Nutshellz Groin Protector

Specializing in groin protection, the Nutshellz company recently posted this video showing their CEO getting shot by a .22 LR on the protective cup.

Aside from being completely stupid and highly dangerous to demo, the cup does appear to work with a low energy, light bullet. Of course, the video is part of a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to produce this bit of gear.

Taking a look at the effect of a 9mm round (below), it appears there is significant backface deformation.

The .357 Magnum looks pretty painful as well:

What do you think? Does this have any merit as a piece of body armor, or should it be used only by ballplayers?

Thanks to Ports for the tip.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Don Ward

    Bulletproof cup, huh? I invented this gag, Rabbit. Only in my day, the rookie got naked.

    • Jolly

      And we also used blanks. You sick SOB

    • USMC03Vet

      The sequel is finally a go. My body is ready.

  • mosinman

    the CEO is a brave man to put his jewels in the line of fire like that

  • Nicks87

    It might save your family jewels but a shot to the pelvic girdle is still going to put you out of the fight and possibly be fatal.

  • Kevin Harron

    Must be a former combat arms player.

    • TheSmellofNapalm

      I hated all the people who played as girl characters for that exact reason….

  • Rugrash

    Tactical Nut Hugger…what are the tacticool color options???

  • This would most likely be helpful for IED blasts and shrapnel. Still leaves your femoral artery exposed though. I would have worn one back in the day, depending on how comfortable it was.

    • MR

      I wouldn’t want to rely on this alone, but it might be a worthwhile addition to a system.

      • J-

        There is a lot of genital damage that our troops suffer because of IED blasts. The Marines and British military issue ballistic underwear which has been successful in protecting against small debris but does little for blunt trauma. A ballistic rated cup combined with ballistic underwear would be a great help without being as heavy or cumbersome as the OTV groin protector.

        We laugh at this because it looks silly. But imagine being 18 and on deployment, how you would feel getting it by an IED and loosing your ability to ever have sex again. It’s not really funny when you think about the reality of that type of injury. Bombs are unforgiving things, and every advantage we can give solders would be beneficial.

        Remember that through Desert Storm, US military were not allowed to wear sunglasses. Now tinted and clear ballistic glasses and goggles are standard issue. Eyeball protection went from low priority to mandatory. As ballistic materials get lighter and better, I can imagine soon our troops deployed overseas will be dressed head to toe in armor at various levels of protection.

        • Joe Hnarlec

          what are the 18year olds who joined voluntary too good for sitting on their helmets nam-style like drafted did?

          • MR

            Layered protection…

          • Frankly this idea is nuts

            That works up until they have to leave the sitting position aboard a vehicle;ie, when they need it most, taking the fight to the enemy.

        • Bill

          Very well said. I’m not sure how effective this would be against an upward-directed IED, but anything is better than nothing. Genital injuries are one of the dirty little secrets of these wars that no one talks about and the public has little knowledge of.

          Same for the eyepro. The stats are out there, but the number of eye injuries that took troops out of the fight, in all past conflicts, was huge, and dropped dramatically with the mandated use of eyepro. To think that we required it in jr high school shop class and not in combat is insane. On my planet, EVERONE in emergency services will have to wear it. It’s all fun and games until an EMT gets a squirt of Hep C contaminated blood in the eye, or a cop runs full on into a multiflora hedge during a night foot chase and gets a corneal tear from a thorn.

          If it looks stupid and works, it isn’t stupid.

          • J-

            Thank you. I was engaged in medical research for ARDEC doing work on prosthesis when I first learned about the issues of genital damage in troops. And you are right that it is a “dirty secret” of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There have even been discussions about how there might be a relationship between this and suicide, but of course no one wants to address this directly.

            The military issues groin protectors but they are awkward, hard to walk in, and don’t protect all the well and so usually get left behind. If you are close enough to an IED for the blast to be upward, I doubt this will do much to protect you, but at that point, you’ll most likely not survive the blast. But at survivable distances, this should help a lot.

