JC decided it was now or never to build the AR pistol of his dreams. He wrote …

I have twins due in September, so this was my last chance to build a gun to my specs. Here is the build sheet:

Spikes Tactical upper
Odin Works 300BLK 10.5 barrel (-local, Boise company)
Odin Works 9.5 KMod handguard
Rock River Arms chrome lined BCG (solved FTE issues)
JP Enterprises muzzle brake (- thing is beefy)
Odin Works milled Alum KMod hand stop(friggin work of art)
Odin Works low pro adjustable gas block
Vortex Viper PST 1-4x MRAD
Burris one piece mount
MGM throw lever( – local company)
BCM gunfighter Charging handle


Spikes Tactical lower
Odin works extended mag release (XMR- highly recommend)
Seekins Precision trigger guard (solved problem of rough edges where lower reciever-pistol grip-trigger guard met up, which was causing chaffing issues on middle finger knuckle)

Seekins Precision ambi 60 deg throw Safety selector(must have)
Hiperfire trigger 4.5lbs (great budget trig)
VTAC 2 point sling
Magpul K pistol grip (steeper grip angle for comfort)
Odin Works buffer tube with adjustment collar
Sig Sauer pistol brace


JC, It looks great.ย And best of luck for September. Get some sleep while you still can!


  • Jack Morris

    It will be perfect after a couple tax stamps…

    • JQPub

      He only needs one…

      • Gregory Markle

        I think he’s suggesting an SBR and suppressor…I currently have Form 4s out for both for the 300BLK build I’m working on. That build is pretty much a response to the SIG brace issue that cropped up after I did the .223 Wylde build below, although I personally think the ATF will get their ass handed to them if the SIG brace issue hits the courts.

        • JQPub

          Ahh ok yeah, wasn’t thinking about the can too. It’s one thing at a time for me, just for financial reasons. After I get my stamp, I’ll start looking at suppressors…

        • Jack Morris

          This guy gets it. A silenced SBR 300BLK, has got to be the coolest damn AR configuration available.

          • Gregory Markle

            Should be together to shoot by 4th of July weekend, the nice thing is that my buddy is an 07FFL so even though the approvals won’t be through I’ll get to shoot it and see if everything works the way I want it too. Trying out an Adams Arms XLP pistol system on it with a JP captured spring buffer to reduce operating noise…not sure if it’s all going to cooperate! Really want to get the piston conversion to work since it allows me to shut the gas off altogether and charge manually.

            He claims they couldn’t get the AA piston to work reliably but I think it was because he was shooting the Gemtech 187gr rounds with an 8″ barrel, I plan on sticking with 220gr rounds and have a 10 1/2″ barrel both of which I think will provide the extra “oomph” to make things work!

          • Jack Morris

            I hope it works out for you! Nothing’s more frustrating than a finnicky rifle build. Sounds awesome!

          • JQPub

            Man, that’s VERY interesting.. and cool! I was eyeing up the new Adams Arms XLP EVO 300 Blk Pistol (to make an SBR out of it), but the ONE review I could find confirmed by concern that you can’t adjust the gas block without taking off the entire FF Evo Rail. Apparently they were going to address that somehow, but I haven’t seen any new model/forearm yet. What rail (forearm) are you going to run on this build? fwiw – I’m running a JP captured spring on my AAC MPW 9′ and it works like a charm. Didn’t need to adjust it at all. Nice and quiet (ie – no sproing). But haven’t gotten a can for it yet, so really mostly running supers. I of course also have the itch for a piston 300 BLK shortie, and am keeping my eye on the MCX, but hearing issues that apparently no one wants to talk about openly with the first batch that went out (you can find on the sig forum if you do some searching)

          • Kochnekov

            You can accomplish the same thing with one tax stamp. Create an integral suppressor by pinning & welding as a permanent muzzle device (ex. 10″ barrel + 6″ can = 16″ barrel). Then you can use that registered upper on any unregistered lower. $200<$400

            The bad thing about this setup is it ain't an SBR lower, and you can't take off the suppressor.

            Maybe the extra $200 would be worth the convenience, idk.

