Alan sent us a photo of his every day carry (EDC).

M&P Shield 40 (Stealth Gear Onxy)
XS Big Dots
Apex Tactical Duty/Carry Action Enhancement Trigger and Kit
Spare 7 round magazine (Snagmag)
2x 8 round Quickstrips
Streamlight ProTac 2L
SOG Spec Elite I
W.R. Case Moose
Leatherman Super Tool 300

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  • Martin Grønsdal

    Why? Is Alan a police officer?

    • Matt L.

      You must be new here.

      • Martin Grønsdal


        • Matt L.

          Assuming that only a cop would carry that much stuff, amigo. This is how we do things here in the US of A (although even I would say this particular EDC set is kind of goofy).

          • Martin Grønsdal

            I think USA is slightly more diverse than that.

      • KestrelBike


        • Martin Grønsdal

          Well, yes. Scandinavian. And for me, therefore, America is both the south and north, east and west.

          All my American friends, and they are educated professionals, would smirk at the idea of carrying this, unless during police duty. They would probably think ‘redneck idiot’, and while I don’t want to insult the owner of the pistol, you sort off get it?

          So, as you pointed out, I am Scandinavian. We don’t have concealed carry. Alabama does. The northeast in America, however, prefers Ivy League universities over this. What is more America – CC or Ivy League?

          • KestrelBike

            I dunno, as a Scandinavian, why don’t you tell us?

            Turns out guys, we’ve been living a lie! Barry and his Harvard degree have the true measure on what it is to be American, we better go turn in our guns!

          • Martin Grønsdal

            Why should you turn in your gun?

          • DIR911911 .

            most of the readers here that are americans have concealed carry permits and a basic set of things they leave the house with, although this one is a bit baffling to most of us here. I’m a delivery driver and carry everyday but find no need for two flashlights , three knives , and enough ammo for a police standoff.

          • Martin Grønsdal

            That is one point. This is obviously too much.

            The other point must be that if a normal person walking down the street needs a pistol, then there is something wrong with the street?

          • Matt L.

            First, for the average American who’s not a violent felon involved in the drug trade, the street here are as safe as for the average European (who is similarly not engaged in criminal enterprises, of course).

            Second, it’s an odd affliction, conflating doing a thing with needing a thing. I carry a phone not because I feel some “need” to but because I choose to– it comes in handy quite often, so why not?

            I carry a knife not because I feel some “need” to but because I choose to. It comes in handy often, so why not?

            I carry a pistol not because I feel some “need” to but because I choose to. Thankfully, it has never come in handy yet… but I’ve come uncomfortably close to that point before. And the only thing more uncomfortable would be not having it there to call upon. So why not?

          • Martin Grønsdal

            European streets are not always safe either, depends where you are and who you are.

            But according to your logics you could drive a MBT, because that one day you could need it?

            In general I’m not against the idea of CC, but for practical reasons: how do you move around with a gun? Can you go to the mall?

            Also, a knife could be a small leatherman, or a Bowie. A flashlight could be my keyring thingie, or a foot long maglight. You could have a CC pistol, or that pile of gear.

            Remember, Ivy League graduates smirking at this CC kit are the future Supreme Court judges interpreting law. They may look back at some weird CC kit and think that it better not be for everyone.

          • Jon

            You will never understand what it is to be an American my friend. Let me share the difference between you(Europeans) and us, Americans. In America rights are granted to the government by the people to govern. In Europe right are granted to the people by the government. Most people who d not understand this fact like to say our systems of government are alike but they are really vastly different .

          • Martin Grønsdal

            How does that translate to anything?

          • Jon

            My point has been made, you do not understand what it means to be American verses a European!!!!

          • Martin Grønsdal

            hmm, and that somehow becomes an issue in being forced to carry an insane amount of gear to be safe? if America, the land of the free, is so dangerous that you need to arm yourself to the teeth – then are you really free?

            comeon, at least Matt. L’s comments were intelligent.

