NeoMag Magnetic Pocket Mag Holders

Check out this new minimalist magnetic back-up mag holder from NeoMag. The pocket clip is made out of titanium with a powder coated machined aluminum and steel bracket. Your back-up magazine is then held onto the bracket with a neodymium magnet. They might not work with all magazines however, so be sure a magnet sticks to your mags before considering them. Currently they’re available for single or double stack magazines in .45, .380, 9mm and .40. They currently retail for $44.99 at


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  • KestrelBike

    Awesome concept. But damn, that’s pricey.

    • Jack Morris

      Yup, these look fantastic, but not $50 a pop after taxes fantastic.

  • crdiddle

    The lack of a end cap means the feed lips are exposed to damage and you are going to lose rounds. Neat idea if it had an extension with a cup at bottom to cradle the end if the magazine.

    • William Johnson

      Not to mention pocket lint getting into the magazine.

  • Sianmink

    Is a titanium clip really necessary here? When you’ve got a product that may already give some sticker shock, it doesn’t seem like the best design choice.

  • SGT Fish

    the maker/creator is part of a facebook group im part of. cool to see him getting his product out there

  • stephen

    Yea way too pricey and as others have said, prone to problems.

    At times I used to carry a mag in the pocket. Practicing some reloads and a dime got caught in the mag – needless to say the reload didn’t. BTW that is also why I don’t carry an OTF knife anymore – a nickle got into the opening and the knife was jammed shut. Just saying…

    So while its a neat idea, I will pass on this. Nothing beats tried and true mag holder that covers the ammo & feed lips.

    • Have you considered not carrying useless coins around?

      • billyoblivion

        Or at least carrying the coins in the *OTHER* pocket?

        Still there’s the issue of pocket lint. It’ll stuff a glock right up.

  • Treyh007

    Check out the SnagMag, they work great and half the price!

  • Lt Donn

    Explain to me why I would want a mag holder that costs twice what a factory Glock mag does??…I mean really??

    • Nashvone

      It’s so you don’t lose all that Atlanta Arms ammo you rushed to buy three days ago.

  • Cynic

    I could see that being great for ipsc or uspsa as long as the mag holders are fairly flexible woth mag type. It would mean I can run my 1911 or my 2011 racegun or even something new and interesting. Hell with a magnet in the right place I could carry my speedloaders.