Black Dawn Armory AR in .243 Win

Black Dawn

Black Dawn Armory will begin selling an AR-style rifle chambered for the .243 Win round on May 29. It is called the BDR-243-22W. According to the company, this rifle is suitable for both hunting and long range shooting.

The guns have a 22″ partially fluted barrel. Black Dawn uses a 15″ KeyMod handguard that is free floated. An adjustable gas block allows for precise tuning of the gun to the ammo.


The rifles also have the following features:

  • nickel boron coated bolt carrier group
  • the Quality Mil-Spec trigger from ALG Defense
  • a billet aluminum charging handle with a Badger Ordnance latch

Black Dawn offers a lifetime warranty on these rifles. The suggested retail price is $1,999.99.

From Black Dawn

Black Dawn is proud to release its newest line of rifles chambers in .308, .243, .260 and 6.5. The BDR-10 line comes standard with many features that most would have to pay extra for or add themselves. With the end user in mind we wanted you to have the opportunity to purchase a rifle that would be ready right out of the box, add you favorite optic and hit the range. We also have a full custom shop and will work with you to build a rifle of your dreams.

Featured model: BDR-308-18ZKL with added Sightmark scope, LMT stock and bipod are not included in base model.
Retail: $1,999.99
18” stainless barrel
15” free float Keymod
Nickel Boron BCG
Billet Charging Handle with Badger Latch
Adjustable gas block
Magpul fixed MOE stock
ALG QMS trigger
Enhanced trigger guard
Ergo Grip
Patriot Case – with foam cut outs
Lifetime Warranty


Phil Note: We have one coming for review.

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  • HenryV

    Wow. Hope it works well.

  • kregano

    Man, it sucks that .243 ARs are so expensive. My old man was looking for one for a while, but the lack of availability made him start looking at .308 and .300 BLK ARs.

  • Blake

    New products in any 6mm caliber are good news :-).

  • sam

    7mm-08 with 26″ pipe plz.

    • Matthew

      You read my mind. I already have a buddy working on a 7mm-08…Choice is good, but they’re just too damn similar to go down some more to a .243. Unless you’re hunting small game @ big distances, this huge rifle is worthless & you should have went with an AR15 alternative round…

      • sam

        Yeah, seems just right to me for an auto rifle; sportier than the basic 308 but still moderate capacity/bore. Ammo supply pretty stable.