Adams Arms SF-308 Uppers Now Available…

Following on the release of the full rifle, Adams Arms is releasing just the upper.  A number of you commented pretty favorably about the rifles and barrels on the other post, so this may be a way to try out the system if you have a compatible lower (and for a lower price).

Adams Arms in now offering complete SF-308 Uppers! These .308 Uppers are compatible with the Adams Arms Small Frame .308 Rifles as well as the DPMS Gen II pattern lowers.

There are two versions: SF-308 Patrol Battle Rifle Upper and the SF-308 Patrol Enhanced Upper. Both are 16″ Mid length with a standard picatinny gas block. The Battle Rifle Upper version has a Samson Evolution Extended Rail, and VDI Jet Comp, while the Patrol Enhanced Upper just has a Magpul MOE Handguard.


  • 16″ Mid Length VooDoo Barrel
  • Piston System with Picatinny Gas Block
  • VDI Lifecoat Components
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Battle Rifle is retailing for $1,249.98; the Patrol Enhanced Upper comes in at $999.99.

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  • ostiariusalpha

    .308 ARs may not have a lot of parts commonality or standardization, but the GII platform is a new, and welcome, oasis of potential; a rifle that multiple manufacturers can contribute interchangeable and compatible parts & accessories to.

    • James

      How interchangeable are mags?

      • ostiariusalpha

        The industry has pretty much solidified around the SR-25/LR-308 magazine as the standard, the GII is no exception to this. That being said, this platform has issues with Magpul’s gen3 mags not lifting the bolt catch high enough to completely latch onto the bolt group, causing damage to the top of the bolt catch or even failures to lock back. The GII is not the only rifle to have issues with the gen3 mags, but it something to be aware of. Often, a simple modification to the top of the mag’s follower with a dremel will correct the problem; there are threads on several forums that cover how to do it correctly.

  • James Kountz

    Who’s selling G2 pattern lowers?

    • ostiariusalpha

      Unless you’re buying them off Gunbroker, nobody. DPMS will indeed sell separate lowers eventually, because parts sales is the real core business of DPMS. Still, this deal is mostly aimed at people that already have a GII or SF-308 rifle & want an alternate upper for a different application.