Our friend Gabor from KaliberInfo.hu sent us a photo of this slick looking lightweight 40mm grenade launcher. He writes …

Austrian Madritsch MWT 40×46 mm grenade launcher in standalone configuration. It is issued in Bundesheer (Austrian Army). Very lightweight launcher, it is only 0.95 kg without the stock and the optical sight. Therefore if it is used as underbarrel GL, it is not much addition to the rifle.

We fired it with 40×46 mm Low-Velocity training (non-explosive) ammo and CS Tear gas grenades, the recoil was absolutely acceptable, less than a 12-ga double shotgun’s.

Thanks Gabor.



  • All the Raindrops

    I’d hit it

  • mechamaster

    Another grenade launcher porn, nice !

  • Zebra Dun

    George Jetson designed Thump gun, I like it.

  • LCON

    Guessing side opening for larger rounds.

  • Wolfsbane

    Can you get hollow point and soft point ammo for deer? 😉

  • jamezb

    What is the …electronic module (battery box)(?) mounted on the left rear above the grip?

    • Rusty S.

      It’s an LC-30 low velocity grenade launcher sight, intended for use with the rheinmetall Frag 92 grenade. Manufacturer is Ringsight.

  • That is very lightweight. The AK series GP-34 is 1.4kg, and the m203 1.36, the FN EGLM is 1.36.

    So it’s a full 1lb lighter.

  • noob

    heh it has one of those glock-style trigger blades. those seem to be on everything now. I wonder if they have to pay a royalty?

  • Giolli Joker

    Thanks, interesting info.
    I find it somehow funny that two countries on opposite sides of the world, with similar names sometimes ignorantly confused, are employing basically the same assault rifle and (at least for a time) grenade launcher designs.

    Maybe the aim was to confuse further the confused ones. 😉

  • buzzman1

    I fully understand why the military went to the under the barrel grenade launcher but they are so slow to fire. Years ago I had several Sgts that carried M-79’s in Vietnam. They all told me they could put 5 rounds in the air before the first one impacted. And due to the short ranges many engagements started at they always carried buckshot or flachet rounds loaded in the tube.

    • valorius

      If the M203 gunner has an AG/loader and you’re both laying prone you can actually lay down a huge amount of fire with an M203. As soon as the gunner opens the breech and ejects the empty, the AG slaps a new 40mm into the 203. We did that on the range a few times with the TP orange smoke rounds. It’s pretty neat, you could keep 3 grenades in the air at once on 200 meter targets until you were out of grenades.

      I guess if you did it a lot, the 5 in the air at once could be matched, but as i said, you need an AG.