TacRack Slide Racking Aid

If you’re a shooter that has issues racking the slide on your pistol the TacRack from Wright Shooting may be able to help you. Currently available for Glock and M&P pistols, the TacRack replaces your pistols striker retainer plate and has a handle that flairs out to the sides to help with racking, kind of like an AR-15 charging handle. The TacRack makes one handed racking easier and is also great for those running optics on their slides. They currently retail for $29.99 with engraved versions going for $34.99 over at Wrightshooting.com. Check it out in action below.

TacRack™ was developed by Brandon Wright and engineered by Fritz Borke. Made of 6061 Aluminum and CNC machined for a true fit, this tool is a must have for anyone running a Smith and Wesson M&P or Glock handgun. Whether you’re using two hands to rack your slide or only able to use one, TacRack™ increases reliability of racking the slide.

– Two/One Hand Racking
– Enhances overall grip on the slide
– Assist w/ locking slide to the rear
– Maximizes One hand Reloads, Malfunctions
– Assist with Racking with an Optic mounted on your slide
– Gives your slide a “Charging Handle”



Ray I.

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  • Giolli Joker

    I would have thought that a sturdy optic mounted on the slide could actually be helpful in racking it. Of course it’s another story if the optic mount is connected to the frame.

  • Anonymoose

    Saw it on ENDO a while back. Seems like a very good idea.

  • Interesting idea, they should develop something for guns with exposed hammers.

    • sauerquint

      I’ve seen them for 1911s, they go in the rear sight dovetail. That shouldn’t be difficult to replicate even while keeping the sight. It would just have to be made as one piece.

  • Stephen

    For the amount of one handed reloads and malfunctions that occur, close to zero, this seems to be a solution in need of a problem. The problem is its not a big enough problem to warrant such a device IMO.

    I spent a career in military and spent time in law enforcement, been a firearms instructor for civies and military as a contractor and the one handed reload/malfunction is not something that comes up when addressing needed training.

    The only time I have seen the need to do one handed stuff is when I attend a class.

    Just saying

    • I can see a need for this, albeit a small need. People with low hand strength or perhaps chronic hand pain, could benefit from something like this. Sure they could just use a revolver but why limit your options.

      • Giolli Joker

        I’m not that confident that the pinch grip required by this device is the most suitable for people with low hand strength, I see much more useful the technique of grabbing the slide from the top with the weak hand and pushing with the strong one.
        This system however can be helpful in competition, if allowed, especially if the pistol has a frame mounted holographic/red dot sight.
        Google Taurus Wing.

  • TangledThorns

    Hmmm, may be a good idea for those with weak hands.

  • hami

    It’s a good idea. I have heard positive things about the HK VP9’s slide racking aid.

    • FourString

      VP9 looks more elegant but i get that this is pretty accessible for existing glock owners

      • Brandon Wright

        I have a VP9 as well and have broken the ears off trying to do one hand reloads with that. Good idea, just not strong enough.

        • FourString

          Ohh interesting. Maybe it was just intended for standard two hand reloads. Perhaps a metal replacement will come out though.

  • Vitsaus

    Ah, the punisher skull… the barbed wire bicep tattoo of guns.

    • Joshua

      Unless you were a part of Outlaw Platoon. They had a thing for the punisher skull.

    • FourString

      never fails to make me mega shrug

    • Aaron Russell


  • Full Name

    Anyone know if these are IDPA legal?

    • Mutenri

      Changes the outline of the gun and not part of any factory gun, so probably not for SSP at the very least.

  • Cal S.

    Because slide serrations using the whole hand to prevent slipping under duress is for squares.

  • iowaclass


  • Jenny Everywhere

    I’d be slightly concerned with what the image is on the device. Put a Punisher skull on it, and a prosecutor will pounce on it as a sign you see yourself as a violent vigilante like Frank Castle. Prosecutors are eager to see you as “premeditating” your actions so they can paint you as a menace, not a responsible citizen.

  • SD3

    Brass Stacker makes a nice slide pull, if you’re arthritic / grip-strength limited.

  • Tothe

    If you’re having trouble racking the slide, you’re probably doing it wrong to begin with. Wrap your off hand over the slide for a firm grip to hold it steady, and push the frame forward with your primary hand. Then just let go with your off hand to let the slide spring forward. Presto.

  • USMC03Vet

    Springfield XD mod 2 already has this covered. More glock aftermarket to make your glock like an XD!

  • Randy Oneill

    I thought another company had a patent on this racker system ?