to be. I remember before Sandy Hook, their FALs went for what their baseline Voyager model does now?

    • jamesone

      DSA has consistently been around the 1500-2k range for a long time. You might be thinking about enterprise arms FALs as they were that cheap but had bad in house receivers and construction. Can still build one for ~900 if you find the right parts, but the rifle is definitely becoming more expensive as surplus parts run out.

  • Jolly

    Wow that’s a sweet looking FAL! I always wanted one of those. I really really want a H&K G3 😉

  • Old Fart

    I’ve always loved the FAL. A Tough Guy’s rifle, tested and true. So much history behind it. And you gotta love 308. Those really were the days….

  • st4

    I wish FNH would bring back the FAL and FNC. I already own most of their modern stuff.

    • Plumbiphilious

      I would totally love an FNC. It looks so light and handy. As well, aesthetically, it doesn’t have quite so much naked barrel like the SCAR 16.

      In fact, I wish they’d sell it as a “poor man’s SCAR” option. The operating principles are mostly the same, aside from some ergonomic and modern gun considerations, I believe?

      C’mon, FNH! Re-release the FNCs at the $1000-1400 mark so I can have one!

      • David

        No Kidding!

        AK action, AR ergos, FN build quality.

        Even though the Robinson Armament XCR is basically a modernized FNC… there’s just something about the FNC. I can’t account for it, but the FNC has always (even before Heat) been one of those cool uncommon weapons. I feel the same way about Valmets, Beretta AR-70/90s, Daewoos, and a few others. Uncommon guns that really should have been more popular because they shoot and handle great.

      • Stephen A

        The Swedish army “AK-5” is basically a licensed copy of the FNC.
        I’ve heard many things said about it, but “light and handy” esp. “light” isn’t one of them. 🙂 As a matter of fact it’s quite heavy for it’s size, it definitely punches below its weight class. Very reliable, but a bit of a pig when it comes to hauling it around, truth be told.

    • jamesone

      It would be awesome, but I would hate to see the production costs for them to either build new machinery for both rifles in the US or bring it in. Would cost a lot.

    • They still make the FNC. It never went away.

      • st4

        I meant a new civilian variant for the US market so I don’t have to pay close to 4 grand for a pre-ban.

        • Timothy G. Yan

          Just get a SCAR. It’s a modernized FNC with American design features.

          • st4

            Way ahead of ya. Decked out 17S. I want an FNC because of Heat, just without the Gunbroker prices.

      • Esh325

        FN doesn’t show the FNC on their website, just as they don’t show the FAL. So I’m pretty sure they don’t make them anymore. Now there are countries like Indonesia that make copies that still make them I believe.

        • FN makes them for the Belgian military according to the guys at the FN booth at SHOT.

          • Esh325

            Interesting. Didn’t know that. I wonder do they make them with rails now?

      • mechamaster

        Whoa, didn’t know that original FNC is still available.

        My country has a license to build the FNC derivative product ( Pindad SS1-series )

        But, some of them ( non spec-ops ver. ) has suffering a little bad quality control in stamped receiver steel-quality,

        and the barrel, some of them imported from Korea ( maybe from K2-derivative barrel ).

  • Cedar_92

    FN USA should make the FAL

    • Lance

      DSA that’s a US FAL maker.

      • Old Fart

        But they’re pretty much hit or miss nowadays. DAS QC has gone downhill these last couple of years. If you run into any problems they’ll take care of it though.

      • Cedar_92

        Yeah DSA are nice too, but having the FN name on it makes it more special I think.

  • Patrick M.

    Can someone explain to me what SMGLee does? Does he do T&E or something?

  • john huscio

    I like my FAL (imbel kit on enterprise receiver) but Im at the point where id rather sell/trade it ( and 500 rounds of milsurp 7.62×51) for a new carry pistol + a decent amount of 9mm…..

  • I wish FN would make a modernized fal like like other folks did for the M60 or a lot of other cold war era rifles

  • mechamaster

    FAL with forward-assist capable charging handle + bolt carrier, and ‘self-lubricating’ bolt carrier coating, and slightly loose tolerance = Win

  • Andy

    This weapon is simply awesome, It was our main battle rifle for well 35 years, ours was called the FN C1A1, and our “Squad auto weapon” was called the FN C2A1, I’m a former serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

  • Hank Seiter

    My first FAL was the Century Arms (wait … for … it … buwahahahaha!) inch pattern L1A1 with the pencil barrel and that little flip-up peep sight. Shortly after my next purchase was a kit gun bashed together with an Israeli “heavy-barrel” kit and an Imbel receiver. That creation turned out to be a sub-MOA performer topped with a Millett tactical Mil-Dot “side-focus” (parallax). Given the heavy-barrel’s previous pedigree as a “light squad automatic” little wonder the chamber was a bit on the loose side but the bore was pretty mint with sharp rifling. I used a “worn-out” RCBS .308 sizing die when loading for the heavy-barrel FAL and the combination seemed to work though I can’t easily chamber those 168 gr. Match rounds in my Remington 700 or Savage Model 10 with match chambers.

    But the real story was that Century Arms L1A1. Though I never gauged the bore, Century must have gotten it right at least with this one rifle. With my 61 year old Mark 1 eyeball over iron sights I can hit eight inch round steel targets at 300 meters five out of six times! The rifle feeds and ejects flawlessly, runs really smooth like an FAL should and is light enough to be a daily carry rifle. Of course it’s one big drawback, particularly with the muzzle-flash birdcage, it’s pretty darn long and not as handy, but one can certainly take the full ballistical advantage of the 7.62×51 cartridge.

    The L1A1 does seem to prefer 147-150 grain bullets has opposed to the 168s and 175s, and it’s 100 meter accuracy with 155 gr. Nosler Match is consistently in the 1.5 inch range whenever I am having a good day — 2 to 2.5 inches all day long and any flyers will always be my eyeball’s fault over iron sights. It’s one of those “fun guns” and I should be shooting it more than I do, but then having too many toys will do that sometimes.

  • Raptor Krav Maga

    I do like FAL a lot, was our service rifle back then when I was in the army long time ago.We were using three variants ,the standard ,the Para and one with a heavier barrel and bipod The only weak point I can recall is the magazines they were metallic, heavy and “noisy”. Otherwise FAL is a hard hitting gun.

  • Robert Harper

    So I’ve read the comments and people are looking for a more modern FAL, so here you go. Yes, there is an Elcan on it and yes, it’s a great combo!