Joe shares another one of his nifty machine guns with us …

Hey TFB awhile ago I sent in a photo of my FAL OSW I received such positive feed back I decided to share more, here is a few photos of my Full auto FN FNC that has been heavily modified. Essentially this is my interpretation of an American AK5.


FNC_MK23 with Mags
Here are a few details about the gun….

14.5″ barrel
Surefire 5.56 Socom RC Mini suppressor
TBA quad rail
Aimpoint Comp M4
Eotech G33 magnifier with Laure mount
Stormwerkz top rail and AR-15 stock adaptor
Ambidextrous safety
Magpul CTR stock with cheek riser
Blueforce sling
Winter trigger guard
Ambidextrous magazine release
Dbal D2
M249 SAW pistol grip
Bill Springfield Trigger Job (around 6 lbs)

This is a very smooth shooting gun, the RPM is about 650 but with the suppressor it can jump to ~700.

Also I’ve attached a few photos of my MK23 handgun. This has the Knights Armament .45 suppressor and the Wilcox LAM unit.

That is a damn fine machine gun! Thanks Joe.



  • Riot

    rails rails rails….

    Yep its american

    • SP mclaughlin

      The Ak5C has a lot of em to be fair.

      • svanis malmis

        No. only above the reciver for optics, minimal on the sides and below the thandguard, all very well hidden when not used for practical reasons!

        • kamillazzzz

          But still… Rails is rails.

    • Joe

      Yeah it does have alot of rails, but if you want to avoid burning your hand to a crisp when shooting this thing the rails are a must.

      • LasseBanan

        Then how come i didnt burn my hands when i used the ak5a for a whole year?

        • LasseBanan

          Like i did on this flag here…

          • LasseBanan

            Слава России!

          • iksnilol

            “Glory to Russia”? Writing Cyrillic doesn’t make you cool, it just annoys the people who can’t read it (which isn’t me by the way).

  • charlesxii

    the americans I met in the service sure liked our ak5 (and loved the ak4) but I think we were even more giddier to try the m4. maybe just a case of the grass is greener on the other side

    I like the ak47-74 to but practical accuracy for me the ar family beats it hands down, our finnish neighbours with their valmets is as good as it gets thou

    everybody hated the english with their bullpups, even the english

    • KestrelBike

      So how did you like the m4 compared to the AK5? Or was it basically apples to apples?

      • 6.5x55Swedish

        AK5(A) is longer to start with. It is a bit front heavy, but is very easy to shoot because of that. It is very easy to operate in winter with big gloves on, you couldn’t even get your finger into the trigger guard on the M4. The AK5C is more like the M4.

        • Mumin

          have you ever ever held any of the ak5 versions….do not thinks so….so wrong!

          the ak5c is NOTHING like the m4/ar-15!!!!

          • ar15h8er

            It is the ak5d which has the shorter barrel. Ak5a is practicaly an fn fnc with diffrent handguards and some other things. Also, the ak5c has zero resemblance to the m4…

          • 6.5x55Swedish

            They are not very different in use really… Anyone who claims they are completely different in how you operate them is just wrong. It isn’t a huge step. Perhaps if you have 100 000+ hours doing muscle memory drills on the weapon and get thrown off by a new pistol grip you’ll get problems. The biggest difference is that it is easy to use with gloves, don’t need a lot of cleaning (even though every soldier cleans the hell off it anyway) and it works well in winter.

            You can fold the stock.

            AK5C has a bit lower rate of fire (650 rounds/min).

            Cleaning is easy on the AK5 family.

            It has some weight like the AK5A but not really that much, just enough to make full auto very easy.

            It is precise enough for a service rifle with a RDS.

            The AK5C has a 350mm barrel, the AK5D has a shorter barrel but it is now only given to tank crews as far as I know, it had some quite serious performance issues.

          • steffe

            Congrats you have specifyed the basics of the ak5 (a,b,c,d) you are now a specialist!

            All weapons has some resemblance to one another in some way, that dosent mean the ak5 have ties to the m4 and saying so makes you wrong. they are two very different platform which you operate very diffrently!

