Eric sent us his every day carry, a S&W Shield pistol, Kershaw blade and a 5.11 atac aaa light. He also carries a spare magazine in a Desantis Magpacker and a Ted Corini custom kydex holster.



  • RK Harm24

    Very good choices. In Texas he could carry an Auto-Opening Knife. What mag base plate is this? Never searched, but never seen one advertised. I carry my Shield in a DeSantis holster and spare mag in a G-Code mag carrier on a paddle.

  • tony

    an used gun is a good gun

  • Vitsaus

    Wait …. wait a minute… is it possible that there are other carry guns besides the Glock 43? Impossible!

  • RoyG

    My shield is carried in an HHH C1 IWB n OWB single configuration… but its so comfortable it only stays IWB.. even here in south florida…

  • Darhar M.

    Almost identical to what I carry daily except I carry a Cold Steel Recon 1 Tanto or Spyderco Endura 4. Depends on what I grab going out the door..

    The baseplate(s) on my magazines are made by Pearce Grips and at the time cost $8 ea. I have those plates on all of my firearms magazines except for my Makarov which I keep stock.

  • RK Harm24

    We in Texas enjoy our new found freedom from 2-4 years ago. These are both Benchmade. 9050 and 2550..

  • Sheepeople

    I feel these “EDC” posts…You know the ones that every forum board has a million of is like the man version of women showing off their purses/shoes/make-up.

    I blame the last 5 years of new gun enthuses. You know those idiots that have to take out their cell phones and take photos of every meal they eat.

    Why would a grown ass man need to take photos of his guns and whats in his pockets…Have some self worth!

    Real men are becoming extinct!