Select Fire Grand Power Pistols

Polenar Tactical went to Grand Power, in Slovakia, and got to test fire some of their pistols. One of them has a two rd burst and another goes to 11 with full auto. For those not familiar with Grand Power, they use a rotating barrel similar to Beretta’s PX4 storm pistols. I did see a Grand Power semi auto pistol at the range in Brno, Czech Republic, but did not get to shoot it. The K105 is the full auto version. Here is a link to their website.

These look like a LOT of fun. I would love a two rd burst pistol for USPSA LOL.

Nicholas C

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  • Awesome! To the Polenar crew: you will always have a home in Texas!

  • john huscio

    I just wish they’d start making them with decockers

  • thedonn007

    Very nice. I wish I could own one of those.

  • What sort of sustained fire rate do you think a pistol like this could handle? I imagine it would get pretty smokin hot after a few magazine dumps.

    • iksnilol

      I bet it would heat up slower if you kept it in the freezer.

      • Cattoo

        Judging by the visible exhalations it appears they were in a freezer.

        • noob

          “It’s really cold today. Could you please magdump your pistol a couple of times into that tree so I can warm my hands?”

    • Dave

      Theres some vids of Grand Power torture testing them with something like 16 full mag dumps within 5 minutes, pretty impressive stuff.

    • JSmath

      Reliable, practical, or advisable?

      Almost 300 rounds and no gloves. Now that’s impressive.

      • Yallan

        Not bad but the real test should be one handed shooting, most shootouts are done with one hand.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Ok, so that was freaking awesome.

  • Jack Morris


  • 3XLwolfshirt

    I always thought the rotating barrel would be good for burst fire. Looks a hell of a lot more controllable than a Glock 18.

    • JSmath

      That full auto burst did look pretty controllable.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    What ever happened to the regular semi-auto version of this gun? STI was importing them for a while a few years back but it looks like they’ve stopped. Is anyone else currently importing them?

    • Brandon

      They’re now being imported by Eagle Imports. The same who import Bersa and Metro Arms.

      • Darrell

        I tested the STI version some years ago, they called it the GP6, IIRC. Great handgun–the slide cycled easily, the trigger had an amazing short reset, and the gun was accurate. STI had them way overpriced. J&G Sales had them for very low prices recently, I should pick one up. Hmm, looks like they’re out of stock at the moment.

    • Doug1973

      The Grand Power pistols have actually been available in the U.S. for the past 3 or 4 years. Century Arms was the distributor for a couple years, and more recently Eagle picked it up.

      I call these pistols “The best combat-grade pistols in America, that no one has ever heard of.” Seriously…I own my share of M&P’s, CZ’s, a Glock, a SIG, and several others. And when I first shot a Grand Power MK7, I thought “My God! This pistol is like what you’d wind up with if you took the best features from all those other pistols, and combined them into one pistol.” Extremely durable and reliable, very high quality manufacturing, nitrocarborized slide and barrel, very little recoil, and the best trigger I’ve ever seen in a production pistol.

      And yet, J&G Sales blew these out at $299 earlier this year. Incredible.

      Ever have the feeling that you know of something super nice and super special, yet you’re simultaneously bewildered that you’re one of the few to know about something so good??? That’s how I feel about these pistols. I know exaggerations are common on the Internet, but I swear…the Grand Powers are in my estimation one of the best pistols a person can buy these days at ANY price. That you can currently buy one for only $399 is nothing short of amazing. Honestly, I’m stunned the American gun community hasn’t “found” this pistol yet. Rest assured they will eventually, and like CZ’s, the prices will skyrocket when they do.

  • Vhyrus

    Two round burst sounds like the perfect carry gun. Instant double tap.

    • JSmath

      I always figured it’d be a great idea, in theory, but the video makes it pretty clear it isn’t. The shooter’s technique wasn’t bad and even at 10 meters, those second shots were not really on target. Accidental shooting waiting to happen.

      The full auto groups were tighter. Who would want an instant but inaccurate double taps when you can have a pocket SMG on tap instead? 🙂

      • Nicholas Chen

        I had a chat with Ziga about the Grand Power. He says shooting 2rd burst is harder to control than full auto. I think for competitive shooting, you could load down your reloads to make the recoil more manageable.

        • JSmath

          That would definitely make sense for competitive shooting, but probably not as a carry gun, though.

          Maybe stack a mag with alternating low and high power loadings. First shot with controllability, second shot for increased lethality. It would certainly complicate any failures, though.

          All things considered, I still suspect 4-8 on-target hits of any 9mm in full auto would have a much more significant, immediately-disabling effect, and the Storm/Grand Power’s magazine has rounds to spare. The timing patterns of firing either burst or auto also speak for themselves, even if the burst was landing as accurately as full auto.

          • MR

            What is standard mag capacity on these? The article says “goes to eleven”, but I think that’s a Spinal Tap reference. 🙂

          • JSmath

            15 rounds.

          • noob

            I notice that in the part where he magdumps, reloads and then magdumps the second target the magazine appears to be an extended mag that goes beyond the pistol grip.

            is that a 30 rd?

        • MR

          I suppose the rotating barrel would complicate installation and operation of a compensator or muzzle brake.

          • JSmath

            Apparently not.

            Follow the last link in the article, and hop one back to “Professional” and you’ll see they offer a 9mm and .380 variant that features an extended, threaded barrel (and suppressor, depending on where it’s going).

          • MR

            Given enough access to one of these two round burst pistols, someone might be able to tune a compensator and ammo load to provide adequate accuracy for the second round.

          • JSmath

            My point still stands – that’s a lot of extra work when the full auto fired in bursts would work just fine; which does not seem to be a feature independent of the two round burst – buy one, get the other.

            Then you additionally don’t have to deal with the hazards of compensator blast or ammo selectivity, either.

          • You could affix the compensator to the frame and guide rod like the old Algimec comp units for the Beretta 92.

  • Joey Joe-Joe Shabadoo

    What kind of clips does it take?

    • iksnilol

      Mauser C96 clips.

  • Giolli Joker

    I handled their pistols in IDEX and I came out with a pretty good impression.
    They have a 10 Auto model as well (I doubt there’s a select fire version of that one).

  • Ben

    That full auto fire looked remarkably controllable. Down with the NFA!

  • Is the 2-round busts a different rate of fire than the FA? That’s the only explanation I could think of for why it grouped worse than the full auto test.

  • noob

    I wonder could a 2 round burst, rotating barrel pistol could be had in 5.7x28mm or 4.6x30mm or 22TCM?

    If the recoil was light enough you could put two 30 or 40 grain hits on a target in quick succession at 7 meters, faster than you could pull the trigger manually.

    It would not be recommended for hostage rescue, but maybe the secret service might want it as a “badguy be-gone” gun in close vip protection:

    The rationale is that each bullet is an opportunity. You can choose between having 20 opportunities at 30 grains in your magazine to conserve your remaining ammunition, or spend them as 10 opportunities at double the weight of fire to gain initial fire superiority while your team members get out their bigger guns.