            The ak5 is more like other weapons of the same type, like the FAL it derrivates from or any other short stroke piston carbin.

            And for the ak5 A- model, its not front heavy at all, rater the other way, the ak5c is heavyer because of the handguard and its accessories used by FM ex “laserpek”.

            Yes the ak5D is givn to some tankcrews and shipcrews etc that requires a shorter aol.

          • Reader

            Whoa, calm down there delta operator. The guy has a point- it’s a 5.56 assault rifle that is applied the same way any other assault rifle of the same caliber, that’s all. Obviously they handle differently, but none of that really matters in the end as long as it’s reliable. Just different ways to get to the same finish line is all.

          • iksnilol

            Yeah, a 308 battle rifle is more like a 5.56 assault rifle than another 5.56 assault rifle. Maybe mechanically but in terms of use they aren’t.

          • Treadmarks

            It looks like my fal osw 13″. For the weight, I’ll take my 308. If I have to stay with 556 tho, I’ll take my aug wanna be msar with match trigger system, lopro optic rail as I love it*s compact piston arrangement and it’s balance.

          • jcitizen

            The replaceable barrel is what turns me on about the Aug; however I’ve never seen a target result – I’ve never shot one. I would love to see a shot result before and after a barrel change. Of course if your shooting for accuracy, the barrel will never get that hot, but I still want to see it.

          • I dislike the trigger on the AUG, and don’t care for the naked barrel with the folding foregrip – I like some sort of full handguard to keep fingers off the barrel.

          • steffe

            you retarded son?

          • iksnilol

            You said the AK5 (AKA Swedish FN FNC) is more like the FAL it derivates from than the M4. mechanically, yes, the FAL is a closer relative than the M4.

            Then you say that one operates an M4 and an AK5 very differently. I quote:”they are two very different platform which you operate very diffrently!” I find that hard to believe since they are used in the same role, have similar length and are chambered in the same cartridge. I will admit tho that the AK-5 is a good chunk heavier than the M4.

            So… I guess I am not retarded? I don’t really care what you think about me… I am rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

            I feel like I should insult you based on your swedishness, that’s what the Norwegians would have wanted.

          • steffe

            yes…very stupid….you pointed out what i already said but totaly missed what i meant by different terms of use dude…

            try to think again what i meant by “terms of use and layout” not “how its used and in witch role”

            best regards //HH88

          • LasseBanan


          • iksnilol

            What do you mean by “terms of use”? The controls?

          • steffe

            Yes. how you use it, dont know the translation but “handhavande” and ofc the layoutand design of the weapon have little to none specific similarites to the m4…so saying that it “is more like an m4 IS wrong”

          • TB

            The word you’re looking for is “handling”. “Terms of use” is a completely different thing.

          • iksnilol

            Safety is pretty similar, so is the mag release. Charging handle is way different (way better placed). Both have an aperture rear sight and a post front. I would say they are pretty similar in respects to “handhavande” (håndtering på norsk?).

            So in short: only the charging handle and the lack of a LRHO are really different in terms of controls (+ the nifty folding stock).

          • I took that statement as, “the shorter batreled AK5C is more like the M4 than the full length AK5 is”. The original comparison being made by another poster was asking him how they compared in terms of using them. *NOT* in terms if the exact layout of controls and mechanical.similarities.

            Considering the AK5C and M4 are basically the same class of gun (selective fire carbines with railed front ends), that seems reasonable.

            Now, I haven’t fired the AK5C, but I have fired the FNC. On full auto, I find it much easier to control and nicer than an M16A1 or M16A2 on AUTO or BURST. (NOTE – I *love* the M16 family, even on full auto) I think the weight and weight distribution helped, and the FNC burst mechanism is superior mechanically from an engineer’s perspective *and* when viewed purely from a shooter’s perspective (although I still feel burst is useless, and a four position switch is a skosh busy).

            I suspect, with all the weight out front and a foregrip, an AK5C like that would shoot more like a Beretta 38 than the older unrailed M4A1, GAU-5, XM177, and LEO CAR15 selective fires I’ve used – nice flat bursts that stay on target with little or no effort.