  • Budogunner

    How does the ATF feel about angled foregrips on pistols?

    • JQPub

      They are absolutely fine with an AFG. Google it. They however are not fine with that thing so much as brushing a shoulder. I pretty much built the same thing (but AAC/300 Blk) and ended up pulling off the Shrodinger Brace (SB), starting a trust and e-filing for a Tax Stamp.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        So its illegal to put the gun to your shoulder?

        • JQPub

          Not sure if you are serious. “illegal” is not the correct term. It is however against the (schizo) ATF’s latest opinion, which would then (if prosecuted and found guilty) result in up to 10 years in the kilnk, 10k in fines and loss of all firearm rights for life. So the question then is: Do you want to be the first one ‘they’ decide to prosecute for it?

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Well I’m no lawyer but anything that can get you locked up for ten years with a ten grand fine meets my definition of “illegal”.

          • anon

            good thing your not a lawyer then…

          • JQPub

            Good call. I too have come to the same conclusion.

    • Porty1119

      Now, I may be wrong on this, but I believe that if the overall length of an AR pistol exceeds 26 inches, it is a “firearm” and not a pistol, and any kind of foregrip (including vertical) does not make the firearm in question an NFA item.

      IANAL; YMMV.

      • JC

        I contacted two local NFA Class III and they echoed what I have been told. 26″ OA from barrel to butt allows for VFG, AR pistol good to go on AFG’s (although the chunk of Al in question is a “handstop”) even under 26″. I’ll contact Odin Works tomorrow to further clarify on their KMod Handstop and hit up the ATF contacts I was given if absolutely need be.

  • Lance

    With that muzzle brake, at least it guaranteed to blow your ear drum out. LOL

    • AlDeLarge

      It’s not that bad for the shooter, but everyone else at the range had something to say about it.

  • Duray

    I believe that’s the K2 grip, not the K. The Magpul K has no backstrap or storage plug. I just put one on my own blackout pistol last week.

    • JC

      Thanks for the correction. Packaging tends to get tossed after install!

    • Dan Atwater

      It’s actually the SL grip, not the K2 ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Duray

        Ah. Well I knew it wasn’t a K!

  • Sixshot6

    one question, your scope is a viper PST MRAD. Does it have the same adjustment as the MOA version. Is it as good as the MOA version?
    I have plans for a AR15 project but I’m waiting as a system that is potentially both UK legal as well as US Ban states (ala CT, NY and CA) is being made and allows something akin to semi auto option but with all the features (the main interest for me is the near semi auto option, something I can’t have in the UK). So please either talk me into the MRAD or into the MOA version please?

  • gb7

    Can someone explain this fad with SBRish ARs?

    • David Sharpe

      They are small but still pack a punch.

    • 360_AD

      It all started with ATF’s first letter to Sig regarding shouldering of the brace. With its position on the matter at the time, it opened the flood gates of those who’d like the portability and compactness of SBRs, but are unwilling to go through the NFA process (and be registered in the Feds’ books). Since the ATF later said the brace can’t be shouldered without going through the SBR/NFA process, there’s been a great number of people (of the pro 2A mind) who think the ruling is ridiculous and are privately defying it.

      Why SBR? because it makes for a smaller and more importantly lighter AR that can still reach out and touch someone (just not as accurate or hard hitting at longer distances… distances at which most engagements are not likely to occur).

      You may say the AR is already light, why would lighter make it any better? Try hiking 20 miles with a 70 lb backpack and 16″ AR, then try the same with a 10″ AR and tell me which left you feeling less tired.

      That is the appeal of these unofficial SBRs.

  • James

    Congratulations on the twins! My wife and I brought home our twin baby girls on Christmas day. You shouldn’t look at it as “now or never”, but rather, a justification to build MORE guns. I’ve made it my mission to slowly build 3 AR’s over time so that I can hand them down to my daughters when they are old enough. While my daughters will have plenty of guns to inherit whenever I pass, I want to make sure they each have at least 1 AR that daddy built for them.

  • JQPub

    Damn. Good info. Thanks GM. Yeah, really just need one of the keymod/MLOK/vent holes to be expanded a bit to get an adjustment tool on it….