Expedient homemade submachine gun spotted in Indonesia

Banten’s police chief displays a P.A Luty designed expedient submachine gun equipped with suppressor as well as a crude homemade copy of a Thompson, both of which were seized from militants operating in Java.

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Fact of the day: convicted drug dealers in Indonesia are forced to burn their own drugs themselves and watch, after which they are required to do a happy dance. Hopefully this is not the case with firearms.



  • TheNotoriousIUD

    “… convicted drug dealers in Indonesia are forced to burn their own drugs themselves and watch, after which they are required to do a happy dance.”
    That’s if they are very lucky.
    Indonesia just recently put the daylight through eight Australian drug smugglers.

    • derpmaster

      Only two were Australian, the rest of them were from elsewhere. The Australians made the news because their government actually put up a fight about it.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Either way they’re still dead as fried chicken.

        • mosinman

          not as delicious though

      • Tassiebush

        It’s been a pretty good way to get into an argument down here. Just voice an opinion along the lines of it being a poor use of goodwill in international relations to advocate so forcefully for those two or to say it was a bit of a silly risk they took since we’re generally aware that the death penalty applies for this offence over there and that they had a quantity large enough to contribute statistically speaking to 10-20 fatal overdoses. Going on the coverage they got you’d think they were national martyrs!

    • Vitsaus

      Sounds like they are actually fighting a real war on drugs and not just the kiddie version of one.

      • Paul Epstein

        And yet they still have drugs. And guns.

      • mosinman

        the war on drugs cannot be won

        • Wandering_Spirit

          You should add….in the West…..once you apply death penalty in a more extensive way sooner or later you run out both dealers and customers……
          Point is, down west the method is not much approved. Indonesia may still have guns and drugs…bit those people aren’t coming back to be able to exploit them. That’s all the pount in terms of Asian mentality.

          • Paul Epstein

            No country has ever ‘run out of both dealers and customers’ as you put it, regardless of the death penalty. Indonesia still has plenty of both of them. So if you are that wrong, in your first sentence, and in such an obvious way, please take a step back and consider the fact that you might be wrong in the entirety of your position.

            Any policy that kills people in the name of accomplishing it’s goal, and fails to accomplish it despite that, is a failure. If it at least worked, I’d be forced to admit that it was an option which needed to be considered. But it doesn’t, and it can be rejected as pointless.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            Living in a place where there is the death penalty i can confirm that, in lack of that, there would be many more. As it is now, the amount is minimal…and if you ask an average criminal “Would you deal drugs?” he most probably will tell you “Na…too much hassle and there is death penalty”…..he’ll do else….rather than that..So my position perfectly fits my reality…maybe not yours. Accordingly it stays as is. It makes the society i live in safer, much safer.

          • Paul Epstein

            HAVE you asked these criminals that? Or are you simply supposing what they’d say, based on your own perspective and the choices YOU would make?

            The fact that they keep getting executed would tend to indicate the latter. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but criminals usually do not believe they will get caught. They are not seeing themselves actually receiving the death penalty. That’s why the US, despite having the death penalty for many crimes and using it, still has plenty of those crimes. Just like you still have drug dealing in your country, probably more of it than you’re individually aware of.

            Besides, having the criminals going into other criminal activities, rather than drugs, really shouldn’t be considered making society safer. If you don’t use drugs, they don’t endanger you directly. On the other hand, the same criminal engaging in breaking and entering, mugging, bank robbery, and so on, is literally endangering you in their daily life. Again, horribly and OBVIOUSLY flawed logic on your part.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            Paul, what you keep missing is that YOUR reality is not that of others. I reside in Asia, and, as far as i see, my reality is safe also due to the fact that a death penalty exists (and stricter regulations on a variety of other things). This makes my reality cleaner, safer and more livable. Coming from Europe, i could see the difference. You should humble yourself a little bit and realize that what fits your reality may not fit someone else’s reality. In my original country in Europe drug dealers are arrested, then put in jail then freed so that they can restart the process over and over and over. Where i reside in Asia they are simply eliminated. And you don’t see them roaming in the streets, and you don’t see drug addicts begging for money, and you don’t see all those side effects of indulgent societies. So, let’s agree to disagree. You keep your ideas, i keep mines because i know they better fit my lifestyle.

          • Paul Epstein

            There is only one reality, we all live in it. And I’m kind of disturbed not only that you’d rather your government kill people in order to not have to LOOK at poverty, which is what you’re talking about seeing, but that you’re so readily lying to yourself and others about what it is you’re doing.