          • iksnilol

            It’s a short 5.56 assault rifle. They are pretty alike in that sense. Sure, mechanically they aren’t but in use and whatnot they are.

    • Reader

      As an American vet, I was soooo excited to get my hands on an aug, and the Aussies were just as pumped to shoot an M4. It’s definitely a grass is greener thing… but man, that aug was sweet lol.

      • Cornelius Carroll

        The AUG is sweet but the trigger is meh. Meh enough to *almost* ruin it for me.

    • John

      I sure as hell didn’t hate MY bullpups. but, then again what do I know? I’m only someone who actually used them.

  • CommonSense23

    The good old MK23, which in a emergency can be used as a boat anchor if needed.

    • Pat

      I use to think that. Then I lucked into one for less than I paid for my USP.

      That gun can be point shot easier than any other pistol. I point shoot a torso out to 25 yards fairly reliably.

      Big? Yes…
      One hell of a weapon? Absolutely.

      • n0truscotsman

        I love mine. I prefer my M&P9 for a war belt side arm, although it is still not as fun to shoot as my Mark 23 imo. It is accurate enough to size up to most 1911s.

        • Anderspalestine

          The only thing the 1911 is good for is crashing into buildings…

          I also hear that the ruger 14 is good for island socialist cleanup…

      • Commonsense23

        Never said it wasn’t a good gun, but there was a reason it never was popular in SOCOM and that was its size. Fortunately the MK24 actually is comfortable to wear.

        • Pat

          Ya I actually think the Offensive Hand Gun concept make far more sense for civilians than military.

          It is a phenomenal car gun. It can keep pace with my AR out to at least 50 yards.

          • CommonSense23

            Unless you are straight mercing people, the offensive handgun concept is pretty much straight military. Its whole point was sentry removal, so a guy could have a rifle and pop dudes silently with his pistol. I don’t really see the comparative need for civilians.

          • iksnilol

            Uh, we civilians don’t usually carry an AR with us (maybe in the trunk but not on person). So having a capable pistol is important because it is the only thing you have.

            Millitary doesn’t really care about pistols since they got rifles, MGs, explosives, backup, air support and all that jazz. Me or you? We got a pistol or two on our person, and a rifle in the trunk.

          • CommonSense23

            Again you are missing the whole point of the Offensive Hand Gun concept. Offensive is the key word. The whole concept was around having a extremely quiet way to kill someone. About the only other option at the time was the MP5SD. Which while extremely quiet and effective was limited in its ability outside of CQB. So if you wanted to be quiet before hand, you either carried the MP5 slung with a rifle still as a primary(which I can say from experience sucks) or write off the guy in a firefight if all he carried was the MP5. The MK23 was never designed to replace your defensive pistol, it was a specialty weapon. Only one or two guys would carry it, and when they used it, you would typically have them being covered by the guys with rifles and AWs. Now with the .300 Blackout, the need of the MK23/24 is slowly evaporating as the .300 is working its way into the white side of SOCOM. So unless you have a civilian job were you need to kill people without alerting others, the MK23 is a pretty bad choice of a gun. Its extremely capable, but there are way better choices for handguns still around.

          • Pat

            How much time do you have on a Mark 23?

            I use to think the same thing until I bought one.

            You have clearly done a lot of reading on Mark 23. On the internet that usually transfers to a lack of real world knowledge.

            A very capable handgun for a civilian is a very useful tool. It is also better to have used a handgun than a scary black rifle if you have to defend yourself in court.

            My Mark 23 is more capable than my Wilson CQB or my HK45C. Easier to conceal? no…


          • CommonSense23

            I don’t got that much time on the MK23. They were on the way out with the MK24 replacing them fortunately. A lot of time with my issued MK24 though. Again you don’t seem to understand the gist of what I am saying. The MK23 was a niche gun for a very select units in the military. Again there is a huge difference between using a pistol offensively and defensively. The MK23 was great for being a Offensive Gun. Knowing ahead of time that you were going to be shooting someone, as its part of the plan to use them. As a defensive weapon it wasn’t as strong. The performance benefits over a MK24 or negligible if any at all. Thats why SOF pretty much has moved away from the .45cal except for suppressed work.

