Wilson Combat Rapid Thread Muzzle Brake Blast Diverter

Just when you think you’ve seen all the AR muzzle blast diveters on the market you stumble upon another one, this time from Wilson Combat. Their Rapid Thread Muzzle Brake Blast Diverter is similar to many of the others we’ve covered, it actually looks a little like the Gemtech Blast Jacket and Kineti-Tech Sound Directors. It attaches to Wilson Combat’s muzzle brakes and suppressor attachments and directs the blast forward and away from the shooter. It’s made out of 4140 carbon steel and has a black melonite finish. It retails for $64.95 over at Shopwilsoncombat.com.

The Rapid Thread Muzzle Brake Blast Diverter is a useful accessory for your AR rifles that are equipped with a Wilson Combat Rapid Thread Muzzle Brake/ Whisper Suppressor attachment.

The Blast Diverter simply screws on to the brake’s external threads and directs noise and blast in front of and away from the shooter. This is a handy item to have when you want to minimize the concussion of muzzle blast to yourself and those around you. The rugged Melonited carbon steel construction will hold up to heavy use.

There are no NFA restrictions to owning this device.

4140 Carbon steel
Black Melonite Finish
1.15″ OD, 2.22″ OAL
Metric 24 x 1.5mm internal thread pitch



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  • Dan

    $64.95? We talking about the same wilson combat here? I just kittens

  • Batouman

    Interesting, only about a 1/4 inch of the device sticks out past the muzzle. It would be cool to see a head to head shoot out on who makes the best linear-comp-blast-mitigator-directional-muzzle-device-doodad.

  • Bill

    I’m going to get every muzzle attachment I can find, weld them into one column just to see how high it gets, and auction it as abstract art.

    This one actually makes sense- if you are in front of the muzzle when I’m shooting I WANT you to hear a loud noise. Very briefly.

    I could go to their webpage, but it attaches to their brake, and isn’t a stand-alone device?

  • Budogunner

    Muzzle break covers, eh? I wonder how this would compare to a standard, crowned barrel.