Comp-Tac Infidel Max


The Infidel Max is the latest inside the waistband holster from Comp-Tac. The new concealed carry rig has an adjustable cant that allows the owner to comfortably carry in more positions.

According to Comp-Tac, the rig can be adjusted for a forward 15˚ cant, a neutral cant (straight up) or for a rearward 15˚ cant. This should allow shooters to use the same carry rig for behind the hip and appendix carry without the annoyance of the wrong cant in the wrong location. This should also increase the ability of the shooter to carry this in a crossdraw position if desired.

The MSRP on these holsters is $69.99.

Richard Johnson

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  • USMC03Vet

    Is the minimalist IWB holster the new hot thing? Been seeing more and more of these lately. Are these comfortable at all? They don’t look like they are.

    • David W.

      They are pretty sweet. I’ve never used this new one, but I’ve run the regular infidel here and there for a couple of years and love it.

    • Somedood

      I’ve used the infidel over a few platforms (couple sigs, couple glocks) for several years (3?). It works great. I love the split clip that allows it to go over a belt loop if necessary. I also like that you can get caliber specific glock ones that will fit all your pistols of the same caliber; 26,19,17 all fit in the one that a 40 and 357 will. I have to disarm for work, and this holster makes it easy in the car. Retention is good, and it’s held up great to my use. It’s my go to holster if I’m buying something new for a new pistol. 2 thumbs up.

    • Dan Atwater

      Not sure what you mean by minimalist. Outside of “hybrid” style holsters, is there anything less “minimalist” than this?

      As for comfort, all-kydex IWB holsters can be comfortable enough if they’re shaped properly. If there are no sharp edges or poky bits they’re every bit as comfortable as leather, IME.

  • nirvana

    yeaaaah- calling something “Infidel” makes it cooool man- dig it.

  • iHAL

    Ah yes, the grand tradition of the gun community embracing cultural diversity

  • myndbender

    I have a blade tech nano that might be considered mimalist, but I LOVE it! When I hear minimalist, I think of some type of MIC/trigger guard cover type rig.The Nano is very comfortable, & has adjustable retention & cant. It has double snap loops & is made of a slightly thinner kydex that still holds its shape. It also has a mid ride sweat guard & b/c of thinner kydex it’s thin enough, even with a Glock, that you don’t have to move up a waist size to wear it. It’s also half the price of this holster.