Windham Weaponry 300 BLK Pistol

Windham Weaponry 300 BLK

Windham Weaponry announced the company is now making an AR-style pistol chambered for 300 BLK.

The new gas impingement pistols come with a 9″ medium profile barrel that is chrome lined and is terminated with an A2-style flash hider. The barrel has a 1:7″ twist. Uppers and lowers are forged 7075 T6 aluminum.

The handguard is free floated and has an integral QD sling swivel included. The buffer tube also has a QD endplate with a sling swivel. Windham Weaponry uses a Hogue pistol grip on this gun.

Overall, the gun weighs 4.85 pounds (unloaded) and measures 24.75″ long. The suggested retail price of the pistol is $1,160.

Richard Johnson

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    So whats the deal with these things?
    As long as they don’t have a stock you don’t have to register as an SBR and get a stamp?

    • Cal S.

      Yes, actually. Because it qualifies as a pistol, there is no tax stamp needed. Just don’t go putting a “Shoulder thingy that goes up” on it and you’ll be alright.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Ill pass.
        Sounds like a combo of a too short to be useful rifle and a too long to be useful pistol.

        • hikerguy

          I’m not the brightest bulb in in the box. I just don’t get the concept.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Nor do I.
            Seems like an extremely annoying gun to try to shoot from any other position than from the hip which makes it pretty much useless.

          • Mike Troxell

            I use mine as a truck gun. Sorry to hear you cant figure out how to implement the weapon.

        • Cal S.

          I used to think the same thing until I looked under the surface. Look at it this way: it’s a compact weapon that uses 30-round (or more) magazines and can hit man-sized targets out to 150 yards. It can do these things because of higher performance cartridges and the fact that it can be held with two hands (though not officially, yet in a way that stabilizes it better than a regular handgun). Applications for this would be truck guns or camping guns.

          I’d adopt this platform in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the fact I’d have to register firearms that I officially don’t admit to possess. Not to mention being a terrible cheapskate and not wanting to fork over $200 for a piece of paper.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Hey whatever yanks your crank.
            It just looks annoying to shoot.

          • Mike Troxell

            I can hit 400 yards all day with my AR pistol.

        • Jeff Smith

          I’ve read that a shorter barrel (less than 16″) works best with 300 BO due to some of the subsonic loads going supersonic due to the added length in a 16″ barrel. If you are going to be using a suppressor, a shorter barrel gives you the ability to keep your subsonic rounds subsonic and you only lose a few hundred FPS with supersonic rounds.

      • RICH

        According to the last BATF&E letter I read you can use a ‘pistol buffer tube’ as a cheek weld……. as long as you don’t put it against your shoulder! ! WTF difference does it make ??? duh… !

      • RICH

        It’s still way too big to be crammed down the front of your pants and be concealed….. ! ! ! LOL

  • iksnilol

    Doesn’t seem to shabby in regards to use. Just stick the buffer tube in your shoulder pocket and mount a red dot on it. Would be suboptimal but should be able to get you out to a couple of hundred meters.

    • MR

      Shhh….next they’ll be outlawing the “cheek padding” on the buffer tube (in the U.S.). In the past, I’ve just held my AR pistols out infront of me like a normal pistol. Slightly heavy, but not too bad with two hands, plenty steady. Recent letters, however, have indicated that the ATF feels that handguns are meant to be operated strictly with one hand, and two-handed operation magically “redesigns” them into unregistered AOWs. This leaves me with some strength training to do to maintain a rock steady one-handed grip on my AR pistol.

      Sure, the ATF isn’t really likely to prosecute anyone who simply fires a handgun while holding it with two hands, but I don’t want to be the test case.

      • iksnilol

        The cheek padding is legit though. I have seen crossbows with a cheek rest but not a stock (looks like a really short stock only good enough to rest your cheek on).

      • Cymond

        An AOW for using 2 hands? Source or I call BS.

        There was the Sig brace debacle that said a pistol with atm brace becomes a SBR if the brace is used like a stock. Is that what you’re thinking of?