            Your ‘lifestyle’ is alarmingly similar to narcissism and sociopathy the way you’ve described it.

            And seriously, I’m American. We use the death penalty fairly regularly, including on minors and the mentally ill. I disagree with it mainly BECAUSE it’s clearly useless and it’s horrifying to me the government kills people when it can’t reliably guarantee their guilt. You honestly can’t expect me to believe that whichever country you’re from, and I’ve been to most countries in Asia, is nice and comfortable because of the death penalty as opposed to the hundreds of other things we can rationally and mutually agree are sound policies.

          • Wandering_Spirit

            There are multiple realities and we all live in one of it. And it’s not even relativism. It’s a fact. Your American reality is surely not the daily reality of an Indonesian or a Chinese. This often also applies when you, as an American, Westerner, European, hang in some other country for a while. As long as you fail to understand this, you fail in getting the rest. My country is in Europe, and notoriously doesn’t kill criminals. That is why they hang around everywhere perpetuating their activities
            I am a pretty well socialized person, despite being selective. Don’t really fit your pattern so stop resorting to giving people names in an attempt to win and because you can’t accept a different opinion because it won’t work well with me. I am aware in the US you have a drug and a name for everything but it doesn’t look like it’s improving your reality much either. It’s still a deeply controlled zoo, very much indeed, and getting worse by the day.

            Sound policies work with those who want to be saved, and i support those. However, there are cases in society where certain individuals are beyond salvation. I deem the death penalty for those fit, as long as there is certainty of guilt.
            I also didn’t claim that Asia is nice an comfortable because of Death Penalty. I said that death penalty in some Asian countries contributes to make the place safer…..if you can catch the nuance. To help you understand, removing the death penalty for drug dealing in Indonesia (which is a step away from the drug golden triangle) would simply mean that a lot of people (including many who can get a decent living in other ways) would enter the drug business simply because, in lack of proper deterrence, it is a faster way to become rich (same in Europe……it’s not just about poverty…it’s more about all and now)

            Also…your plan to look at poverty in order to remove crime is indeed a good one. Good luck with that….it’s very realistic. I assume it also includes the salvation of those willing to commit crimes because it’s a fast way to make money. It clearly shows you don’t really get the nature of the issue, leaving aside that a generic solution based on a proclaim to “look at poverty” may leave people chuckling in wondering how and whether World resources are enough to “look at poverty” (They are shrinking…..people are increasing). Getting back to more worldly problems, i keep finding my environment better suited than that i found in the US or in Europe. Reason why i live and work where i do. Matter of choices of course. But bear in mind that your set of values is not much shared worldwide, outside the West (and not even all of it). You’ll realize that relatively soon, as other countries emerge and with them different mindsets. I am sure at that point you’ll go blaming them all for being dangerous sociopaths….all while your own place is turned into a zoo that needs control round the clock to keep things in check because you can’t even have normal people from different backgrounds get along, let’s leave criminals. I find it dystopian but it’s a matter of opinions of course.

            Last but not least, i never asked you to agree with me. Indeed, understanding where you come from i settled for a more reasonable “let’s agree to disagree”.
            You’re free to reply with a new set of insults listing my potential pathologies but the conversation on this for me it’s over. Have a nice day!

        • Tassiebush

          I tend to agree it’s unwinnable and I also consider it an encroachment on the rights of the individual. My biggest objection to prohibition is it provides the economic setting for appalling people to become rich and powerful bankrolling gangs, cartels and terrorists whilst also justifying state encroachment on liberty. Most people who engage in drug trade under status quo as consumers or suppliers have a shitload of blood and misery on their hands directly or indirectly.

          • mosinman

            couldn’t say it better myself

          • n0truscotsman

            My dad made the same argument way back when (the 80s), probably because my grandfather and great grandfather remembered the “good ol days” of prohibition and shared the stories.
            His assertion proved prophetic.

      • Hans

        The War on Drugs only exists to increase the power of the state.

  • MR

    He’s dual wielding wrong.

  • Random Disabled Person

    IS that happy dance right after they get a big whiff of the smoke fumes?

  • Captain Obvious

    Guns, not politics?

  • Tassiebush

    Luty’s design seems to turn up all over the place. It’s sort of the STEN of our time in the sense that it’s often made clandestinely. I find the Thompson copy intriguing. There seems plenty of precedent for Thompson copies but I assumed that was more historical than current but that copy doesn’t look all that old!