D T wrote …

This is my wife shooting a precision rifle for the first time, she is shooting 12″ steel plates at 300,400 yards and clay pigeons between 100-200 yards. the rifle she is using is a Custom Remington 700 .223 from Roger’s Rifles with a AAC M4-1000 silencer, Leupold VX-3 6×18 and Harris bipod. I am spotting for her on a Remington SR-25 .308, Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16×44 mrad, Harris bipod. Colt 6920 in foreground. BTW she only missed twice with that setup all afternoon and has a new favorite.

Looks like good fun!



  • Swarf

    Second funnest thing a couple can do on a blanket. Good deal.

  • Jeff Heeszel

    The big question is, will there be a second time?

  • kirk_freeman

    Was it your first time too?

    • MR

      The “tippy-toes” position of the feet really improves stability. Almost as good as kicking one foot over, and dangling it in the air… I’m just joshing ya, looks like a fun time. 😉

      • Bill

        Teaching her right from the beginning would be good. A proper prone would be good start for both. While we joke around about it improper placement of feet can throw off your follow ups at the minimum.

  • fltactical .

    Like the use of the 223 for her.. nice set up

  • Just Sayin’

    Note he’s wearing the protection for both of them (eye protection that is).

    • Jeff Heeszel

      Whew, glad someone noticed that. I feel safer now.

  • RICH

    A great way to spend a weekend with the family ! !
    Where’s her ‘eyes’ at and hopefully the suppressor is quiet enough so neither of them get hearing damage. Enjoy but remember…. ‘SAFETY FIRST’

  • Herr Wolf

    nothin’ like a thick, round MILF a##

  • Unlike the four rules, eye and ear protection is the choice of the shooter and doesn’t impact the safety of others. As such… their business, their prerogative.