The Korean Daewoo Precision Industries DH40

The Korean Daewoo DH40 is the .40 S&W consumer version of the Daewoo Precision Industries K5 pistol issued to officers in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces. It began production in 1989 and is a relatively conventional short recoil Browning-style-locking pistol. What makes it unique is the trigger. It can be fired in single action, double action and a third action called Fast Action (also called Triple Action or Double Action Plus+). In this third action the trigger has the same length of pull as double action but the trigger weight is the same as single action, giving some of the safety of double action with the accuracy benefits of single action.

In these two videos Youtuber taterbuzz reviews the pistol …

Steve Johnson

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  • Anton Gray Basson

    That is a good looking pistol.

    • Phillip Cooper

      Looks very much like a CZ82/83 clone..

      • Wetcoaster

        I see some Browning Hi-Power in the family tree

        • floppyscience

          Good eye. The Hi-Power is its great grandpappy. This was heavily based on to the S&W 59 to the point of arguably being a clone. The 59 is a double stack 39, and the 39 was a Hi-Power and P38 mashed together.

          • Anon. E Maus

            It looks wonderfully compact, just the right size for regular carry in my book.

          • Wetcoaster

            I didn’t know that about the S&Ws! I did think the contour of their grip always looked a little familiar…

  • Bradley Chapman

    I’ve wanted the lion heart lh9 that is a direct copy of this pistol for some time now

    • sauerquint

      Lionheart isn’t copying Daewoo , it’s importing them with their name on them.

    • Those Lionheart pistols are damned beautiful. Definitely on my want list.

  • Andrew Duffey

    So this is basically LH9 but in .40 caliber. Still love the triple action on concept alone.

  • Lloyd

    I think this is a cool, novel mechanism. I wonder why daewoo is branding the 40, but not the nine?

    I’d be more into something that was as close as possible to the Korean service pistol, I.e. a nine made and branded Daewoo.

    • The pistol was either purchased years ago or found used. Daewoo is now called S&T Motiv Co., Ltd.

  • Ben Loong

    Y’know, now that I look at the Daewoo it in that picture I realize that it kind of reminds me of the Colt Double Eagle. Except with a thumb safety and a double-stack magazine.

  • Sulaco

    As I recall the problem was not getting the pistol when it was being imported but again, getting extra magazines…

    • FWIW: The DH51 could use S&W Model 59-series magazines, but they would stick out slightly.

  • phuzz

    Well, I never knew that Daewoo made guns.

    • Since the early 1980s, Daewoo/S&T Motiv has made nearly every small arm in use by the South Korean military.

    • SirOliverHumperdink

      Guns, trains, ships, infrastructure and great guns. I love the rifles too. AR style locking bolt with an AK action. Very under-appreciated in the firearms world.

  • Here is the patent for the Tri-Action lockwork:

  • Vhyrus

    I had a chance to buy one of these a few years back. I almost took it, but then realized that parts, mags, and holsters were literally nonexistent. Cool idea though. Lionheart imports these in 9mm.

  • Ted

    For several years these guns were wildly inaccurate. Daewoo hired Irv Stone of Barsto Barrels as a consultant back in the late 80s to figure out why. Not sure what he did, but it got fixed.

  • Broz

    Very similar to, if not a ripoff of, the FN designed SFS – Safety Fast Shooting system…marketed in kits by Cylinder & Slide…I bought one of the kits at a SHOT Show and had it installed on my FEG BHP clone. These Korean pistols used to be quite common here in So FL at gunshows in the late 80s/early 90s…but I haven’t seen one since then…until now

    • SirOliverHumperdink

      I’ve seen them at shows sellinf for sub $300 right down to $200. A bargain.

  • Davidio flavio

    When Lionheart started I removed my 9mm Daewoo from the safe and no longer treat as the odd cousin.

    It’s now my dedicated console pistol, and the new mags I bought work great, they also make an almost flush 15 shot version that I have to get a few of.

    30 round mags made for the 59 also fit this, and a Marlin camp nine that I own, so you have a hi cal option as well.

    If you haven’t ever handled one of these, don’t, because you WILL want to buy one.

  • Pandaz3

    I have a Lionheart LC9 and it is my wife’s favorite, very accurate and reliable, we have both the 13 and 15 round magazines (Five in all) and have put about 700 rounds through it. She keeps it by her bed in fast action, safety off.

  • Zebra Dun

    It’s O. K. Bubba, I’ve got my Daewoo single, double, triple, fast action, double action + pistol and I’m gonna kick some NORK ass!