UK Army’s 105mm Light Gun

While on my trip in the UK, I came across the L118 Light Gun. It is a 105mm caliber howitzer. In Liverpool, Army Recruiters had one on display.

IMG_2681 IMG_2682

According to the info sheet above:

The versatile 105mm Light Gun is towed by a medium-weight vehicle. It can also be carried around the battlefield underneath a variety of helicopters.

The system is fitted with an Automatic Pointing System (APS), which enables the gun to be made ready for action in 30 seconds. APS is based on an inertial navigation system and operated via touch screen.


I saw the 105mm Light Gun again at the Edinburgh Castle, in Scotland. It is more commonly known as the One O’Clock Gun. They use a blank cartridge and fire the blank everyday, except Sundays, at exactly one o’clock. It is said that residents and sailors would set their clocks to it.


Here a soldier prepares the cannon. He uncovers the muzzle and uncorks it.



Here is a video I shot of the soldier firing the One O’clock gun.


Here is a screen cap from my video above. You can see the muzzle flash and the compensator venting the gasses to the sides.

105mm Light Gun



Here is the soldier and the 4.1 inch wide casing.

105mm Light Gun 2

105mm Light Gun 3


Edinburgh Castle also had a 25 pounder on display.

DSC_0191 DSC_0192


IMG_3048  IMG_3050
Here is a photo I took down the muzzle of the 25 pounder.

25 pounder 1


Here is a photo of the chamber of the 25 pounder.25 pounder 2

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  • BattleshipGrey

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I recently got back from Ireland and had hoped to see some aspect of their military, but I didn’t see any. I did catch some emergency vehicles in action though.

    What do they do with the empty shell after 1 o’clock?

    • Nicholas Chen

      They probably reload it. Or have someone do it for them.

    • Nicholas Chen

      I thought the same. I would like to make one into a beer mug. Lol

      • SP mclaughlin

        My brother has a shot glass made from a 30mm M230 shell.

  • SwissFreek

    Very similar to our (US) M119 (which is actually a variant of the L118 with slightly different ammo and a shorter barrel). Good weapon when you need to be highly mobile.

    • Ron

      The barrel was changed to allow the usage of than standard HE ammo, which the US had millions of rounds in stores at the time.
      The cost was a signficant loss in range compared to the more modern ammo.

  • forrest1985

    Hope you enjoyed your trip. Apologies that they were probably the only firearms you got to see though!

  • Ethan

    Do you even Compensate, bro?
    Seriously though, that is an amazing system.

  • Ben

    Not to be that guy, but its “British Army” not “UK Army”.

    At least you didn’t call it the “Royal Army” this time. Progress!

    • Nicholas Chen

      Is it really called British Army? Even though the Scottish use it too?

      • Mr Mxyzptlk

        Scotland is part of Britain, despite some peoples best efforts. Pretty much the way it works is that England, Wales and Scotland are countries that are part of Great Britain, and the UK also include Northern Ireland (full name of the UK is “The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”) so if anyone has a right to be miffed it would be the Northern Irish. Britain is pretty much universally accepted as short hand for the UK though anyway so it isn’t really an issue.

        Bear in mind these distinctions are the political ones rather than geographic. In that context “Great Britain” is simply the main island not including any of the thousands of small islands that surround it, while the term “British Isles” refers to everything including the Republic of Ireland.

      • kyphe

        Yes Scots are Brits and there is no Queen of England! That title disappeared in 1707 with the act of union.

  • Jeffrey Scott Boyer

    If you want to see some great weapons go to the Tower of London. Everything from Henry the 8th’s armour to Brown Bess muskets. Great trip

  • Colin

    Blimey the USA actually got a non USA gun .Miracle ? .But then you mucked it all up by using a different short range ammo PIONTLESS .Can’t leave the right stuff alone .em2 -mauser27 mm.You had your chance but no it has to be USA product……

  • cheekucai

    Interestingly, the russians developed the 2B16 Nona-k that used 120mm mortar rounds with quite a useful distance (comparable to 105mm Oto Melara). A few were filmed in action somewhere in ukraine, belching flames on both ends.
    Does 105mm artillery really has that much advantage over mortar howitzer?

    • Ron

      Mortars are less accurate than howitzers for a given range, they also have longer times of flight, higher angles of fire (making airspace coordination harder) and are impacted by met effects worse than guns.

      They do have better throw weight ratios and honestly the biggest advantage are normally owned by the maneuver forces, so much of the cross command coordination to use them is eliminated. Because of their organic ownership, what I have noticed through the years as a fire supporter is that mistakes that would get Artillerymen fired are just excused as mortars being mortars.

    • Kivaari

      Range. That long tube throws a bigger projectile. Our 4.2 inch rifled mortar fired the same basic projectile as the then current 105mm howitzer. The Army added the propellant to the base of the round. It just could not get the reach of the howitzers.

  • Scrumward bound

    My grandfather was in charge of a battery of 25 pounders in the TA in the 50s and 60s. They could fire them fast enough that at the maximum range they could fire eight times, before the first shell landed. That impressed me, anyway.

  • ghost

    Whoever figured out that ranging cone had to a pure genius.