Shooting the Sphinx 3000 pistol (VIDEO)

The Sphinx 3000 pistol is a full-size pistol chambered in both 9mm and .45ACP. These Swiss-made pistols have been described as having the timing of a fine Swiss watch. I couldn’t agree more.

I got a chance to shoot both and I really enjoyed the feel of how each gun shot. The red and blue grips contrasting with the silver frame offer a stylish look. The weight of each pistol along with the lower bore axis design helped manage recoil effectively.

One of my favorite features is the flat-faced trigger which was installed on the .45ACP version I shot. It has a short uptake, a clean break, and short reset making accurate follow up shots a breeze.

New Sphinx 3000 pistols aren’t being made any more so you’ll have to do a bit of searching to find one, and then hope that the owner is willing to part with it. The Sphinx 3000 is not a cheap gun coming in around $2,400. The price is on the level of a custom 1911 by Nighthawk or Wilson Combat, if that helps put the price into perspective.

Check out more in this video:

Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.


  • BeefyMeatPants

    Cool CZs

    • Ethan

      If you mean in the same way that a Honda Civic has 4 wheels and so does a McLaren 650S, then yes.

      I’m a huge CZ fan – they are my go-to guns for both for carry and competition, but the Sphinx is NOT a CZ. The Sphinx is 100% CNC machined from what I’ve heard – holding tolerances that a forged frame could never hope to meet.

      Its truly a gun that justifies a $2K+ price tag..

      • derpmaster

        It would be cool to see a side by side review between the Sphinx 3000 and a custom shop CZ Shadow, as well as their compact variant versus a custom shop P01.

        • Comparing my friends Sphinx SDP to my CZ P09, it is very apparent that the Sphinx is a much finer pistol. The trigger and mechanical accuracy of the Sphinx are truly impressive.

          The cost of customizing the P09 to that level of trigger bliss would put it within the price of the Sphinx to begin with.

          Curious to see how the Sphinx SDP ($1,000) compares to the Sphinx 3000 ($2,400).

          • Hedd Wyn John

            There’s a comparison vid on YouTube between the SDP Compact and P07. The SDP is noticeably more accurate but it is noticeably heavier.

          • I actually looked it up and the weight difference is rather slight. The SDP with polymer grip is 29oz, and the CZP07 is 27oz.

            The recoil with the SDP is very smooth. My friend reloads his to +p+ 124gr @1350fps, and the recoil is still pleasant. The same loads in his VP9 are much harsher. Not sure if the difference is more due to the weight of the SDP, or the DA/SA hammer spring slowing the slides travel to the rear. It’s a fantastic piece and I regret not snagging one.

          • Hedd Wyn

            I was just going with the reviewers comments on the weight difference. It would be interesting to see if the official figure is accurate. It wouldn’t be the first time an official spec sheet was slightly out on a guns weight. Whether CZ weighs their guns with an empty mag inserted and Sphinx don’t I couldn’t say. Either way the review concluded that both guns are fine firearms.

    • Marc

      You mean CZ/SIG hybrid made from the highest grade materials to the highest quality standards.

      • iksnilol

        Eh, Swiss quality (like their watches) is a bit overrated. Then again I wear a 30+ year old “bargain bin” Seiko.

        • Marc

          The grapes are sweet.

  • JQPub

    Good God they are beautiful. Looks like someone put my P09 slide on a sweet aluminum frame.

    • G0rdon_Fr33man

      Steel frame*

    • R H

      Close…It’s based off the CZ-75

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Looks like something you’d use to try to kill James Bond.

    • Core

      “Try” being the emphasis..

  • mosinman

    Good shooting Chris.
    i’m curious to know how much of a difference in accuracy there is between the Sphinx and a regular CZ 75

    • FourString

      From all of the comparisons I’ve read / from what I understand, there is a fairly noticeable difference.

      • mosinman

        still would be cool to see a test done by TFB

        • FourString

          Of course

    • Leigh Rich

      As for looks the stainless polished or satin CZ75B looks great as is about same price as a black Sphinx. EAA has some great CZ knockoffs too. But if that is what you want- go for it. I have a Rolex Explorer 2 so I can’t say much.

  • Vitsaus

    If you’ve ever had a CZ75 and thought yourself “Boy, I really love this gun… but I didn’t spend enough money on it… I wish I had paid maybe… double the price for it, then I’d really be happy with this gun” well… you’re in luck…

  • Egyptologist

    Why is it, exactly, that the Sphinx 3000 went out of production? Seems as though there aren’t any currently produced Sphinx pistols chambered in .45 ACP, either. I know that Sphinx changed hands, but what’s the story, here?

    • Guy

      I think they were just too expensive. Breaking into the market at that price point has got to be really difficult, especially when the guns don’t really do anything that differently. They are sexy though, I’ll give em that.

    • The current Sphinx SDP are related to the 3000, but have an altered grip and slide configuration.

      I often wonder if the Sphinx designers aren’t determined to make every new generation uglier than the last.

      • G0rdon_Fr33man

        CURRENT SDP is polymer or aluminum grip and/or frame (depending on model). The closest one would be SDP Production Duotone, which is all-steel, but it is not out yet (afaik).

        Looks is eye of the beholder. I think the SDP looks even better with the angled slide.

        • Yes, I know it is personal opinion, but I can’t abide the appearance of tapered wedge slides. I think their cosmetics went to heck after the Sphinx 2000. I remember the original ITM AT84 fondly, and could sort of tolerate the changes that resulted in the AT88.

  • Gidge

    The Australian delivered guns are an absolute joy to shoot…when they work.

    They’re fussy temperamental beasts that everybody in the IPSC world has walked away from. I’ve heard it said that these issues are specific to the guns produced to comply with Australia’s laws and the new models will fix this.

  • Monty Burns

    Interesting how some commenters dump on any gun priced above a Glock. Ignorance or envy? Sometimes paying more is worth it.

    • mosinman

      no doubt it’s better, i’m just interested in how much better it is

  • Peter Balzer

    Nice to see the censorship that’s going on here. Twice, my post was removed. Hiding the truth that’s out there is simply another proof that you are protecting your sponsors. All the best, I’m outta here.

    • Dan

      Ssshhh you know too much!

    • Your post may have been removed due to the spam filter or other discuss filters. It happens to me all the time. What did you say? I can assure you that we are allowed to be openly critical of anything.

  • Leigh Rich

    So many CZ75 copies. EAA is less $

  • Guest

    I would’ve liked to buy one.