            As someone who has worked in heavy industry, yes, I agree with you on eye protection. Every machine shop, lab, refinery, and assembly line I have ever worked at required it. I can’t believe that more people don’t wear eye-pro on their regular job. If you are going to put on gloves, eye-pro should be on you too.

  • Wetcoaster

    Even more questionable than those Russian confidence drills.

    The gap between the bottom of his vest and the top of the protector for one

    The decision to use a red dot on an AR for another – the sight offset and precision of a red-dot are fine for CQB, but a more precise scoped bolt gun might have been a (relatively) safer choice

    I’d also be worried about the convex shape of the protector causing the bullet to deflect or ricochet into his legs

    Also, wouldn’t anyone wearing one of these also be likely using the soft groin protector on a vest as well?

  • Fred Johnson

    Arrgh. I hated wearing cups in sports. I know I’d hate wearing that cup running around with a rifle in my hand. I’d probably take the risk and go cupless, just like I did in sports.

    Yeah I know, there are no bullets in sports.

  • Tahoe

    While it might be more comfortable than the blast undies the Marines tested, it still doesn’t look like something I’d wear. It’s just for peace of mind – nobody wants their jewels blown off, but if your femoral takes a hit the jewels won’t much matter, will they?

  • Lance

    Defiantly don’t want a defect in your body armor.

  • Phillip Cooper

    I’m sure this has already been said- but that never stopped me anyway…

    The CEO MUST be a fan of “Super Troopers”… funny stuff, that…

  • juvan


    at the leastest they should have had bullet proof glass with a “glory hole” for the cup so not to risk hitting the dude in the thigh, a .22lr to the femoral artery is not so good

    • I thought exactly the same. Even a .22 ricochet can puncture femoral artery and put a life at risk

      As a man, I value very high my cilinder. But I value even more my life, and as a result I would protect both femoral path and the groin

  • Sid Collins

    No. Just stop it already. And yes, I have spent time wearing PPE and am a proud graduate of the US Army School for Wayward Boys.
    The IOTV blast flap groin protector is already in place to protect male/female genitals for shrapnel. But to go “bullet-proof” is to cross the line into insanity. Ceramic plates provide protection from rifle fire but at significant weight. Why not bullet-proof gloves? Bullet-proof boots? Why not have every US soldier wear a full suit of armor?
    Would you rather that everyone drowns off the coast of Normandy or that most of the soldiers wade ashore with less equipment?

    • Wetcoaster

      And think of the chafing! It’s a persistant issue with rigid armour though, just like chain mail vs. full plate armour which by the 19th century had been reduced to breastplates and helmets, much like modern infantry armour

  • SP mclaughlin

    Perfect for Super Troopers reenactments!

  • Southpaw89

    The you tube channel Demolition Ranch tested this, it almost always deflected the bullet into the area of the femoral artery.

    • Giolli Joker

      You die, but as a man.

  • Anomanom

    Well, he certainly shows his confidence in his product. You have to be pretty sure of what you’re selling to say “Here’s a rifle, shoot me in the jimmy.”

  • Alex Nicolin

    If it failed, he had good prospects for a career as a soprano.

  • Jeff Heeszel

    .22LR test. ha! Didn’t DestructiveRanch do something on this product and pretty much show it was worthless?

  • kyphe

    I remember going over out the insurance form before my brother deployed for Iraq. The one part of his body they did not insure was his testicles. Which is only funny until you think of actually getting hit. Fortunately he now has three healthy children.

  • Uniform223

    Now its time for those not so happy stupid idea but funny in hindsight gems of memory…

    It seems common in the US Military (Marines and Army) to hit your closest friend in the nuts and make a game of it or take bets on it. We would also test the durability of the groin pads of our IBAs. Not many of us found it that useful. I always put it in back portion of my IBA.

  • Tassiebush

    I wonder if it protects against negligent discharge?…