          • iksnilol

            Well, if you CC in a country where it is illegal it is nice to have a suppressor.

            Mainly because if I shoot someone while on vacation in Sarajevo I would need to be quick to GTFO and I would still get arrested. An “offensive” handgun is therefore nice. Quick kill and quick getaway.

          • CommonSense23

            Why would you need to kill someone on vacation? Is it a murder, then a Offensive Handgun isn’t a bad idea. Is it defensive, cause then trying to pull a suppressed MK23 out is a really bad idea.

          • iksnilol

            Maybe because some people wouldn’t mind me dead. Especially in the Balkans.

            Offensive handgun is a great idea if done correctly. Of course I am not suggesting to carry a big pistol like the MK23 in an IWB holster with a suppressor.

            Small messenger bags are popular in the Balkans for that reason. Can carry a bigger/heavier pistol in the summer heat without raising suspicion. Will admit, not many carry with suppressors (tho I have seen some suppressed Skorpions). Tokarevs and CZ75s reign there. Weight and a good grip are important for quick and controllable fire.

          • By that reasoning, everyone should throw out their carbine based AR15s, because they were *originally* designed as survival rifles for aircrews.

            The fact that a weapon was designed for one specific role doesn’t mean its no good for other roles and shouldn’t be used for them.

            I personally dislike the Mk23, but have to admit – as a car gun, it’s not a bad choice. It certainly milks that 230gr pumpkin for all that’s practical from a handgun.

        • Joe

          I’ll throw my Mk24 in the next photos I send in, I agree with you its alot more manageable.

  • Jack Hoffman

    What do you americans have against folding stocks? Also “rök bakåt” on the whole rails thingy. Nice aimpoint thou.

    /A “kränkt” Swede.

    • “What do you americans have against folding stocks?”
      Although some people like these really weird guns invented in the 1950s that have this goofy-ass tube (essential to the operation of the firearm) that hangs off the rear.

      • Lasse Banan

        “Essentially this is my interpretation of an American AK5.”

        But it is just an FNC. I personaly dont se how it becums an “ak5” just becaouse it has some “tactical” items on it. I mean. Just becaouse you dress an ak47 to an 74 dosent make it a 74.

        Also the buffertube concept is not so good. Atleast that is my perspectifiy.

        /Lasse Banan Sorry for English…

        • Bal256

          I agree, I don’t understand it either. It would be like someone showing of their PTR 91 and having the headline, “An American AK 4 (G3 rifle)”. Unless maybe the AK 5 a more popular term than FNC, such as in the case that almost everyone calls the AKM an AK-47? I knew it first as the FNC, though.

          • antony

            Agree fully with what you are saying and thanks for explaining it so well to! People need to realise that there will never be an “american ak5” and its better to just stand by your rifle and call it what it is, an FNC or ex a ptr, hk91 etc.

          • Daniel

            I think you guys are being a bit to much on the name there. Yes, he calls it an american ak5. Who cares!?

          • Erik

            By that logic i could call my ar15 a hk416…

          • Joe

            Well if you would rather me post a picture of my HK416 then i will.

          • Joe

            Its my interoperation of an american Ak5, geez I never would have expected everyone would get in such a tizzy over this.

          • FeistyCrawfish

            Wrong, I’m building an Ak-5 parts kit on a donor FNC receiver 🙂

          • Joe

            Wow! You found a parts kit! Nice. Hang on to that, its about as rare as unicorn bones.

          • FeistyCrawfish

            It should be an interesting build. I managed to get a semi-complete set. I am only missing the lower and the left side magazine release.

            The gas block is definitely cool and a huge improvement over the FNC’s – it has a gas-relief screw for adjustable pressure and a removable hood to keep the elements out of the way.

            Btw, RTG Parts has some of the Ak-5C grips in stock. The angle and feel of those are much better than the original FNC or SAW grips IMO. Check them out if you get a chance!

            If you want to follow the progress of the project, I have a thread running over in M4C under Other Semi-Autos. Check it out!

          • Joe

            Cool will do, I not sure if you can see it in my photos that were posted but my gas block was tapped. Todd over at TBA suppressors retrofitted the gas block, with a screw as well, so it can be adjusted. It really helps if you put a suppressor on the gun.