          • Jon

            Freedom is not free. A great many Americans have shed their blood for our freedom we enjoy. Americans are responsible for their own security it is not the responsibility of the government unlike in Europe. Ben Franklin said “He who trade their freedom for security deserves neither!!! Furthermore our own Supreme Court has rule it is not the responsibility of the government to protect us. As far a Matt L.’s comment ” you must be new here” he was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but that has since passed.

          • Martin Grønsdal

            your idea of Europe is painfully narrow minded. That is one thing.

            the other is – that if your gvt doesn’t protect you, why does it bother to finanse police forces and other institutions? isn’t that be pointless?

            and I still can’t see how you comments influence the fact that the photo portrays an unnecessary amount of gear.

          • Sianmink

            Enforcing laws is important, but it’s not protection.

            Those of us who carry do so because a police officer is too heavy. Even in the best case a police response is a few minutes away, and the government has no right to force us to be defenseless in such a situation.

            And I carry a lot of gear, but some of what’s in that pic (speed strips, redundant knives, two lights, no phone?) is odd and excessive, much like your references to ivy league schools.

          • AlanHan

            Martin, your view of the ‘ivy league’ is a bit remote from its reality. You also have a view of New England which imagines it covered with nothing but Ivy League campuses. Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine have some of the most relaxed (2nd Am. respecting) firearm laws in the U.S.

            As for the supreme court justices bit, even Justice Kagan can shoot a duck. Guns are becoming more, not less, popular amoung Ivy League types, but quietly.

            It’s nice you take an interest. The wife and I live in the eastern US, have Ivy League and similar degrees, and have a small farm east of Stockholm. I can safely say the Swedish upper classes love guns: It would be difficult for a man to fit in without a jakt kort and a moose rifle.

          • Martin Grønsdal

            The discussion became black and white. I used Ivy League and CC as two different examples of what path one may choose. And I purposely generalised everything up make the example.

            While I am a gun owner myself, and while I know Scandinavians own more guns products capita than most others, I find that CC kit in the photo as not very useful to portray the picture of a gun owner as a responsible person.

            My other point is your constitution. Unfortunately for people who shout 2nd amendment at any attempt to change any gun law, it is the boys and girls from the Ivy League, or other top universities, that will be in the courts, or law firms, interpreting the 2nd as they want. And they will be from a background where this CC kit is looked upon as the example of why 2nd should be interpreted more narrow. Law is law, it is not more what supreme court days it it. What is my point?

            Most CC advocates won’t be in a position of influence to fight for their ‘rights’. Why these provocations?

            Also, I think this guy need to include an axe in his kit. Who knows when tree falls down…

          • Matt L.

            I’m glad the “educated professional” friends that I have aren’t as condescending as yours, then. And incidentally, most of them carry guns. Charming attempt at the honor-by-association fallacy there, though.

            Nice little false choice in the last paragraph there, too. What is more America– baseball or apple pie? The flag or the bald eagle? Why the or? The Ivy League is a wonderful and quintessentially American thing, and so is concealed carry– even in the northeast, where it’s a lot more common than you think it is.

            If this kind of preening condescension is all you have to offer, your comments here are as unwelcome as they are unnecessary!

          • Martin Grønsdal

            I don’t get it. Are you restricting my freedom of speech? Now, THAT is very American.

            Are you comparing CC to the Ivy League ? In a different way American football is something American, sure. But CC? How does that represent or define anything? I could agree that driving large cars could go as something that represent parts of the states, but that is for example completely absent in San Francisco.

            The reason I pointed out, and generalised the difference between the south and north is that other people made a point of my Scandinavian background. Why was that relevant to the point that this CC kit is simply idiotic? If you think you need this on your street, you better advocate more ivy league-level unis everywhere in the country, to produce better educated people that will try to solve your social problems.

            And then you will find yourself surrounded by people who will smirk and call the owner of that overkill CC gear a redneck. And they will be Americans.

          • Matt L.

