The Gun Punch


Check out this new gun maintenance keychain tool called The Gun Punch. Just like the name suggest it comes with a 3/32″ pin punch, it also features a round slot driver to adjust windage and elevation on most popular optics and backup sights. It’s available in either black or silver and retails for $20 over at If you don’t already have a punch set or optics tools the Gun Punch might be a good addition to your tool box.

“The Gun Punch” is a lightweight and compact keychain tool, featuring a 3/32 pin punch for firearm maintenance. “The Gun Punch” also features a round slot driver for adjusting windage and elevation on popular sights and optics, such as EOtech, Acog, Elcan and Troy backup sights.

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  • John Yossarian

    The “Price is Wrong”, beach!

    I can buy at least two Glock tools for that much, and they have that protective coating. There’s no mention of a coating on this tool, either here or on their website.

  • Will

    $20.00!!!! Are they kidding????
    A 3/32 punch at the hardware store is about $6.00 and a screwdriver is about $4.00.
    Not even a “Tacticool Tool”.

  • Jim_Macklin

    Hardware store punches are often weak and will bend or break if used on a firearm. 1/16″ roll pin starter punches, 1/16″ drift punches, 1/16″ roll pin starter tools by Starrett or from Brownell’s are nor cheap and they won’t damage your gun.
    Quality is like buying oats. Clean fresh oats cost more than oats that have been through the horse.