City Slickers Pay Attention: Zero for 50/200 Yards at 10

While we have posted a few targets in the past, I am always keen to share the goodies with you all for when a trip out to the country is not in the cards. Matt from JerkingTheTrigger created a great little target based on Frank Proctor’s methods to assist with setting up a firearm for a 50 yard zero when you only have 10 to spare.

For those wanting to use the target, head on over to JTT and download the PDF. 

Description from JTT:

I have used the method so much that I created a target for my own use to support the process. It is a simple target with a 1.9″ grid and two dots. The black dot represents your point of aim. The gray dot is 1.9″ below your point of aim (POA) and represents your point of impact (POI). This makes it easy to achieve the POA/POI relationship necessary to achieve the rough 50/200 yard zero at 10 yards.

Of course, it is best to refine your zero at distances greater than 10 yards. You should always check your zero at the actual zero distance when possible but this will get you close. I should also note that this is somewhat dependent on the weight of your optic. 1.9″ should get you close for the typical height over bore of an AR-15 optic.

I highly recommend that you review Frank Proctor’s video on this zeroing method and my brief comments on how it worked for me before attempting it. It is a simple method but there are some caveats you will want to keep in mind.

Nathan S

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  • Mister Thomas

    I like this a lot, thank you.

  • FWIW

    This is really really useful. I’m lucky in that I have a little more space at my local, so use a 50 yard zero at 25 target. Works on the same principal.

    • Swarf

      Da, comrade. Mosin Nagant is lobbing steel cores 2700 arshini.

  • Tet

    Will this work for .308?

    • ProdigalSon

      Assuming you have the same height over bore that an AR-15 does (typically 2.25-2.5 inches), yes. It won’t be perfect, but inside of 250 yards, .223 and .308 are within an inch or two of each other. In fact, if you’re only concerned about the 50 yard zero, it’s almost perfect, since at that short of a distance, either bullet is travelling almost completely flat. They start to arc, sure, but very little, so they’ll follow the same trajectory out to about 75 yards. At that point, the heavier .308 will start to drop a little bit faster, but again, not by much.

      tl;dr Yes. Not perfect, but it’ll get you very close.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    I’m lucky in that I have a 25-yard indoor range very close to where I live that allows rifles.

    I just can’t bring myself to be “that guy” who brings his loud rifles to the indoor range. It’s bad enough when I’m shooting pistol and the guy next to me is a total noob who rented the range’s AK and is just blasting away at a 2′-tall, 3′-wide target 7 yards away making it look like he’s shooting a shotgun with an open choke.

  • ozzallos .

    Tried this the last time you posted it here… And didn’t have much success with it. Maybe operator error, but the instructions aren’t exactly rocket surgery. “Rough” in my case equalled stupid rough to the point of uselessness. YMMV of course.

  • uisconfruzed

    Nice trick to get first round close to where you want it.
    Thankfully I’m blessed with a 300yrd range as a back yard.