            Buried in between the non-sequiters and ad hominems, you seem to have an issue with my equivocating CC with the Ivy League. ‘Twas your choice to begin with, by saying that America must choose one or the other to define its identity. I just took it and ran with it! So I suppose those questions you pose would fall on you to answer.

            You are at least sticking with the good old honor-by-association fallacy in that last paragraph there, though: your imaginary Ivy-Leaguers agree with you in your preening condescension… quelle surprise. Top form, Martin, top form.

          • Martin Grønsdal

            My original point is that this kit makes gun owners look dumb. This feeds the fire for people against any gun ownership.

            And they seem to be more often present at the Ivy League than at NRA meetings .

          • Jon

            You live in Europe not American, so you do no have freedom of speech or any other rights granted to Americans by OUR Constitution!!!!

          • Martin Grønsdal

            Come and save me.

          • Jon

            We did twice, now it is time for you all to grow a pair and take care of yourselves.

          • Martin Grønsdal

            ok. I better stop replying since I might get arrested. You know, for stating my own opinion.

          • iksnilol

            Oh crap, you really do believe it.

          • iksnilol

            You honestly don’t believe that?

            That’s some effective brain washing.

  • Dan

    He must have very deep pockets

  • tony

    For ccw, that is a lot of gear

  • Blake

    As everyone else stated, that’s a pretty heavy load for EDC. Personally a Letherman Wave & a Streamlight Microstream do the job for me. However,

    I like the idea of crimping an empty 22LR shellcase for use as the end of a lanyard loop. It doesn’t scream “BOOLITZ!” like a larger centerfire shellcase would, but gun people still recognize it instantly. Probably a dab of hot glue down in there before crimping would really make sure the line stays put.

    • fltactical .

      Agreed. You can live without a backup knife, but if you have a failure on your primary weapon, an extra folding knife isn’t going to help. I would still carry one extra mag… just me talking. Good call on the shellcase. Didn’t notice that until you mentioned it. Gotta do that now!

    • Blake

      While we’re on the subject of “backups”, two things are always with me for “IDC” (I don’t care”; just running to the store or something).

      My “backup” multitool is a Gerber Shard. It’s flat, tiny & light, & cheap enough that there’s an extra one in the house. You can carry it as a key fob, in a wallet (don’t poke holes in it though), or carry it in whatever you use to carry your change.

      My phone is a <$100 Samsung B2710. It's not a smartphone, but it's waterproof, shockproof, & the battery lasts a week. It's still "smart" enough to have a real web browser (Opera Mini), a full IMAPS email client, Google Maps, & a 2mp camera. It's terrible if you have a lot of work to do, but if you *need* to send an email or look up something on the web, it works. I've had it for 5 years & it doesn't need any system updates. Bluetooth tethering the 3G radio to a laptop works great. It's handiest feature is a decently bright LED flashlight in the top with a dedicated button on the side.

      It's an excellent companion to a midsize tabled such as my Nexus 7 4G, which has 3x as much screen real estate as an iPhone & but still fits in the pocket of a coat or a pair of slacks (it'll fit in a back jeans pocket too, but be sure not to sit on it!). I can use my phone & the tablet at the same time, & when the tablet dies I still have a phone. I only carry the tablet when I know I'll need it. These two devices together cost about half the price of a top-end smartphone.

  • MR

    Is there a revolver I’m not seeing? Think I’d ditch the clips and buy a couple more mags, won’t take up that much more space and way handier if you’re going through that much ammo.

    • Ross

      I said the same thing myself

    • Swarf

      I was wondering that too.

      I’m assuming it’s because he wants the extra rounds, but doesn’t want them rattling around loose.

      More power to you, Alan, but damn. If your immediate problem is so dire that you need to reload a mag… Detroit?

      Or maybe it’s his “an EMP just hit. It knocked out power to everything, thus Ending The World As We Know It, and turned 96% of the population in to zombies to boot. All I have is what is in my pockets to fight my way back to my house” kit. That’s realistic.

