Zero Carry Concealment Holster

The Zero Carry holster is another minimalist style holster on the market similar to the Versacarry holster that was released a few years ago. The Zero Carry will work for both left and right handed shooters and works with handguns chambered in .32ACP and larger with barrels up to 5 inches. The Zero Carry is very light and thin but it doesn’t include a trigger guard like the Versa Carry does.

Zero Carry is the ultimate holster for concealment. Zero means zero added bulk compared to all other concealed carry holsters. Universally designed for comfort and compatibility, Zero Carry is perfect for left or right handed shooters, adjusts to your preferred gun ride height, and it fits all calibers (*.32 ACP and up). Zero Carry will not harm your barrel, and carries a limited lifetime warranty.


WARNING: Zero Carry® is designed to provide the user with a method of IWB (in waistband) concealed carry that is minimal in design by reducing bulk. Zero Carry® is not to be used with a firearm holstered in Condition 0, 1, or 2 (chambered round in firearm). It is advisable to never touch trigger until ready to shoot. Never point firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot.

Unfortunately just like with the Versa Carry holster it’s not recommended for use with a round in the chamber. They retail at just $24.95, if you’re looking for a light minimalist style CCW holster and are OK with the “Israeli carry” method check them out at

Ray I.

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  • If your holster design requires that you carry without a round in the chamber… you should find another holster.

    • law-abiding-citizen

      If your firearm blog doesn’t adamantly oppose a carry system that requires you carry without a round in the chamber, you should probably find a new firearm blog.

      • All the Raindrops

        this is an ad stream, not a blog. mostly.

  • Drew Coleman

    It doesn’t cover the trigger guard – therefore dangerous/useless.

  • law-abiding-citizen

    Ray should go back to writing about cars, cuz he clearly doesn’t know anything about firearm safety. Or he just doesn’t care.
    The only thing anyone, anywhere should be saying about this POS “holster” is “DON’T F-ing USE IT! EVER!!!” Selling this garbage is stupid at best, & borders on criminal negligence in my opinion. You might as well just do like the hood-rats & tuck it into your waistband. It would be just as secure, & actually be safer cuz you wouldn’t have a piece of plastic in your barrel that could potentially break off & become lodged. “Hold on please, mister criminal thug. I need to clear my barrel before I can defend myself from you. Thanks!”

    • Ouch, I was just posting about this new product I stumbled upon, no need for any personal attacks. I did not say it’s the best holster for CCW and I certainly do care about safety. That’s why I pointed out the HUGE flaws with the product and the warning for the manufacturer that was was somewhat obscure on the site.

      I was just letting everyone know about the product, please don’t shoot the messenger.

      • All the Raindrops

        You posted an ad for revenue, lets keep it real.

    • USMC03Vet

      It’s certainly not for all firearms, but if you have a manual safety or really more than just a trigger safety it’s not any more dangerous than other full trigger holsters. Would definitely not use with a glock that’s for sure.

      • law-abiding-citizen

        Except for the part about carrying about a round in the chamber. Or then part about not putting foreign objects down the barrel. Or the part about some areas actually having laws against any type of holster system that does not shield the trigger. Worst idea in the long sad history of bad ideas.

  • Seriously?

    This product is a cheap fad and does not protect the user. No guard for the trigger/guard?

    I agree that Ray needs to go back to online marketing & cars because he has not clue about safe holsters. A good firearms blogger would write about the truth of this product and NOT recommend it to anyone.

    Of course everybody and their mother is a ‘firearm/gun’ blogger. No good experience needed.


    • I replied to a similar comment above. I never said it was safe, in fact I pointed out the HUGE issues with it. I was just presenting the product I found, please don’t shoot the messenger.

      • Paul White

        If by pointing out you mean glossing over and saying “hey if you like Israeli carry go for it”

        • I pointed out the drawbacks, I didn’t want to trash the guys product. And some people do carry that way, I wouldn’t and don’t recommend it. I didn’t mean to offend anyone here.

          • Sarig

            ” I didn’t want to trash the guys product.”
            Why not? Surely half the point of a blog is that you can actually do that when you see something terrible.

          • Guy

            I think everyone needs to relax. It’s very obvious to anyone reading this blog on the regular that a holster without a trigger guard is inherently unsafe. HOWEVER, some people carry that way, and that is just fine- it’s a free country. I don’t like open carry but other people do, and I’m not going to trash their method of carry.

            I would never use this holster, but I’m also not going to run around like a child yelling at Ray for not writing what I want to hear. The, “That’s stupid because I don’t like it” mentality frequently heard on this blog is aggravating, to say the least. Calm down.

      • Seriously?

        Pointing out HUGE issues with it? Seriously? Where are these numerous ‘huge issues’? Are they listed somewhere else? Did I miss a link where all these things are? Doe the TFB not have enough space on the server to accommodate them all?

        Oh yea you voiced your HUGE issues by saying… “it’s not recommended for use with a round in the chamber” or was it the “but it doesn’t include a trigger guard”? Yea that those things scream that you have huge issues… not.

        Admit it Ray you just did a ‘cut & paste’, and “wrote” (and I use that word very loosely) maybe a sentence or two with no regard to any safety issues, huge or otherwise. Its fine to post new and unusual products however as a firearms guy myself, I would also post my 2 cents about it, good &/or bad.

        Even if you didn’t have time to go over these issues, at least you could have written a disclaimer stating you didn’t have time to write why you don’t like it.