          • FeistyCrawfish

            I hear you! My lower is currently over at Todd’s getting the release well bored out to make room for an Ak-5 mag release. The guy knows his way around the platform, that is for damn sure.
            I didn’t see the screw, but nice! I bet it runs like a dream when adjusted. What kind of can do you run with it?

          • Joe

            Todd does great work, Im sure your rifle will turn out great. If your going to shoot the FNC suppressed the adjustable gas block is a must. The suppressor on the gun bounces between a Surefire Socom RC Mini and a its bigger brother the Surefire Socom RC.

          • Joe

            I understand what you are saying but like i said previously, its an interpretation of an AK5. Im not claiming it to be an actual AK5, its just what I imagine an american version of the AK5 too be. Thanks for the comment.

        • Uhhh, why did you state that to me? It isn’t my gun or statement.

          • Joe

            I agree with you, Its not by choice, I had an Ace folding stock in on the gun but you couldn’t get a proper cheek positioning on the gun. I hate the AR-15 buffer tube thing as much as the next guy but sometimes they just work.

          • Lasse Banan

            just tape on some “tactical” foam like we do if you necessary need an cheek position which you dont really need….

          • Palmenation

            i hate it when somebody calls his weapon an “ak5” when its just an fnc, some of us here in sweden how serve feel violated because of this and asks of you to reamne this “an american version of the FN FNC” please

            best regards rthe nation of sweden the true home of the ak5

            PS. you removed the st. patrics day post becuse of people felt dicriminated, this is the same.

          • I didnt remove anything, and I never called an FNC an AK5.

          • Palmenation

            I know. we ask of you to rename it only…tahts why you got taged because you are “from” TFB

            PS. Very god blog overall, keep up the good work

          • LasseBanan


        • Joe

          Lasse, thanks for the comment. This is my interpretation of an AK5 not an actual AK5, the reason I said that because actual AK5 parts are basically not obtainable in the US. So this is what I would Imagine an US version of an AK5 would be like. The “tactical” items on the guns do serve a purpose, especially the quad rail. The standard FNC hand-guards are fine for semi auto guns, however when you shoot the FNC in full auto its gets almost too hot to even hold. The heat shielding tech just wasn’t there when the gun was designed. The quad rail is able to handle the heat much better and the rail covers allow me not not chew my hands up when Im holding the gun. Yes it adds weight but Id rather carry extra weight than burn or chew up my hands.

          • Lasse Banan

            how about i tell you the new handguard on the c model uses the same heatshield as the old one….and to much rails is very haram…especially on the “gastube” pleb

          • Joe

            See above 🙂

          • Lasse Banan

            All thar rail is uberuseless to start with…and you never fire an ak fully retarded because a waste of ammo so heat isnt an problem and again TO MUCH F****G RAILS

          • Joe

            Ok internet commando. Thanks for the input but what I do with my guns is my business. If i want to spray the SOB in full auto I will, quite frankly Im enjoying pissing you off. 🙂 Love ya!

    • Jimmy Åkersson

      agree with you on this folding stocks, they are far better and more practical in every way possible.

      So if you wanted an ak5 why put some ugly adapter-shit on? And waaaaaaay to much rails….

      mvh an other “kränkt” swede

      • Joe

        see above

    • RickH

      Especially when it is or was the best folding stock designed.

      • Joe

        It was a non folding stock originally.

        • RickH

          Yes, but FN came out with the stock when making their “paratrooper” mode of the FAL. It then carried over to the FNC. There were more folding stock versions of the FNC in the military than the fixed stock.

    • Joe

      Ok? I think you need a meat ball.

  • Vitsaus

    My current level of jealousy is immeasurable.

    • Joe

      Thanks, I appreciate the interest.

      • ihateamerica


  • Risrael

    Please stop the repeated violations against helpless fn fncs please!!!

    • Joe

      Never! I enjoy the FN FNC as much as the next guy but if your actually going to use it especially in full auto the heat shield is not going to cut it.

  • Tremain G.

