Area 53 Challenge Coin Lower Receivers

While I would never think of doing this, I am happy to see that Area 53 firearms offers a Challenge Coin lower receiver. Designed to fit any standard 1.75″ challenge coin, the lower receiver’s right face is countersunk to accept a coin. The install is permanent (requires epoxy to attach the coin), but would create a novel gift. Personally, I would like to see it countersunk on both sides of the receiver so one could mount two coins and see the front and back.

The Challenge Coin receiver is available now for $176 at

Photo by Triple Bravo

Photo by Triple Bravo

Nathan S

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  • claymore

    Pretty hard like this to bring your challenge coin into a bar to use it in the manner of it’s original use LOL. CLINK …10 …9…8…

  • Douglas Watson

    I would never do this with one of the coins I got while I was in, but I do have a novelty “Zombie Response Team” coin that would look awesome in this…I think I just found my next lower.

  • Jeff Smith

    I need to have a “First Annual Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence” coin made.

  • Phillip Cooper

    My challenge coins are where they belong- in my desk drawer at work, waiting for company.

  • Tom

    These remind me of the SP223 lowers from Seekins, any word if Bill is OEMing lowers for Area 53 or are they doing them in house?

    • Don

      Go to their website and get a close up look at this lower, it is definitely not a Seekins. I have two of the Seekins and they don’t even look close to those

  • iksnilol

    Couldn’t they make a removable lid/cover so that you don’t need to permanently attach your coin?

  • dats purty amazing

    Oh boy……challenge coins finally have a purpose besides pissing off people.

  • Chris

    The coins that mean something to me I would never alter to put on a lower. The coins I wouldn’t mind altering I would never put on an AR. I guess I would just buy a branch of service coin to put on it.