Prince Harry Trains With Australian Defense Force

Prince Harry, aka Captain Harry Wales, was training with the Australian Defense Forces. This video was released on Friday by the British Monarchy on Facebook. Click that link to watch a higher resolution version.


Here are some screen shots from the video. Captain Wales looks to be using a DMR of some kind. With a Nightforce optic and Spuhr mount.

Harry 308


A better shot of the Spuhr mount and you can see his DOPE on the stock.

Harry Spuhr


Here he is rocking a MP5 with rail system and suppressor.

Harry mp5


Here it looks like Harry is using simmunitions given the blue barrel and the transparent magazine. Anyone recognize the make of the mag or simunition setup?

Harry simmunition

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  • Tim

    It might have been a 9mm Simunitions Kit for the clear Magazine. Anyone know why they use 9mm Simmunitions rounds instead of the traditional 5.56 ones?

    • quintassentially british

      gettin hit with a 9mm sim is probably better than a 5.56 sim

      • Joshua

        5.56 Sims suck. Getting hit that is.

    • Dave

      It’s actually a paintball marker, the mag is limited to 30 rounds, the 4RAR CTFC uses them for training because a few too many guys copped rubber rounds to the face and neck.

  • Trey

    Picture three looks like an Arkansas Razorback patch on his arm. I am sure that it is just a similar patch or the image repurposed; but GO HOGS!!!!

  • Jay fahiplok

    Pfft, this POS fake royal scum is playing soldier.
    Disrespectful to all military men and women.

    • John

      Dang. Harsh.

    • kevin kelly

      Better than him sitting around and counting jewels

    • gournan

      I am no Brit but I tihnk this criticism is very unfair, sure he has done some stupid drunken stuff but his service is genuine.

      he didn’t play it safe like he easily could have done, he has done real soldiering

    • John

      It’s not fake. The Captain rank is real. And British royalty have, uh, traditionally led from the front. That’s the point.

    • tt_ttf

      Oh you mean the royal with a tour in Afghanistan as a FAC and ? Or the same royal with a tour of Afghanistan as an Apache pilot?

      Harry has more than earned his chops

      Do some reading before throwing rocks

    • forrest1985

      As a brit i find that highly offensive? How many tours of afghan has obama done? Learn your facts rather than mouthing off!

      • ColaBox

        I love the question mark after offensive as if your not sure.
        “I find this highly offensive! …. or do I?

        • forrest1985

          Sorry typo! Updated for you now.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Five tours in the Nigerian Navy dude.

        • forrest1985

          In an active combat zone?

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Sure, he served in the Battle of the Husker Du.

          • forrest1985

            Nice try, we have google over here too buddy!

          • anon

            Looks like you took a trip on the ruse cruise m8

        • Jesse Foust

          did he serve with the estranged Nigerian prince I keep sending money to? I hope things work out for that guy………………

      • Fruitbat44

        Seconding your comments forrest1985.
        Prince Harry has done two combat tours of Afghanistan.

      • KestrelBike

        I hereby volunteer obama for every tour imaginable. with the same armament that he thinks his poor subjects should have.

      • Guy


    • Guy

      I’m sorry, how many tours as an Apache pilot do YOU have?

    • Jesse Foust

      His dad also served, though at a relatively peaceful time for the British Empire. His Grandfather served during WW2 though. The British royals (the men at least) have long been active in their military.

      • Cynic

        Our current queen was an ambulance driver for the ATC during the blitz dunno about you but I’d call that a tour in service, driving an ambulance unarmed whilst people are dropping bombs around you.

        Charles served during the Falklands on a minesweeper iirc so you can’t really dismiss.his service and one of the others served as a helicopter rescue pilot and exocet missile decoy.

  • ScoreDude

    Cool toys anyway. Knights or Armalite .308? Can’t tell.

    • Joshua


    • Jeff

      Definitely a Mk11/SR-25.