      • Jared

        “Or maybe it’s his “an EMP just hit. It knocked out power to everything, thus Ending The World As We Know It, and turned 96% of the population in to zombies to boot. All I have is what is in my pockets to fight my way back to my house” kit. That’s realistic.”


    • DIR911911 .

      what kind of trouble is he expecting that you would shoot out the gun,reload,shoot it out again,still have a threat,reload both magazines and continue fire. does he live in south africa?

    • R H

      I’m not one to accuse a particular person that I don’t know of being dishonest, but what I can say is that (from experience) what people claim to be their “edc” isn’t always so “every day”. No I don’t know this guy at all, so I’m not saying that he is embellishing. I’m just saying that there are some who would show you an edc setup, but wouldn’t have half of it if you met them on the street. Personally, I have 2 cell phones (work and personal), keys, and a wallet to add onto my edc stuff most days. For me, there’s just too much weight and not enough room in my pockets for this much stuff.

      Glock 27, spare mag, streamlight micro-stream (with an Energizer Ultimate Lithium), Benchmade 940 or Sypderco PM2 (or one of my other edc rotation knives). On a good day you’ll catch me with my Leatherman Juice S2, but all the other stuff I carry in a true edc role. Obviously there’s places I can’t carry all of that stuff, but if you caught me at the store or running some errands around town, this is almost certainly what I’d have on me…YMMV

  • Tet

    That’s a lot of gears. A tactical cargo pants/shorts with extra tactical pockets must be involved….JK. But, yeah thats a lot of weight you carrying everyday.

    • Marty Ewer

      My exact thought. I understand the whole “two is one and one is none argument.” But carrying around two flashlights and three pocket knives every day? (The Leatherman has a blade in it as well.) Seems like a lot of unnecessary weight to me. And I’d carry an extra magazine versus the two strip clips.

  • Batman

    Looks pretty basic to me.

    • Marty Ewer

      Perhaps to someone named Batman! LOL

    • Swarf


  • RickH

    Isn’t the folding knife kind of redundant? The leatherman already has a blade.

    • Porty1119

      Leatherman blades are not quick-deploying. I can have a spring-assisted blade out and in a combat hold in about a second, compared to about ten for a Leatherman.

      • Michael Chrest

        The Case folding knife is redundant not the spring assist.

      • Grindstone50k

        My Leatherman Wave has 2 quick-deploy knives. But if you’re relying on a pocketknife for “combat”, you’ve already lost the fight.

      • Nunn Yabizz

        Ten seconds? That’s not even close. I carry a Leatherman every day and use it for work. I can get it out and flip open the knife blade in little more than a second. It all depends on how comfortable you are with any tool or weapon.

  • Ryan

    If your threat assessment leads you to believe that you require that much ammo, you should be carrying a bigger pistol.

    • Herr Wolf

      maybe moving to a nicer area would better suit him

  • Zachary marrs

    Whats with the quick strips? Do you plan on reloading your mags in the middle of a fight?

    • iksnilol

      They should make a pistol with a stripper clip guide.

      • Blake

        in 7.62×25 Tokarev!

        • Blake

          Uhm, this is a “pistol”, right?


          (& yes, somebody photoslopped that; no actual SKSs were harmed in the making of this image 🙂

        • iksnilol


  • commenter456


  • mw

    And a phone and keys? Guy has a lot of pockets

    • MR

      And a wallet. Don’t forget a wallet. I have a couple times, it can be rather embarrassing.

  • Don Ward

    To all those unfairly criticizing Alan’s hardware I have this one response. They put all the pockets on the Utili-kilt for a reason!!!