        Oh well

      • law-abiding-citizen

        You didn’t SAY it was safe, but your comment at the end sure IMPLIED that it was. What you SHOULD HAVE done, but DIDN’T, was tell people how UNSAFE it is!

  • david

    wow, the manufacturer should get sued for stupidity

  • Fails the stupidity test.. pass.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    If you need a gun to feel safe on your trampoline you should move.

    • caleb

      If you knew where you needed a gun you could simply refrain from going there. Unfortunately, my crystal ball hasn’t been so reliable in the past, so whenever I’m wearing pants, there is a gun in them. However, I would never use one of these unsafe holsters.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        My Sig P238 fits perfectly in the front pocket of my cut off camo shorts with no holster.

        • caleb

          And my Glock 26 fits in its holster quite well, with a round in the chamber and an entirely secured trigger guard.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Wish they would hurry up and pass that RPG Open Carry Law so we can all stop living in fear.

          • caleb

            I don’t know what your deal is, but I feel just fine.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I see they’ve gotten to you too.

          • Haunted Puppeteer

            Let me preface this with saying, I don’t think any law should have to pass to make open or concealed carry legal. It’s a right, and rights need not be enumerated.

            That said, I don’t think open carry is the ultimate problem solver, either. As with all things, there are tradeoffs. While yes, you can carry a full-size service pistol in your OWB holster, you also have to consider goblin psychology.

            Yes, it is possible the average goblin will think “Oh dear, that man has a pistol, I would rather not bother him.”, you must also consider the outliers – those few that will, far from feeling apprehensive about your firearm, they will see it as an opportunity.

            Law enforcement deal with this problem daily, and even with good equipment and training, it’s always a risk.

            A concealed weapon has a tactical advantage over an openly carried one – the advantage of surprise. That’s an advantage that shouldn’t be overlooked.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I prefer concealed.

  • Glock Guy

    Wow, lots of negative feedback on this product. I thought it was an interesting yet simple product, but yeah, it is a safety issue without the trigger being protected — whether or not you carry one in the chamber or not.
    But gee wiz guys, don’t take it out on Ray. He’s just letting us know about the product.

    • Guy

      Exactly. Not your cup of tea? Ok- don’t comment and move on.

      • morokko

        Have You ever wonder about newly released films that initially score 9 out of 10 on imdb reviews and then suddenly go downside – that is when they start to get reviews done by real watchers and not just the crew and their friends and families and catering firm. How unjust is that. If all those random people would just refuse commenting and move on, You would have hundreds of found footage cinematic masterpieces worthy of Cannes festival. But they have to spoil everything.

  • Porty1119

    No protection for the trigger? Yeah, that’s not asking for an ND at all. How would an ND go with that plastic rod down the barrel? I see a good YouTube video coming out of that…

  • BryanS

    Apt name… zero chance I would carry with that. The concept works well for a gun rack, not a holster.

  • Swarf

    Keyboard Kommando pile on! Yippie!!

    Damn guys, it’s a gun-related product being written about on a gun blog. Lighten up on Ray.

    Don’t like the product? Don’t buy it. Hell, point out its flaws in the comments to warn others, even, but there’s no reason to be a bunch of dicks about it.

  • Bill

    The main issue for me is the lack of a covered trigger guard. As for the caveat about not carrying with a round in the chamber, actually read some of the crap that comes packaged with a new holster. I’ve seen words to that effect from some of the most highly respected makers and manufacturers out their. It’s a liability thing that was probably put in place by the maker’s lawyer to protect them, in this case because someones’ trigger finger might get to the trigger before the muzzle cleared the holster.

  • Bosch

    The idea is sound for a backup gun that doesn’t need to be locked and loaded… If it were metal with a plastic coating, flipped around so the buckle half covers the trigger, and included a small retention band. But then I suppose that’s just a slightly smaller holster with a barrel plug?

    And hey, leave the author be. No one said the firearms post have to be of useful devices…

  • Sianmink

    I suppose it might be useful with a corded trigger cover, but ugh.

  • Dennis Robbins

    How about let’s see that trampoline demo with the product owb? Oh well … good luck, at least you hold the record for the least expensive concealed carry product on the market. I had some fun looking at it.

  • OSHA

    How about revolvers?

    Wait, I’d die instantly according to these comments.

    How is a trigger guard pertinent to safety?

    If used in Condition 3, you can’t get much safer than empty.

    If you don’t accept Condition 3 carry, it’s not made for you, so why the vitriol?

    And is there a market for flap holsters made out of reflective belts?

  • Spencerhut

    If it does not cover the trigger, it’s pretty much useless as a holster. You might e able to use it as a hook. No it would suck at that too . . .

  • Eeyakatoka

    No trigger coverage? NOPE.

  • durus5995

    Why even bother carrying then? Yes a firearm can be a deterrent but what the hell are you going to do when it is not a deterrent?

    That gun is there to protect your damn life for when some turd nugget decides your gun is no longer a deterrent but an obstacle they must overcome to get what they want. You even said yourself that ambushes are sudden and in your face. What are you going to do with your unloaded gun when one happens to you? You are setting yourself up for failure. Get a good retention holster like a Safariland ALS and get some training.

  • Paul

    I personally don’t see a problem with it at all. A lot of you are complaining about no trigger protection, yet its meant to be used with an empty chamber anyway. Keep your thumb on back of slide when placing in waistline and it wont accidentally rack.

  • Fox209

    I work messenger as well and had an attempted robbery happen. You are stinkin NUTS to not carry with one in the chamber. If my company caught me doing that they’d stick my ass in the vault and make me do paper work for not being prepared to protect me or my partner.