Chinese Reality TV Show Featuring Celebs with Guns

Glenn, a reader from Malaysia told us about a new Chinese TV series called 真正男子汉 (“Takes a Real Man”) that looks like it is a Top Shot style show featuring Chinese celebrities training to be PLA soldiers.  Glenn wrote …

A recently aired Chinese tv show called 真正男子汉 by Hunan Satellite TV (it also goes by the English title “Takes a Real Man”) features a number of interesting firearms. From what I can gather, this program consists of 6 local Chinese celebrities across different age groups who join a combat unit in the People’s Liberation Army Ground Forces (which I think is the Yang Gensi Company, 162nd Division – 54th Group Army, Jinan Military Region based on the Jinan patch on their webbing, this was apparent upon noticing that their CO was a PLA Ground Forces captain).

pla 2

pla 3

pla 4A number of firearms feature in this program such as the ubiquitous QBZ-95 assault rifle as well as the QBB-95 LSW. I was also able to spot a PF-98 120mm recoilless gun. Interestingly enough, the active duty personnel who were training the new recruits have their communication devices blurred over. I have attached some screenshots of the program.

pla 5 pla 6

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    One of the celebrity challenges is seeing who can drive a tank over the most political dissidents.

    • mosinman

      the other is to see how many dissidents you can hit in a minute with a bolt action sniper rifle

    • Timothy G. Yan

      I want to watch something like the roof-Asians vs, rioters in the Ferguson style. Of course the roof-Asians will be armed with that 120mm rocket launcher. I head 70% of the gun shoot kills during the infamous LA riot were by roof-Koreans.

      • Dave C

        Well, certainly the only Korean American killed during the whole Rodney King riots was shot by Korean shopkeepers. He apparently went round to see how dad was doing. Derp!

  • Bill

    So that’s the Chicom version of a rubber duck?
    When are they going to get around to actually liberating the people?
    Foiled again – blurring those portable radios will render the NSA powerless to monitor them.

    • dannye

      “When are they going to get around to actually liberating the people?”

      Whenever the US military gets around to it.

  • Brian Mead

    I actually want to watch this. Let me know if anyone ever comes up with English or German or Russian subtitles.


    I’m pretty confused right now because there’s also a Korean show about this exact same premise called “Real Men” broadcasted by MBC. Eight Korean celebrities (idols, actors, etc.) going through Army, MP, and Navy training; they also did a show with female talent. And this show has been going on for a couple of years now.
    I’m pretty sure MBC didn’t give them the rights to do anything similar, but we all know the Chinese and their blatant disregard for intellectual properties.

    It’s actually a pretty neat show. These guys do stuff like patrol and tank driving lessons. They also have some run ins with US military guys, which is pretty neat. You can find some clips on Youtube hosted by the official MBC channel.

    • Timothy G. Yan

      Not sure show idea is copyright-able. Just look at all the reality shows copying each others in the ‘Merican TV.


        Well, maybe for Hollywood celebrity trash-TV. I haven’t seen a knock-off reality TV show that directly copies Duck Dynasty or TopShot’s ideas.

        A little research that there have been talks between the Chinese station showing this and MBC. So, at least this time they went through the proper channels to gain the rights.

        All in all, Chinese TV isn’t that great. For the firearms enthusiast, this might be Youtube clip watcher to see what some guns they’re using, but nothing more than that.

    • whodywei

      Not sure they are the same type of show, Real Men is more like Ninja Warrior in military uniforms with some goofy jokes. South Korea has mandatory military service, those male celebrities do go through conscription.


        I don’t think that comparison is really that fair. Although they do legit boot training, it’s pretty clear that they’re given at least SOME special treatment for better TV.

        They do live-fire exercises and an episode I watched a couple of days ago had them doing live grenade tossing. It’s still real enough that they get yelled at when they screw up though.

        • stimr2

          They did some episodes with the K1A2 MBT, K9 SPH, and K21 IFV. It was cool seeing up close footage of South Korean armorer.

  • Lance

    BiG actors get to shoot cheap rifles and run into that Mushroom cloud for Chairman Mao!!! LOL

  • ha!

  • Darren Hruska

    I think this is pretty cool, especially that PF-98 Queen Bee! As much as I’d like to bash “reality” TV, Top Shot did introduce the firearm community to some good people. Such as Dustin Ellermann and TFB’s very own Chris Cheng. :-p

  • Carson Durham

    Coming soon to a TV near you with a marathon special edition showing! Filmed on location in the South Sea, Japan, and the Philippines!

    • FourString

      And the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands! ;D

  • TDog

    It’ll be interesting to see what guns they use on the show.

  • It’s interesting that a society, known to seriously frown upon their population having weapons or being militant in any way, is broadcasting a show which takes popular celebrities and puts them in military service. It looks more like a recruiting tool, than anything else. I wonder why the ramp up in soft recruiting…

    • Timothy G. Yan

      They want to transition to an all volunteer forces. The fact is that the Chinese Navy and Air Force haven’t inducted a conscript since the mid-1970s. Their airborne and Marines have never had a single conscript.

  • Friend of Tibet

    Saw the show, very fun and entertaining, LMFAO during certain scenes.

  • Friend of Tibet

    Licensed version

  • Dave C

    “Chi-coms in the wire!”