Rifle/Stock/Scope/Bipod DIY Duracoat Tutorial

Youtuber The Social Regressive shows us how he Duracoated his .243 Win Savage 12FV varmint rifle. The video is 25 minutes long but worth watching if Duracoating an entire rifle and it’s accessories is something that appeals to you. He uses a Air Compressor, Air Brush, Respirator, Cotton Balls, Homemade Stencils and of course Duracoat paint. If you don’t have an air compressor, they can be purchased for less than $50 from Walmart. These types of compressors are intended for inflating, but as far as I know they work fine for air brushing.

Steve Johnson

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  • BattleshipGrey

    I skimmed the vid, but I’d say he knows what he’s doing. I don’t think I’d have enough patience for the digital look, but he did a great job of it. I really like the lines of that stock.

    • Thanks, BattleshipGrey! The only downside to this process was the fact that camouflage effectively destroys the lines of the stock. 🙁 I had considered doing something cooler, using the colors to emphasize the facet and curves, but in the end I went for pure functionality. I got to try this stock out for the first time last weekend, and it feels amazing.

  • Sianmink

    The thing about utility compressors is you don’t get super consistent airflow, but I realize that nobody wants an airbrush compressor if you’re not a hobbyist who uses that sort of thing a lot. If you get one of those, at least get one with a small built-in reservoir tank. That will help even things out. If you attach an airbrush to a direct-drive compressor of the time generally meant for inflation use, each compressor stroke will be a burst of air and you will not have a good time.
    Considering he just used stencils and no masking, that digicam looks great. Good job!

    • Good points. I can only imagine the mess on my hands if I had used one of the continuous-pump compressors. Even when this big ol’ Speedaire kicks on I can still use the airbrush because pressure never dips below 15 psi.

  • Phil Elliott

    You can always add a gauge to your compressor that restricts the poundage of your airflow, Harbor Freight seels these pretty cheaply (like 6 or 7 bucks).

    • Sweet. I can’t remember where I bought mine, but it sure wasn’t that inexpensive. Nice find.

      • Phil Elliott

        Actually bought mine to use with a spray gun to repaint an old safe, gonna use Black Cherry color.