Milsport Arms Skeletonized 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver

Milsport Arms recently released their new skeletonized forged 7075-T6 AR-15 80% Lower Receiver. It has cutouts on both the front and sides of the magwell with pockets milled out of both sides of the receiver. I couldn’t find an exact weight on the new MilSport Arms skeletonized lower but I’m guessing they shaved off at least a few ounces compared to a standard AR lower. Since these are 80% lowers that you’ll be completing yourself no FFL is required to purchase them. They currently go for $69.95 over at

These 80% AR-15 Lower receivers are forged in the US and are machined to mil-spec tolerances. Build your next custom rifle using a quality machined Milsport lower that are proven and tested.

– High quality 7075-T6 Forging
– Radius are machined and blended
– Mil-Spec Precision Machining
– Flared Magwell
– Front magwell is textured for grip enhancement
– No FFL Required
– Made in the USA

Milsport Arms Skeletonized 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver buffer tube

Milsport Arms Skeletonized 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver rear

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  • Lee Roy

    This could be fun. Does anyone know if there is a skeletonized 100% lower out there?

    • Lee Roy

      ETA: Skeletonized without the trigger housing open, just the magwell.

  • Southpaw89

    Very interesting, been considering an lightweight pistol build inspired by that USAF survival carbine seen earlier on TFB, this would be a good candidate.

  • tony

    Great entry holes for dirt

    • Laughing Bull

      I’m sure you know this isn’t supposed to be for military applications, but rather stuff like three-gun shooters and maybe even light hunting. Might even prove adequate for a GTFO bag rifle if you do a complete weight loss program on it, so long as the end user is proficient with cleaning and maintaining an AR. It really isn’t meant for prolonged exposure to the elements, and that’s okay.

    • James Massman

      Yup… kinda at a lose as to purpose for this one… home defense, maybe. Take it outside and you got probs.

    • iksnilol

      You can cover the holes with duct tape. It shouldn’t add noticeable weight.

  • sheepole

    Another attempt to make some hype out of nothing. Buying a forged lower now a days is like…Going to the Ferrari dealership and asking for a 1989 Dodge Neon.

    With the advancements in billet lowers, I do not know why machine shops are still kicking around these old mules. Sure it works, but so does that old neon, Have some pride and go for the best.

    Also @ $70 dollars you can get a real lower at that price. I’m all for the 80% lowers, but cutting “holes” in it is stupid. There is no benefit, its just polishing a turd and calling it a apple.

  • Truth_Hurts

    I have a question, since you completed the firearm yourself,
    i.e., you turned a piece of aluminum into what is considered by the A.T.F.
    to be a firearm, could you legally have a gunsmith install the
    remaining parts that are not considered to be part of the legally
    defined term of firearm? In other words, could you hand the 100%
    frame, that you made yourself from an 80% frame, over to a gunsmith or someone else (provided they returned it to you) and could
    they then legally ‘complete’ the build for you? I mean you’re the one completed the ATF’s legal definition of firearm. Could the same be done with an 80% 1911?

    • DIR911911 .

      if you can finish the 80% lower on your own then you could probably finish every thing else

      • Truth_Hurts

        True, but you didn’t answer my question.