CMC 3.5lb Single Stage Drop in Trigger for AR-15

The Daily Shooter has reviewed the pre-assembled drop-in trigger for AR-15 lower receivers. He reviews the single-stage 3.5 lbs version, it is also available in 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5 lbs version with either a curved trigger blade or a straight targer-style trigger. The recommended retail price for these is $196, but you get buy them for less than $170 if you do some Googleing.

I have been considering getting one of these triggers. Either thisĀ or the Timney AR-15 Competition trigger.

Steve Johnson

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  • RGary Driggers

    I have really had great results with my Wilson Combat TTU and 3G triggers. Crisp and light at 3.5 lbs.

  • Zach

    But do they require set screws to stay in place?? Those darned screws take away any benefit of a drop in trigger.

    • Mack

      No they come with anti walk pins. So no they don’t require set screws like the Timney or ELF. But the anti walk pins have small screws that keep them in place.

    • Marcus D.

      You don’t have to use the set screws, but they keep your pins from walking without buying an anti-walk pin set. And they keep the trigger group from wiggling around in the receiver, if you have that problem. Its not like you are going to be swapping your triggers around among your lowers, is it?

  • Mack

    Excellent triggers. I have two personally: 3.5lb Straight and 1 set 3 release two stage curved. Both are great at there price range. I have sold 5 since the beginning of the year, all have loved them specially at the 165 of the 3.5 straight.

    I have used ELF, Timney, Jard, Rock River, Gieselle, Wilson Combat, and POF. My Trigger Rank would go

    1 Elftmann
    2 CMC
    2a Timney
    2b Gieselle
    2c POF
    3 Rock River (Best bang for buck two stage)
    4 Wilson Combat (Good Trigger but the price knocks it way down)
    5 Jard (only used single non adjustable, not worth 100 dollars)

  • SCW

    Why should this cost $200?

  • Spencerhut

    I have grown to hate all these drop in magic box triggers. All the Wilson, CMC etc have all been passed on or reside in guns I don’t care about. All the Geissele’s have performed flawlessly, we have a dozen or so in personal guns and have sold 100’s. Never had a single complaint. Well some bitch about cost, but not after they use the trigger.

    • SCW

      I recently shot my cousins Daniel Defense AR that has a Geissele trigger in it. It was good, but it ain’t $300 good. Is there a reason that they cost so much or is it just a massive markup based on a name?

      • Spencerhut

        While Geissele triggers are no more complicated than a standard GI trigger, they will provide the best trigger pull available and work exactly as designed forever, or until your gun falls apart around it. They didn’t redesign the wheel, they just make as well as it can be made. If the price is too high for you, get something cheaper.

  • Marcus D.

    What about the $135 (or less) Velocity?