    Walther P99 AS. this gun is the best i have shooten so far i haven’t have any problems it fits comfortably its very light and easy to conceal. i dont think i would trade it in for anything out there on the market yet im thinking of upgradeing from a 9mm AS. to a 40 cal. QA

  • Danni

    Isnt the ak5 a bullpup, or am i misstaking it for something else?

    • Joshua

      No, the AK5 is the designation for the FN FNC that the Swedes use.

  • hami

    That Mark 23 setup is impressive. Knights and a LAM… The accessories cost more than the handgun!

    • Joe

      Thanks for the comment, yes they are expensive but they are worth every penny!

  • Pat

    I vote for more photos of that beautiful Mark 23!

    I have the pistol and KAC can but am searching for a LAM.

    • Joe

      Thanks man, It took me a solid year of searching to find that LAM. Good luck with your search.

  • Arnorifles


  • Joe

    Thanks for the interest everyone, a few things. First I know its not an actual AK5, I called it my american interpretation simply because over here, state side, finding actual AK5 parts is almost impossible. This is simply my idea of what an american AK5 would be. To be honest there are not alot of options associated with the FN FNC, its not like an AR-15 where everyone and their mother makes unique parts for it. If you’ve ever shot one of these guns with a folding stock (especially if you use a top rail) its damn near impossible to get proper cheek positioning, and its amplified when your shooting full auto. Im not a fan of putting AR-15 buffer tubes on guns that don’t originally have them but there was NOTHING else on the market that would allow me to get a proper cheek position. If you have any questions Ill be happy to answer them.

    • roguetechie


      There is a company now making AK5 Folding telescopic reproductions here in the U.S. I don’t have the company name off hand but I do know I’ve seen their complete stock including hinge for around $219 on gunbroker recently.

      While I don’t hate the AR buffer tube like some, but seeing it on your otherwise totally exquisite gun is just like seeing a hot chick in dirty flannel shirt with a wad of chew in her lip…

      Plus from an actual function and durability standpoint I’m absolutely certain that the repro ak5 stock is better on both counts.

      • Joe

        Rouge, I only say the one for sale on GB.

      • FeistyCrawfish

        It is an Atlas Armament stock. They are ordered from G&G in Taiwan and are airsoft parts I believe. I contacted the owner about the similarities between their stock and my Gk5C stock and they were strangely mum about it (I got no response, as compared to other emails about other products).

        The stock is sturdy, but not worth the $225 or so they are asking for it.

        • roguetechie

          Oh wow, yeah that’s what I found in my research last night between ordering parts for a DIY hydroforming machine I’m putting together. It’s a shame that there is absolutely no guarantee that ATF would allow registered FNC autosears and etc to be used on even a 1:1 faithful clone made in the U.S. Honestly though it would be great to see FNC clones on the market even if they were completely out of the question to install sears in.

          Especially since without a new source of parts the number of FNC’s able to be owned and enjoyed with a registered sear will steadily decline. I hate to think of the day when most of the registry is defunct because there’s no parts to be had.

          It’s also why I have a strong aversion to those with the industry who are sitting on the information needed to keep the registry on the firing line. Hell even having semiautomatic examples of the old stuff is vastly preferable to seeing our historic arms fade away.

        • Joe

          I had no idea those were airsoft parts. I feel vindicated with my AR buffer tube decision now. Thanks for the info.

  • Joe

    Dude pull the meat balls out of your butt

  • Joe

    No, thats not the one I saw on GB, that does look like a cool stock. I’ve pretty much wrapped up this FNC and moved on to other projects mainly my M60, I’m in the works upgrading it to an E6. I like the way I’ve got my FNC now quite frankly it works and gets the job done. While the stock would be more authentic I kinda enjoy pissing off these Swedish butt heads 🙂

    • roguetechie

      Man, you have all the cool toys… LOL

  • The Brigadier

    Does this model have the trigger fix that eliminates the finger thumping? That was always my main gripe about the AK and on full auto its really unpleasant. Some American company about ten years ago claimed they had engineered a fix for the finger slap. Does anyone know about this fix?

    • Joe

      I haven’t had any finger slap however I wear gloves 90% of the time I shoot it, so I don’t know if thats a common issue with these guns or not.