  • John

    is that thing on the DMR a quick throw lever? It’s obviously not on the magnification ring, but it looks like it has no purpose. Anyone know what it is?

    • worm

      It looks like a peep sight ring, should be one on the front of the scope as well. I don’t remember, who the manufacturer is.

      • John

        Well dang! How many sights does a guy need?
        1. Nightforce magnified optic
        2. Peep sight ring
        3. KAC back-up sights
        4. Aimpoint Micro
        backups for the backups of the backups for the primary sight.

        • John

          Depends on where you’re going. Apparently there are sections of Afghanistan where the only resupply you get come in two forms: helicopter drop and what you personally pack in.

        • Jesse Foust

          the little ring is an anti-cant device. It’s a little bubble level that helps you keep your crosshairs straight when taking long, precise shots.

    • KungPaoChicken

      Anti cant device.

  • gournan

    Spuhr is a true innovator, too bad he is stuck in Sweden with pisspoor gunlaws

    • iksnilol

      I don’t see how pisspoor gunlaws are preventing him from making upgrades and scope mounts. Now if he were designing rifles from the ground up then I would see the problem.

      • Riot

        Some places can – if I went about making a scope mount I’d get done for arms manufacturing.

        • iksnilol

          What place is so strict? China?

          Besides, you can get an arms manufacturing license. Then again to do that you need to be licensed and/or be a hoop jumper.

          • Riot

            It’s a lot easier to sell them (could do that) but making them would be a no-no somehow……

      • gournan

        oh he does, google his instagram,

        it is just that he can’t truly get the appriciation he deserves in Sweden.
        what I am saying is that i can’t have all the cool toys he has

        • iksnilol

          I understand that… I can relate. Though that’s what happpens when you have a talent/passion that is all but useless in the modern world.

          Heck, even being a good shot with a rifle isn’t that important/impressive anymore. I try not to think about it, makes me more depressed than usual.

  • Sam Deeley-Crane

    think its great him and his brother are the only one’s in the royal family that actually want to do things with there life not like most royals

    • Their granny is a pretty cool lady. She served during WWII, is the only royal who knows how to repair engines (repaired trucks during the war), responded to an assassination attempt by steadying her horse and continuing to ride, and breeds racehorses.

      • Sam Deeley-Crane

        yeah shes cool but her husband was best friends with nazis

        • gournan

          her husband fought nazis in the war

          if he had “friends” they were probalby friends before nazism

        • Riot

          Philip is a WW2 navy vet

          • Tassiebush

            Somewhat off topic but Philip was also one of the few public figures to criticize the ban on handguns in Britain.

        • DaveP.

          You’re thinking Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne to marry Wails Simpson. Sorry, neither the Queen Mother, George VI, nor Elizabeth II had any time for him at all.

  • superflex

    Can we get an update on Bruce Jenner next.
    I hear had had a gun.

    • ScoreDude

      Bahahahaha, this….sooooo this.

  • Mr. Kill

    Used those sim rounds a few weeks ago.

    The base of the case is a 9mm (cut a little short). Some of the brass were insanely corroded so they probably get recycled. There is a piston which propels the plastic bullet forward. The bullet top has cuts in it like an umbrella and flattens like a hollowpoint, sort of. The paint is thick and gummy.

    The 9mm doesn’t hurt at all, never shot 5.56mm simunitions. The 9 was good for like 100 ft max. There is rifling in the barrel but is only 1/2 the length. Plastic shavings end up in the rifling and the rest of the fake barrel gets very dirty. The upper on the M16 is sim and the lower is real. The bolt is blowback and as long as a 5.56 bolt. We only loaded the mags to 15.

    In the end, they work pretty well. Sims teach you a lot which you wouldn’t experience otherwise.

    • Sulaco

      Trust me the 5.56 smart!!