  • glasswolf

    Yay. Another snagmag user. I typically carry my Walther PPQ M1 with 15rd mag in a custom OWB kydex IDPA holster or IWB hybrid, my challenge coin, a Nitecore EC11 light on my keyring held by a ZAK Tool ZT-52 Low Profile Key Ring Clip and a paracord DNA lanyard on the keyring, a JETbeam M-PA10 light, Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 or Chaparral 2 Ti knife, (work) iPhone 5 and Era Jawbone BT set, wallet, and spare 17rd mag in a snagmag. If I need deeper concealment, I’ll carry my Beretta Nano and spare 8rd mag instead. This is supported my a BetterbeltUSA Ultimage gunbelt which also holds my insulin pump. That’s pretty much my daily loadout. I can’t carry a lot more than that as I’m a smaller guy and prefer not to look like I have on batman’s utility belt, or a poorly concealed muffintop. The daily struggles of being a smaller built person.

  • Nathan Means

    I admit thats a tad much…. mabye Ill drop my edc picture one day….But two flashlights?

  • patrickiv

    Could just use your phone as a backup flashlight.

  • Graham2

    I know a picture paints a thousand words but an explanation as to why Alan needs all this gear would be helpful. Maybe he has enough, maybe he has far too much. If I felt I needed all that stuff to feel safe, I’d get the hell out of there!

  • John

    Honestly, you’re better off buying and using a Leatherman with a blade that folds out independently instead of carrying around three knives at once.

    Also, you may as well carry around extra mags and save yourself the hassle of trying to reload by hand during or after a fight.

    • RaiDei

      Precisely, I carry a Leatherman Wave for that very reason. I’ve been thinking of upgrading to the Surge, just for the independently folding scissors.

  • Bob

    No tire iron?

  • USMC03Vet

    That white nail polish on the stamp marks?

    • DIR911911 .

      on the gun? probably white crayon , you can rub it into the markings and clean away the excess. . . one of the only uses for the loneliest color in the box.

  • ak1134

    Why 2 knives and a leatherman? Why 2 flash lights? replace the quick strips with mags, but 1 extra mag should suffice. is this your every day police on duty carry kit?


  • RICH

    I guss with the ‘quick strip’ you could always fire single shot. An extra mag would seem a bit better but to each his own !

  • HKGuns

    That is a lot of crap to haul around all day. I bet it fills every pocket of those 511 tactical @ssless chaps! 🙂

  • WhiteKnockers

    Not a condom in sight.

  • iksnilol

    Three knives and two flashlights yet only one spare mag?


  • DIR911911 .

    and the word of the day is “redundant” . . . . and no phone?

  • Thomas Mandell

    Why carry two flashlights, and then the zip strips instead of an extra mags. either one knife and the multi tool or just the multi tool.

  • Zebra Dun

    What is that clanking noise?
    Oh It’s Alan.

  • Youareallsheep

    I feel these “EDC” posts…You know the ones that every forum board
    has a million of is like the man version of women showing off their

    I blame the last 5 years of new gun enthuses. You know those idiots that have to take out their cell phones and take photos of every meal they eat.

    Why would a grown ass man need to take photos of his guns and whats in his pockets…Have some self worth!

    Also I call BS…no way this “man” carries all this in his pockets..and how come no one is loosing their minds because Alan decided he wants to use crayons on his gun. Why on earth would someone melt a white crayon down and rub it on the letters on his gun.

    Real men are becoming extinct!

  • 1911a145acp

    Lose the stripper ammo. If 7 or 8 rnds of 40 cal followed by a quick reload and another 7 or 8 hits of 40 cal won’t get you home, I don’t think a SLOW recharge of a mag. is going help in the real world, a third spare mag would consume the same space as the double stripper set.The “back-up” / “hide-out” purpose of the S&W SHIELD seems at odds with high round count continuous fire. The old time folder is too slow and too limited in use compared to the Leatherman OR the SOG. I carry a Streamlight TRL-1 HL, in a kydex carrier on the belt, a Streamlight Pro Tac 2L, and Leatherman in the vest, an LED on the key chain, cell phone light backs ALL up.Spare batteries and a mini solar charger for phone in the car. I REALLY like the lanyards with 22 casing-neat.I will do same w/ para cord.

  • fconcklin

    By way of knives, I prefer the Gerber Combat Folder.