The UPS Suppressor Shipping Situation Clarified

A reader emailed us to say that the UPS policy is not nearly as draconian as we thought. They are not banning the shipment of suppressors, but only allowing FFLs to ship suppressors. A TFB reader emailed us saying …

This move was a clarification of the existing policy. The policy is in place to keep UPS in compliance with federal regulations.

Many manufacturers with the proper FLLs can ship to a consumer or other business entities provided they are able to legally receive the shipment.

For instance a manufacturer in GA could not ship to an end user in CT, it has to go to an FLL holder with the proper SOT.

This came about when reviewing the shipment of a specific company. However only one shipment was refused and now this customer has an exception to the national policy based on federal regulations.

I am waiting for the UPS PR Director to confirm what the reader said.

Steve Johnson

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  • Anonymous

    What about suppressor owners sending their cans back and forth to the factory for repair or refurb?

    • Drew Coleman

      Yes, this. So I guess now we have to use FedEx or USPS?

      • Spencer W

        Having worked for a competitor of all 3, FedEx all the way when it comes to getting the job done right. I prefer not to use usps when at all possible considering in a free market they would not be in business

        • RICH

          I shipped a ‘fragile piece of eguipment’ through UPS a few weeks ago and was told by the kid in the office ‘NOT’ to mark it fragile. When I asked him why I was told that it would ‘intentionaly” be bounced around more than necessary ! ! ! It says a lot for their customer service… ! !

          • MySpin1776

            Yep! I have heard the same thing.

          • Spencer W

            Wow..UPS?! And I thought some of the people back at my old job were bad…

          • uisconfruzed

            A friend of mine worked there for years and said the same thing. The ‘fragile’ boxes were tossed as sport.
            UPS snapped a walnut stock IN HALF!! It was double boxed, insured and shipped to me from the mfg in the US.
            UPS REFUSED to replace it, or give me the replacement money.
            What can union brown do for you?

      • Since a suppressor is legally considered to be a firearm, I don’t know that you can legally use USPS to send a suppressor from one state to another. IIRC, you can only send long guns within the same state with USPS.

        • Robert Bradley

          What state are you in Drew, a suppressor has no firing pin nor trigger both required to fire a bullet! I use to be an air ramp supervisor for UPS and it was always hands to surface no throwing, I have sent pistols, long guns through the postal service for years, only requirement is you declair it, not loaded, in proper protective packaging. I have even had them in checked baggage at airlines, no problems! The problem I have with UPS is there in the shipping business not legislative business, thus they have no right to decide what you can ship, unless it is explosives or chemicals etc… And they ship those by land. What I do have a problem with is when a company like Jackssmallengines.Com is told not to ship UPS when given a choice of using USPS and ships through UPS anyhow, we need to send UPS and those companies a strong message, we will not do business with you until policy is changed and for businesses who use UPS and ships at a higher rate than USPS would charge won’t get future business. Hit them In their pocket books.

    • RICH

      AMEN ! You don’t need a FFL to ship/receive for any type of repairs per
      BATF&E ! ! !

  • Budogunner

    Props to the ASA. I hard the privilege of knowing Knox when he was at AAC and am glad he broke free of that place. He’s doing a lot of good for the NFA community these days.

  • HSR47

    What about trustees shipping trust-owned firearms between each other?