    • Guy

      Yeah 5.56 will hurt. You’ll know when you’ve been hit 😉

  • Lance

    He grows to love the M-4 over his L-85. LOL

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      Most recently he was an Apache gunner so was issued an L22A2 not an L85A2. Also, nothing wrong with the SA80A2 series guns at all, better than an M4 in my humble opinion.

      • Jesse Foust

        Fire the L85 left handed through one magazine and tell me how you feel about it. You’ll probably have to write it down. At least until you’ve recovered from the dental surgery.

    • John

      1. He’s probably training with Special Forces, who often get any and every gun they ask for. I understand the Aussies prefer the M4 series like many do. I imagine he’s using what they give him.

      2. The general issue rifle is the Thales F88. That’s the Australian Steyr AUG, built with a bunch of modifications learned and applied from Iraq and Afghanistan.

      • Guy

        Yeah, given the masks and M4s I’d assume it was SASR or the like.

  • Swarf

    Here it looks like Harry is using simmunitions given the blue barrel

    Maybe that’s his blood…

  • Jeff S

    Wow… lots of ignorance in this thread.

  • Fruitbat44

    And moving away from some of the ignorant, and generally twatish, comments and back to guns and related subjects:

    A quick read of Wikipedia suggests that the DMR is an SR-25.

    And interesting that the Australian army seems to be using multi-cam for it’s combat uniforms. Though in the MP5 picture Harry&Co appear to wearing a variation on Jelly-bean cammo. Navy version? Night urban?

    • LCON

      The Australian military bought SR-25’s for there offical DMR rifle. Australia has commisioned Crye Precision for a uniquely Australian version of Multicam finding it worked well in afganistan and Outback.

      • Mad Marsupial

        The modified desert and pink versions of AUSCAM didn’t work particularly well!
        I’ll miss the old ‘bunny ears’ when they are gone!

        • Fruitbat44

          Interesting. That would seem to echo the British experience, which resulted in the British military adopting a uniquely British version of Multicam, referred to as MTP. (Multiple Terrain Pattern.)

          • Mad Marsupial

            Same for the ADF…
            Crye making Multicam in a different colour palette to suit.

            Doesn’t lend itself to a good nickname though…gotta love ‘bunny cam’, ‘bruised banana’, ‘chocolate chip’ and whatever the man on the ground comes up with.

        • Tassiebush

          The idea of standard Auscam being no more feels strange yet it looks like it’s going that way!

          • Mad Marsupial

            I’m sure the Chocs will be issued with it for a while yet.
            Science is taking over, but it has been a long time since the British Army wore red coats.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        I’m curious as to why the Aussies chose the KAC SR-25 for their DMR while around the same time the Brits went with the LMT L129A1.

        • LCON

          I think the Aussies bought theirs before the British by about a year or 2. The British launched a full evaluation to meet there wants well the Aussies trailed off the shelf offerings and They saw the USN’s Mk11 sniper rifles.

        • Sams

          The in-service SR-25 sniper rifle was pressed into service as a DMR but it wasn’t rugged enough for DMR duties and they eventually bought 16″ HK417s (w/ full auto). The SR-25 is still in service as a sniper rifle.

    • Tassiebush

      Yeah that grey one was the Navy version of auscam

      • Fruitbat44

        Thanks. Thinking about it I recall seeing something similar worn by those plucky guys and gals serving on board HMAS Hammersley . . . 🙂

        • Tassiebush

          Actually I looked again and I think I’ve told you the wrong thing. I think it’s wetsuits they are wearing probably with auscam pattern on them. It’s similar but darker than the navy uniform. Those would be navy clearance divers he’s with and they are very much an elite force. Seem to be held in similar regard to SASR.

          • Fruitbat44

            Looking again, and checking the video clip again, I can see what you mean about wet suits. Googled clearance divers and they do seem to be a Special Forces. Interestingly enough the job description on the Australian defence mentioned the role has no gender restrictions.

  • LCON

    any one would love M4A1 over L85.

  • Mad Marsupial

    Well, to be fair that bloke (well known VC winner) is a very large unit and has probably always struggled with uniform fit! ; )

  • Guy

    Always the armchair generals commenting on other peoples service. As a vet, I respect Harry for serving when he had ALL the opportunities to basically hang out in a mansion and eat Cheetos all day. Was it easier for him to get promoted? Probably, he’s a prince. He’s still done more than 95% of you ever will, so leave him alone.

  • nadnerbus

    I had heard Aussie, and I think Kiwi special forces used M4s or some variation thereof. Does anyone know the precise reasons they prefer the AR platform over the Steyer/Thales AUG that is standard issue for the rest of their military?

    Props to Harry. The kid went out and earned his place in the world, when he could have just had it all without so much as lifting a finger. Would be nice if more of the American “royalty” had a little bit of that mettle.

    • Rock or Something

      From what I understand, just better ergonomics and a better (as military rifles go) trigger than their bullpup counterparts. Since their missions are more prone to close combat, a full length rifle is not a necessity (outside of course the DMR rifles). I also heard a few Brits complain about the perceived imbalance of their SA80 rifles, although I don’t know if this complaint extends to the AUGs. I will also note that it’s a plus that there is a bigger market for aftermarket parts and customization for AR platforms.

      • nadnerbus

        I wonder if commonality with US special forces plays a role. It might be a nice plus for all of them if they deploy on joint missions to be able to swap magazines back and forth and be intimately familiar with each others’ weapons.

        • Rock or Something

          Different armed forces do joint operations and training quite frequently, but outside of using the same caliber, I don’t think the ability to swap out magazines with one another is really a high consideration in what weapons platform to use. Particularly for Special Operations Forces, U.S. or otherwise.

          • nadnerbus

            You’re probably right. I might just have too “Call of Duty” a mental image of what those guys do. Not sure how closely they work together, international special forces wise.

        • Phillip Cooper

          This is exactly why most 5.56 NATO rifles are built around the STANAG magazine…

          • nadnerbus

            Except the AUG. And the G36. And the FAMAS.

      • Colin s

        Not looking like your from a certain nation, by carrying a distinctive weapon, is one important factor.

    • Guee

      Lost of reasons but mostly because the F88 does not like salt water.

      • Yallan

        The Steyr Aug if fully immersed in water can lockup requiring diss-assembly which means its unsuitable for any force which operates in marine environments. ie special forces.

        But there are also other good reasons.
        – lack of adjustable stock for consistent eye relief when using body armor or wearing large straps.
        – No rail system for torch, NAD (although there are good aftermarket ones now). The F88A2 has custom attachment points for a torch and a NAD but no rails.
        – Grenade launcher requires armorer to remove/attach.
        – Stey aug does not suppress well

        Granted the new Australia steyr aug upgrade the F90 or EF88 is said to have fixed the suppressor problem, added rails, might be adding adjustable buttstock, a quick detach grenade launcher and I don’t know about the hydro lock problem but they probably fixed that too.

        Whether this new rifle will be adopted by special forces is unknown at this point. Probably for some really enclosed spaces work such as ship clearing teams. (They use the MP5K)

    • Ben

      The SAS (British) have been using the M16* since the 1960’s, since it was more accurate, lighter, carry more ammo etc than all the 7.62 battle rifles of the day.

      Pretty much all the “Tier 1” SF units in the world were modeled on and trained by the SAS (including ANZAC SASR, Delta etc). This included weapons used as well as tactics and training. Hence why you see M16 varients and MP5s popping up consistently all over the world with these sorts of units.

      Other than that the thing just works.

      *Before the usual comments start, the original M16s made to spec (chrome-lined chamber and barrel) given to US Special Forces and Vietnamese forces at the start of/pre-Vietnam War were all that the M16 is purported to be and well regarded. It was only after the US Army cheaped on the spec and skipped the chrome lining etc that the issues started arising.

  • mikee

    Good to be the king!!! Minions are only allowed to watch!